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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2011-2012 Celebrity & World Psychic Predictions

I can hardly believe that it is once again that time of year. Time for me to get ready and prepare my yearly world and celebrity predictions. I was really considering not doing he predictions this year at all. But once again I received hundreds of requests and messages from folks asking me to do them once more. The reason I was going to stop doing the predictions was merely based on time, I just don't have much of it at all. That along with putting myself out there every year to be ridiculed by the naysayers and hate mongers.

One thing I have learned in the many years of doing this work and utilizing my gift is not to worry what others may think. But I'm still human and like to believe that I have a really good heart but people still say some really mean and hurtful things. Then there are those that like to hold me to my predictions, like my local newspaper. When I said in the beginning of baseball season that the Philadelphia Phillies would go all the way to the world series and win they really held me to those words. When they finally made it to the world series the newspaper once again interviewed me and stated in the paper that I said the Phillies would win. Good thing the Phillies did take it all the way or otherwise I would have been crucified.

Many psychics will not even go there at all with doing predictions just because of the backlash they may receive if they are not accurate. Even with my own predictions I have found web sites that crucify me for the things I may have gotten wrong but always fail to acknowledge all the specific predictions I make that come true. Finally now that I'm 40 years old I know that there will be people that will love you and those that just do not. Unfortunately it is life and people like to judge others before they actually get to know the person at all. So regardless of what some of the haters may say, I'm still going to be doing my yearly predictions anyway. And still even though many may say negative things, they will still listen to my predictions, visit my blog and my web site to hear what I have to say anyway, regardless of what they would like you to think they believe or do not believe.

Ever since I was a child I could see and communicate with spirits along with having visions of world events before they happen. Sometimes I will be watching the television news and see a report about a missing person or murder cases and instantly get visions of the crime in action. As much as you may think this gift is all a bunch of peaches and cream, it is not. It can be very much a burden from time to time and some of the things I see are just not very pleasant. Seeing death and visions of these events can be very frightening. I had visions weeks prior to the attacks on 911. What is one to do about these visions? It is not like people will listen or that we will all gather together to try and prevent these negative occurrences and predictions, because we won't.

There was a psychic years ago by the name of Jean Dixon. She actually called the white house to warn president Kennedy not to through with his plans to ride in a parade. The ignorance of those protecting Kennedy wrote it off as a crazy psychic and ignored the warning. A few hours later the president was shot and killed. This is a fact and has been verified by white house officials. It seems that when psychics actually do help law enforcement or make amazing predictions no one wants to acknowledge it. They only want to acknowledge the things psychics misinterpret or get wrong to give the naysayers and disbelievers more fuel for their fire of anger and disbelief. It is rather said.

Still I will go on with my yearly predictions for 2011 and 2012 this coming New Years day on live radio. Millions of people from all over the globe will visit my web site, blog and live radio show in January all in hopes of getting a glimpse into the New Year. Some of you may be new to my blog and site and may not know much about myself or my work. There is actually a large amount of time and energy that goes into my yearly predictions. On two separate days I will go into my meditation room and begin with my daily prayers. Then I will guide myself into a deep mediation in order to get myself into a very deep subconscious state of mind, an alpha state. Then I will ask spirit to give me as much as possible in regards to the future. I spend a good hour or two for each prayer and meditation session.

During my meditation I will have my digital voice recorder to help me with remembering the visions I have of the future. I will receive information from spirit in many different forms. I get a combination of both feeling, hearing and seeing during this meditation. Spirit will send me pictures of things, colors, numbers and little video like flashes or visions. Many of the things Spirit shows me come to me in the form of newspaper headlines. And lets face it, the headlines are never really positive. I will speak out loud of the things I'm seeing in this meditation so I have it on record. Beings I have a hard time remembering things that come through from spirit it is a great idea to just record what I see. Some of the visions will be clear as a bell while others come to me a little muffled or blurry. Many will play out in the real world exactly the way I have seen them in the meditations while others do not. There are even a few that I can not see, to see well or understand so I exclude them from my predictions.

Something else I noticed after doing these predictions for going on four years now is the fact that sometimes I'm off time wise. The predictions play out usually exactly the way I see them but I really have an issue with time lines. Just like I say to my clients when they are getting a life reading with me about their future, that is the fact that everything I tell them is usually based on a one year period of time. Usually everything happens within a year of the reading. I like to believe this would also be the case with my world and celebrity predictions. But for some reason they may take a little longer then a year to fall into place. This year I'm going to ask Spirit to help me with a better time line on my predictions. Hope that will help out a bit more.

Another thing I will be doing this year will be mixing in some predictions for 2012. With all this talk about December 21, 2012 I feel that it would be a good idea to include some predictions for 2012 along with a little bit about my views on the whole December 21, 2012 occurrence. Many seem to be so worried about this specific date because of many different reasons. There are several different things that will occur on this date that has not happened in thousand of years. Even scientists are worried about what could occur on December 21, 2012. So I will include this in my 2011 predictions. They will not be mixed together with the 2011 predictions. I will separate them on my blog so that readers understand which ones are which.

If you are one of those wonderful people that follow my yearly predictions then you may already know that you will get more out of listening to my live New Years Day radio show. As I go through my predictions on live radio other things often come to me that are not in my written predictions. One example is the big oil spill that we encountered on the East Coast of the United States earlier this year. It is not in my written predictions at all. One of my clients had written me an email stating that I predicted the oil spill. I did not recall this prediction at all. So I went back and listened to the live radio broadcast and there is was. So you may consider tuning in to the live show on New Years Day. Of course if you miss any of my radio shows you can listen to all the archives of every past show. And the last live show I do will automatically begin to play on my blog when you visit.

I have not yet began my predictions for 2011. However, I did have several visions of future events that have come to me over the past few weeks. I shared some of those on my radio show two weeks ago. Tomorrow I will begin my first meditation and connection with spirit in hopes of compiling my list of 2011 predictions. I will make my second attempt on Monday. Then I will sit and listen to my recording and transfer those predictions into written predictions. As always I will read these predictions on live radio New Years day. I usually do a special three hour show on New Years Day but beings I'm not with WBCB radio any longer and now I'm strictly with Blog Talk Radio I'm limited to a two hour show. I will try to contact Blog Talk Radio in hopes of changing my show from 2 to 3 hours.

During the live radio show I will discuss my predictions briefing while going back and forth to the phones. I like doing my predictions while bouncing back and forth to my callers so I can give them a look into their future. Hopefully Blog Talk Radio will allow me to do more then a two hour show. That way I can get through all my predictions and allow my listeners to call in and find out about their new year. Be sure to sign up for free to Blog Talk Radio so that you can participate in the chat room. You can also set reminders so you do not have to miss a show. You will get an email reminding you to tune in. You do not have to be a member of Blog Talk just to listen to the show. Anyone can listen to the live broadcast from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the Internet. Often I will take listeners questions from the chat room and you have to sign up to Blog Talk in order to type your questions in. You can view the chat and listen even if you are not a member.

This years predictions show will begin at 2pm eastern time and last until 4pm est. Unless Blog Talk pushes me up to a two and a half or three hour show. You can always write Blog Talk Radio requesting that they let this special edition of Journey Into The Paranormal go longer then two hours. I hope that you will join me for the live broadcast. I put my predictions out there on New Years day for several reasons. The main reason is so that they can not be altered or changed what so ever. And beings the predictions are for the year what a better day to announce them then New Years Day. Thank you all for your love & support over the past year and years. I send you all lots of love & light and hope that you all have a very wonderful holiday season along with a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.
Joseph Tittel


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mercury RetroGrade Is Here Again December 10th To 31st

One of the times of the year that we all dread is upon us once more. Yes the Mercury Retrograde will begin on December 10Th and will take us through the remainder of the year. The retrograde will end on the 31st of December insuring us that the year is bound to go out with a bang. It is bad enough that we are still experiencing a transitional year, a time to close doors in our lives so new doors of opportunity open in the new year. The retrograde is a sure reminder of those things that we may have to clean out of our lives.

This is an important period, and we should be aware of the effects associated with this astrological influence. Since it occurs very often throughout the year, we must learn what it means and how to take advantage of it.

Mercury rules over the mind's processes, studying, communication, businesses, travels and the like. When Mercury reverses its direction, all these areas are affected as well.

The mind turns naturally inwards and people tend to analyze more the own thoughts and follow the common thinking patterns, rather then be curious and eager of new intellectual experiences or challenges.

This helps the meditation or the thorough lonely long-term study of a specific matter, but it affects the study of new subjects, the communication with the others, the attention oriented outwards.

Businesses, travels and communications tend to experience delays and different problems. Computers and other processes that work with information may experience crashes, unexpected failures.

Don't enroll to courses, don't buy expensive Mercurian items (books, cars, mobile phones etc.), don't sign important contracts and do not marry.

What Is This Mercury Retrograde Period Good For?
It is definitely a very good period for some actions. No time is completely bad for anything, there is a reason in everything happens.

The key is the reversed direction of movement: take any known Mercurian action, reverse its flow, consider the keywords "re-doing something", "double-checking", "finish the old projects" and there you are, you've found the good side of Mercury retrograde.

For instance, you may want to read again a book you particularly liked, a subject you studied before, meet and discuss with old friends you haven't met for a long time, travel to places you've already been to before.

This is an excellent time to work on old projects that never got to be finished. So, think about the things you started and never finalized.

Next, you might wish to prevent any bad things to happen to you: so double-check your agenda, call your business partners to confirm that everything goes as planned, have everything ready before the deadline and leave some extra time for unexpected events. Make copies of your important files and documents, save your work more often.

The other solution is to go on vacation or at least slow down the pace of your projects. You will find that going slowly during the Mercury retrograde period will spare you many efforts of redoing the same action that wasn't performed right the first time.

Above all, be generous and compassionate: you are already aware about the influence of this period, but the others aren't aware of it or there may be uncontrollable events. That's why you should have more diligence with the others and give them some more time. It'll be your mental health that you'll be sparing actually.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Holiday's & What To Expect In December

I can hardly believe that the Holiday Season is already upon us. Where did this year go? Well good thing it has gone quickly for most of us. 2010 was a transitional year, a time for us to close some major doors in our lives so that new doors of opportunity open for us in the new year of 2011. Now with the planet Mercury going into Retrograde from December 10 until the 31st the year is bound to go out with a bang.
We must take advantage of this retrograde as far as dealing with unfinished business. I'm including an article to help you all to understand the effects the retrograde brings and what we can do to help bear through the retrograde. With this being a big influence in December you will find that this month will be a bit hard keeping up with. It will seem as if there is no time for yourself and a sense of falling behind. When this happens we must keep in mind that the stress can highly effect the immune system and end up leaving you bedridden with a cold or the flu.
The warm weather seemed to hang in there late this year. I picked fresh broccoli from my garden in November. That just does not happen in Pennsylvania. You lucky if it makes it past September. December the cold will come in hard bring along with it high winds, freak wind gusts and snow and ice storms. As I said in my 2010 predictions winter is going to hit area's that area not use to the cold weather. In turn having an effect on farmers and their crops, including oranges.
One bit of advice I would give you for December is to be sure and keep your immune system up to par. Take multi-vitamins every night before bed and vitamin C. Remember to wash your hangs frequently in December and keep those germs to yourself. If your sick take it as a sign and please stay home, get lots of rest, and drink lots of tea and eat lots of soup.
When you find yourself falling behind make yourself a list because December can be a forgetful month. You will find yourself overwhelmed and forgetting to do things. Stop, take a deep breath and just make a list. You will get to it eventually. Use December to catch up as much as you can and by the end of the month when the winter solstice comes in take a little time off. Spend time with those you love and think about all the wonderful things life has to offer and how grateful you are for those you love. Remember, it will get better and 2011 will be a fabulous year.
Other then that December will all in all be a relatively good month. I give it four out of five stars. It will also be a good month to reflect on your life and rediscover your dreams and finally move forward to open great doors of opportunity in 2011. Once you find your focus, realize your dreams, focus on those dreams and get out there and make those dreams come true. For were about to enter into a whole new time in our lives, a time for renewal, a time for understanding and a time to open spiritually.
One other thing that could benefit many this month is to reach out to a friend or family member that you have not talked to in some time. Maybe someone that you may have disagreed with or just got disconnected from for some time. Put the past behind you and remember the good memories that person has brought to your life and make this season a season to reconcile our in-differences and start all over. Understand that we are all different and that is what makes us all unique in our own way. Learn to accept them for who they are and learn to love and be loved.
I would like to thank you all for all the love & support you have given me over the years. I look forward to continuing this spiritual journey with you all. I hope you all have the most wonderful holiday season ever. May your new year be filled with love, light, happiness and good health.
With Love, Light & Desire To Inspire
Joseph Tittel