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Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Prediction Comes True

I would like to begin by thanking everyone for the dozens of comments and messages I have received in reference to my predictions about Michael Jackson. It is very disturbing for me when I compile my predictions every year. Unfortunately when it comes to making world predictions they are usually not at all positive. To be honest, is the news ever really positive. I see most of my predictions in the form of news headlines and most of the time these headlines are negative.

People love to rip me apart when I'm wrong and never want to acknowledge when I'm right. Last year more then ninety percent of my predictions have come to pass and already this year a large amount of my predictions have come true. When I mentioned my feelings on Michael Jackson many people sent me messages basically saying I was crazy and nothing was going to happen to Michael. On January 1 I had the feeling that we may lose Michael in 2009. As the year progressed I became more assured that Michael would pass. I have two radio shows and a little over a month ago I did a recap radio show on my predictions. During this show I did say that Michael would pass in 2009.

This time around there is no one that can try and rip me apart over my predictions. In 2009 I read my predictions live on both my radio shows and had even brought those predictions to the hit M-TV television show M-TV Live. That was filmed in January as well, soon after my predictions were announced on January first. I'm not really proud that this prediction came true, I'm a big fan of Michael. At least now he is at peace and does not need to worry about the media ripping him apart. I also knew that this tour he announced would never actually happen. Above is the video from M-TV. You can see all of my predictions in this blog and listen to them in my radio archives. My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Jackson family. May he finally rest in peace.


Germaine said...

No worries Joseph. The posting by this person spoke leaps and bounds about himself, his character...the ridiculous insinuation in those comments. These people are around testing you...don't engage him and give energy to his lack of knowledge. Remember one of the Laws of Spiritual Success--Relinquish your need to defend your point of view. You don't have to justify what your predications. Your readers can discern. All the best to you Joseph. Your honed gift is a blessing. Thanks. Cheers, Germaine

Anonymous said...

Well, the autopsy results are still to be revealed in about 4 to 5 weeks - so it might be a big surprise to all of us that the actual cause of the death of Michael was his lung problems.
This is my first time on your blog/website Joseph, and I'm astonished by your predictions that come true.
Joseph, please don't loose your energy on criticism from others. Focus on your good job and service that you can do to others.
Thank you Joseph for your predictions.
When I heard about Michael on the news that he is heading to a hospital because of his cardiac arrest. in my heart I was hoping that will have a NDE and then he will be OK- But immediately I went to see on tmz and they stated clearly that Michael is already dead, that he died at his house -I don't want to believe - In deeply in pain of the lost of a such a beautiful, fragile soul such Michael Jackson.
I miss him.
I'm certain that after he abandoned his physical body he was immediately embraced in DIVINE LOVE, and now HE is in PEACE.

With Love

Selina S said...

you absolutely amaze me.

goletasue said...

Joseph, your path is to speak the truth as you see it at all times. Pay no attention to those who ridicule you or your predictions. At the same time, pay no attention to those who praise you. Don't give energy to either, but stay focused on your own course.

Most people do not want to hear about approaching death, no matter how gently you phrase it, "Sadly, we may lose so-and-so this year," but some DO want to prepare if possible. If my doctor used the old cliche, "I recommend you get your affairs in order," I would take it to heart and do so on all levels. Only God has the final say on when death will occur, but if you give a warning, perhaps the person will put the time to good use. So I know that it is in this spirit you give your predictions.

You have many friends and well wishers. Stay strong, my friend.

Madison said...

You are incredible. My husband and I were fans on the America's Psychic show and you keep proving to us why that is. Always tell the truth no matter how much it might suck.

Anonymous said...


I just hope Micheal is atleast happy in heaven...
Is it possible for you to communicate with him..