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Saturday, June 27, 2009

U-Haul Exprerience & Holiday Inn Event Last Night

Thursday ended up being a rather crazy day for Bob and I. We needed to rent a U-Haul in order to move a fridge from Northeast Philadelphia to Buck's County. We went to the U-Haul located on route 13 in Levittown. Even though there was only one other customer in the store, it seemed to take forever for us to get any kind of help. Finally after a long wait and some paper work we were on our way. We also rented a hand truck with straps for moving large items, like a refrigerator. I'm certainly glad we got that hand truck, it made things so much easier. You also do not have to worry about the item falling off the hand truck. If you moving something big you should really consider renting one of these larger hand trucks.

Once we got into the rented truck from U-Haul I immediately turned to Bob and said "Oh my God, this truck is horrible and looks like its going to fall apart." Well that is exactly what ended up happening. We went to pick up the fridge and everything seemed to be going well until I went to start the truck and it seemed as if the battery was dead. At first it was not too big of a deal, we got a jump and the truck would not start. We left the cables on for a while and eventually the truck started. With excitement we jumped in the truck and drove off just a little bit behind schedule. We did not get too far at all. Suddenly all the electronics and gauges in the truck began to go haywire. It was something alien was going on and then the truck began making noises and I had the peddle pushed all the way to try and get the truck pulled over to a safe place.

I managed to get into a parking lot before sparks began flying out of the ignition and then began back firing and it honestly scared the crap out of me. Needless to say we broke down and found ourselves on the phone with the U-Haul in Levittown. I could not believe the way the guy handled the situation on the phone. He told me it was not his problem and that I needed to call the 800 roadside assistance number. Wow. So I did that and was on the phone for about forty minutes. In the mean time Bob and I decided to go eat at the Santucci's, which had awesome food. Definitely the best pizza ever in Philly.

More then three hours later a tow truck finally came to the rescue. No one seemed to want to help us at U-Haul. I was about to have someone pick me up and just leave the truck and say heck with it, but I had a refrigerator and bike in the back. The tow truck driver was very nice and he took first took us to unload the truck and then back to U-Haul. The guy that was working at the time basically did not say one word to us. He never offered us another truck, asked any questions or told us what to do. Then I asked and he said come back tomorrow when the manager is in. That's it, no help. What a bad experience that was. I knew their trucks were in bad shape but never expected to something like that to happen.

Friday started on a much better note and actually Thursday evening I had a private gallery that went very well and the people were very nice. Friday evening we arrived at the Holiday Inn in Bensalem around six o'clock. Everything was set up and ready to go with the exception of the flowers that I bring to place on the table in honor of the spirits that are present. I always light a candle,some incense and say a blessing before opening the door and allowing people to enter. Once the doors open I escape to a quiet place to meditate and say another prayer before going on around 7:15. Bob always opens the event giving everyone a light insight as to what to expect from the evening.

I spoke a little bit prior to going right into the messages. Once again I could see the a few spirits lined up ready to come through to their loved ones. My first connection was with a young man who was pretty determined to get a message to his brothers. For some reason a good bit of the information coming through made no sense to the group of three that I was pulled to. This does happen from time to time for many different reasons. Sometimes the experience is overwhelming for people and they can not think right away what the messages are. I spent a really good bit of time on this group and at one point I could feel the frustration from the young energy coming through. Spirits do at times become frustrated when someone is not accepting or understanding the messages that are coming through from them. When this happens the spirit will not break my connection and will insist that I stay with their loved ones until they understand and realize the connection is true. This can then become frustrating for me and this is when it can become a burden at times.

I would say after about fifteen minutes the connection finally broke and I was able to move to someone else. The second connection kept fading in and out on me like a phone with bad reception. By the end of the second connection I really needed to take a break and relax a little bit before going on to the second round of messages. It seems for some odd reason that the second half of any event I do goes much better with stronger connections. During the second half I was able to get to a large amount of people with connections from loved ones. I remember at one point going to an entire row of about 6 or 8 people who all came together to the event. There was also a mother determined to tell her two daughter in the audience that she was at peace and watching over them.

There were so many connections that I have no recollection of the details that came through during most of the event. However, I do remember one connection pretty well. It was a young man who came to me and told me he wanted to talk to his mother who was in the audience. Two mothers raised their hands and unfortunately I could only go to one of them. This young man was so determined and became stronger and stronger with his messages as time progressed. I could see him standing there and was able to describe what he looked like to his mother, his clothing and even his personality.

He kept showing me sports jerseys with specific numbers on them. I think one had the number five on it which I believe was the date he passed. Another jersey he showed me had the number fifteen on it which was apparently a huge validation for his mother. I believe she buried him with a jersey with that number on it. He even mentioned that he knew his mother just finally let go of some of his things and cleaned out his room. There were so many details from this young man all assuring his mother that he was was happy and at peace with what has happened. He also had a really good sense of humor. At one moment he had his mother crying and in the next moment he got her to laugh. He even told me to make sure I give his mother a copy if my book. He said that it would help her and I was so honored that he said that. At the end of the event Bob made sure the woman left with a copy of my book.

Its connections like this one that bring so much fulfillment to me and my work as a medium. It makes all the negative that we have to deal with go away and makes my work so worth the energy that goes into it. There is no way to explain the feeling it gives me to be able to bring so much healing into someones life. I could see the burden life from her shoulders and could feel a wave of peace roll over all three of us. It is a nice feeling being able to walk away knowing that you have touched a persons life forever. I just wish I could give a message to each and every person that attends an event, but it is merely impossible. That is one of the reasons I like to share my experiences prior to bringing through messages at events. I also like to educate others as much as I can about how our deceased loved ones communicate with us and the signs they show. I also hope that everyone who left the event left knowing in their hearts that our loved ones do watch over us and can communicate from the other side.

I thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I hope that I have also inspired you in some way. Remember to tell those you love that you do love them every day so that you never have to regret that you never told them. Have a great day.
With Love & Light

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Prediction Comes True

I would like to begin by thanking everyone for the dozens of comments and messages I have received in reference to my predictions about Michael Jackson. It is very disturbing for me when I compile my predictions every year. Unfortunately when it comes to making world predictions they are usually not at all positive. To be honest, is the news ever really positive. I see most of my predictions in the form of news headlines and most of the time these headlines are negative.

People love to rip me apart when I'm wrong and never want to acknowledge when I'm right. Last year more then ninety percent of my predictions have come to pass and already this year a large amount of my predictions have come true. When I mentioned my feelings on Michael Jackson many people sent me messages basically saying I was crazy and nothing was going to happen to Michael. On January 1 I had the feeling that we may lose Michael in 2009. As the year progressed I became more assured that Michael would pass. I have two radio shows and a little over a month ago I did a recap radio show on my predictions. During this show I did say that Michael would pass in 2009.

This time around there is no one that can try and rip me apart over my predictions. In 2009 I read my predictions live on both my radio shows and had even brought those predictions to the hit M-TV television show M-TV Live. That was filmed in January as well, soon after my predictions were announced on January first. I'm not really proud that this prediction came true, I'm a big fan of Michael. At least now he is at peace and does not need to worry about the media ripping him apart. I also knew that this tour he announced would never actually happen. Above is the video from M-TV. You can see all of my predictions in this blog and listen to them in my radio archives. My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Jackson family. May he finally rest in peace.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June Inspirational Message

  • The following is from my June Newsletter which was sent out June 4
May certainly was a difficult month just as I said in my last newsletter. The good news for June is that the Mercury Retrograde has finally come to an end. Mercury is now in transit until June 15Th, but the worst is finally over with. Mercury will have a small effect during the first half of June, but nothing like the previous month and certainly nothing to worry about. Everyone has felt the negative aspects of the retrograde in May and we are all so happy that we can look forward to better thing in June.

Even though the retrograde is over, we can still look forward to little difficult situations coming up in early June. During the first few weeks of June things could still come to a close in your life, only making way for new beginning during the second half of June. This is not a bad thing at all. We humans tend to hate change even though when it is all done and over with we are glad that the changes have occurred. So be expecting to bring some things to an end, including maybe a career position or a relationship. This will open the doors for better possibilities in late June and throughout the summer months.

June will also bring some change to our weather throughout the world. Many are going to get a little sick of seeing rain and floods. This is just going to continue throughout the summer. Also in some places it will be like summer is on hold with below normal temperatures in the north and above normal temperatures in the south. Some of us will wake up and be in a heat wave toward the end of June. This will also bring along continued droughts and some new droughts. This is all to prepare us for a very stormy summer along with severe drought in areas, tornados and hurricanes.

Don't let the weather bother you, get out and enjoy it while you can. You are going to find yourself very busy in June and a feeling as if you can never get caught up. This is what most of us are going to experience throughout the entire summer, the feeling of never being caught up. While others will have somuch time on their hands that you will be looking for things to do.

June and July are great months to fix things up around the house, spring cleaning and even doing some painting. That is one of the reason I included the article on candle burning and the color chart. You can use this color chart to guide you into picking out the right colors to surround yourself with in your home. Be patient in early June because you could experience some more delays, especially if you are seeking a career change.

Summer is not going to be easy for most of us due to the transition our planet is experiencing. Use the summer months as a time to rid yourself of negative people, places and things. Its a time to clean up the old and to make room for the new things that will come your way in the early Fall. Sit back and think of the things you need to clean out of your life. Make some major changes to your life and to your home this summer. Clean up the clutter both in your home and in your life. Doing so will ensure you that the Fall season will open new doors of opportunity for you.

Change, change and more change is what we are all going to experience over the next few months. Remember that change is a good thing. You can also use this time to focus on the goals you want to accomplish and decide where you want your life to go be the years end.

There is nothing you can not accomplish as long as you set your mind to it and project positive energy and positive thought forms. Remember that if you even slightly thinking something is not possible or that you can not accomplish that goal, then you won't. See the positive changes happening, project your own future and use affirmations, prayer and even burn some candles to help you keep a positive focus on the goals you want to assist you in accomplishing your goals.

One last thing. We must remember that sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can crawl back out of the gutter. There is a lesson that is to be learned from everything you experience in your life. As long as you sit back and ask yourself, "What was I suppose to learn from that experience?", and you actually learn that lesson, then you can go on to new lessons and better things in your life. No matter what there is always someone out there that is doing worst or in a worst situation then yourself. Be grateful for the things you have and forget about the things you do not. Enjoy the month of June and many blessings to you and your family.
With Love & Light

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fund-Raiser For Ryan's Quest Last Friday Night

Several months ago we were asked to participate in a fund-raiser for Ryan's Quest. I was not familiar with the organization at the time and went to the net to read more about them. Once I saw the picture of little Ryan and read more about his fight, I just could not say no. I love to do what I can in the way of giving back to the community and especially helping children in need. I actually began doing fundraisers more then fifteen years ago when I owned my new age shop. Each year I would hold an annual Halloween Costume Ball for a different cause. Some of those causes were the Leukemia Society, Susan G Komen Race For The Cure & one of my favorites, The Make A Wish Foundation. I left the business and could no longer hold the annual ball.

Several years ago Bob and I decided it was time to start doing fund-raiser events to give to those in need. I have been giving to many organizations each year for twenty years, but I figured a fund-raiser would bring even more money to the cause. Last year my goal was to raise $10,000. and we came very close to it. This year I wanted to double the number and try to reach for $20,000. I do get requests very often to do find-raiser for people and just can not fit them into my schedule. So I try to keep my focus mostly on children and organizations that help kids. This is why I could not say no to Ryan's Quest, especially because it even fit into my schedule perfect. I have not received the exact total raised for Ryan's Quest, but we do know that it was more then $3000.00. This brings the years total to about $15,000. I'm excited that we are not far from my goal for the year.

Eventually I will begin a non-profit organization in memory of my niece, Rhiannon, who passed from cancer this past January 15. My goal is to hopefully become well known enough to be able to not only hold larger fund-raisers, but to also do a world tour with a large percentage going to the organization. The organization I have in mind will benefit children who are fighting Rhabdomyosarcoma, A form of childhood cancer. Money raised for the organization will help the children and their families pay for medical expenses and help fulfill the dreams of many of these children. This is something my niece wanted to do even though she was fighting the same cancer. So I will fulfill one of her dreams and help the children who are fighting the same cancer that she lost her battle with.

Going back to the event for Ryan's Quest. A big thank you goes out to Melissa for contacting us and putting things together. And to everyone who volunteered and attended the event, a big thank you goes out to you. The event was held at the Whitehorse Fire Station in Hamilton New Jersey. There were somewhere between sixty and eighty people who attended. That is just my guess. I know there were at least 60 and no more then eighty people. There was also a 50/50 raffle and I donated an additional five dollars for each CD & book that I sold during the event. It was raining out and even though Bob and I got a little lost, things still went very well. My navigator took me the right address, in a different town. It happened that the same address existed in a different zip code near by. That was the first time I had that happen to me. You would think Spirit would give me some directions, sometimes, but not usually. I had a feeling that we were going the wrong way and said that to Bob, but thought it was just me being in a rush.

Once we arrived and meet with Melissa Bob and I departed as Melissa directed me to a private room where I could do my prayer and meditation. During my meditation Bob gets things underway and will beginning the introduction. The timing can be close at time and usually once I'm through my meditation Bob is about to introduce me. Once I entered the room I saw something pretty amazing. During all of my events I have a table in the front of the room where the audience faces which has flowers and candles on it in honor of the deceased loved ones who are there in spirit. From that table and all the way around the room was a pretty straight line of spirits. It was like in the movie Ghost, when all the spirits were lined up to talk to Whoopie Goldberg. I have seen spirit line up, but nothing like that. There had to be a couple hundred of them. My only thought was "Oh my God, this is not really happening to me." It was crazy and I knew I was in for an interesting evening. I was also thinking and hoping that all those spirits understood that I would not get to help them all and that they absolutely are not coming home with me.

I began by first thanking everyone, especially Melissa and Ryan's Mother, for being a part of this evenings event and Ryan's Quest. Many who attended were there mainly to support the cause and probably for a night out and were not at all familiar with me or my work. So beings there were so many people in the group that were not familiar with my work I decided to talk more about How it all started for me, seeing spirits from a young age to the present. I touched a little on how our own deceased loved ones show us signs and then went right into the messages. I looked over to see if the line of spirits were still there and in deed they were. Then the first gentlemen stepped forward and the connection began.

This father was determined to get me to deliver some messages to his three daughters in the audience. At one point I saw his spirit walk over to the girls to be closer to them and to make sure I went to the right people in the audience. The three girls were rather young and their father passed away pretty recently. That is one of the reasons he was so determined. The girls were grieving terribly over the loss of their father. One of them had to be very much skeptical. One thing I noticed many years ago is that if someone is skeptical, spirit will not give up until they are assured that they have gotten their message across. This father was not leaving until his daughters were convinced that they just communicated with their deceased father. I do not recall much of the details that came through, but I do recall one thing that was important for the father to get through to one of his daughters. He mentioned that he did walk his daughter down the isle on her wedding day in spirit and that he would not miss it for the world. This brought some high emotions to the girls. He messages were more like a conversation with a normal every day conversation. These make for the best reading and the most detailed messages.

That first connection really took up a good amount of time. Again this was just because this father figured was so determined and also so excited that he could finally pass some messages to his daughters. That is something that happens to me often. A lot of the time a stronger spirit, or any spirit, will not always believe that I can hear them at first. Once they realize I actually can understand most, sometimes everything, that they are saying, they get very excited and don't want to leave. Then they begin to hog up the floor a little bit. Sometimes I have to ask them to step aside and allow someone else to come through. Most of the time they will honor my request for them to step aside.

There was two separate connections with younger energies that were tragically killed. The first was for a woman in the front row. Her son led me right to her. It was another amazing connection, I could actually see him and describe him. I can not always see them and describe them. Some come through as clear as you and I, that is rare, while others come through transparent but I can still describe them. Then there are others that I can only see the energy, but not the form and then those I only hear.

This young man was determined to let his mother know that he is at peace and give her closure to what actually happened. Sometime I hate to have to describe how a persons child had passed, but I have to in order to give them the closure they need. I described the accident he was in to the T. The woman was able to validate everything that I described to her. I saw the young mans spirit reach over and put his hand on his mothers leg. I told her and you could see the joy in her eyes and she reached over and place her hand on her knee where I saw her sons hand and the tears flowed from her eyes. I could actually feel the emotion between her and her son and I could feel something so amazing that I could not explain. At the end of the event she came over to me to thank me for giving her the messages from her son, it has changed her life.

Experiences like that make me ever more grateful for the gift that God had granted me. There is no way to explain the feeling that runs through you when you make such a strong connection with spirit. There was another young man that I saw standing in the back of the room for a while. He was a little gentleman standing patiently until it was his time to come through. He was also determined to get to his mother, who was sitting in the back of the room. This young man had a long overdue apology for his mother. He was also determined to be sure and bring a little faith back into his mothers life. It was unfortunate that the young man had taken his own life. Again I do not recall the details of this reading or even who he took his life. There were several important messages that came form this connection with the young man. He wanted to assure his mother that it was no ones fault and that no one could have prevented this from happening. He wanted to assure his mother that God does forgive and that he did cross over into Heaven. He needed to give his mother faith back and let her know that this was meant to be. He explained how he watches over his mother and the family and talked about the signs he sends her. The tears in her eyes were enough to show that this connection with her son was well needed and will also change her life.

There were many other connections during the event, but those three were the ones that really stick out in my mind. There were so many determined spirits at this event and that is most likely why my connections were so amazing. Usually I connect with the stronger of the energies and when you have a couple hundred spirits trying to get through, your going to have some really string ones that succeed in connecting with you. I even had another spirit interrupt during the closing questions segment. I close most events with a 20 to 30 minute questions segment. Bob will pick people out of the audience that are raising their hands to ask a question. They can ask one life question about things such as love, career and health. Well Bob picked one woman for a question and one of her deceased loved ones took this opportunity to jump in and make a connection with me. I can't tell them "go away" or "leave me alone". So I just allow the spirit to make a quick connection and bring through a few messages. In most cases when this happens it is also because the person really needs some closure with that deceased individual other then a simple hello from the other side.

So over all the event went very well. The messages that came through were absolutely astounding. Even a really skeptical person would have a hard time leaving this event still remaining as skeptical. I was honored to be a part of Ryan's Quest and honored to have brought some well overdue closure and healing to those who have received a connection from spirit. I would hope that everyone left the event knowing that their deceased loved ones were at their side this evening and trying their best to send signs on their own. Remember that it always pays in your heart and in the hearts of others when you give to others and help those in need. Reach out and touch the life of others and help to make this a better world to live in. Please be sure to visit the Ryan's Quest web site and read all about Ryan and his fight. Once you visit his site and read about him you to wil fall in love with him and his cause. I hope that this post has inspired you in some way.