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Saturday, June 27, 2009

U-Haul Exprerience & Holiday Inn Event Last Night

Thursday ended up being a rather crazy day for Bob and I. We needed to rent a U-Haul in order to move a fridge from Northeast Philadelphia to Buck's County. We went to the U-Haul located on route 13 in Levittown. Even though there was only one other customer in the store, it seemed to take forever for us to get any kind of help. Finally after a long wait and some paper work we were on our way. We also rented a hand truck with straps for moving large items, like a refrigerator. I'm certainly glad we got that hand truck, it made things so much easier. You also do not have to worry about the item falling off the hand truck. If you moving something big you should really consider renting one of these larger hand trucks.

Once we got into the rented truck from U-Haul I immediately turned to Bob and said "Oh my God, this truck is horrible and looks like its going to fall apart." Well that is exactly what ended up happening. We went to pick up the fridge and everything seemed to be going well until I went to start the truck and it seemed as if the battery was dead. At first it was not too big of a deal, we got a jump and the truck would not start. We left the cables on for a while and eventually the truck started. With excitement we jumped in the truck and drove off just a little bit behind schedule. We did not get too far at all. Suddenly all the electronics and gauges in the truck began to go haywire. It was something alien was going on and then the truck began making noises and I had the peddle pushed all the way to try and get the truck pulled over to a safe place.

I managed to get into a parking lot before sparks began flying out of the ignition and then began back firing and it honestly scared the crap out of me. Needless to say we broke down and found ourselves on the phone with the U-Haul in Levittown. I could not believe the way the guy handled the situation on the phone. He told me it was not his problem and that I needed to call the 800 roadside assistance number. Wow. So I did that and was on the phone for about forty minutes. In the mean time Bob and I decided to go eat at the Santucci's, which had awesome food. Definitely the best pizza ever in Philly.

More then three hours later a tow truck finally came to the rescue. No one seemed to want to help us at U-Haul. I was about to have someone pick me up and just leave the truck and say heck with it, but I had a refrigerator and bike in the back. The tow truck driver was very nice and he took first took us to unload the truck and then back to U-Haul. The guy that was working at the time basically did not say one word to us. He never offered us another truck, asked any questions or told us what to do. Then I asked and he said come back tomorrow when the manager is in. That's it, no help. What a bad experience that was. I knew their trucks were in bad shape but never expected to something like that to happen.

Friday started on a much better note and actually Thursday evening I had a private gallery that went very well and the people were very nice. Friday evening we arrived at the Holiday Inn in Bensalem around six o'clock. Everything was set up and ready to go with the exception of the flowers that I bring to place on the table in honor of the spirits that are present. I always light a candle,some incense and say a blessing before opening the door and allowing people to enter. Once the doors open I escape to a quiet place to meditate and say another prayer before going on around 7:15. Bob always opens the event giving everyone a light insight as to what to expect from the evening.

I spoke a little bit prior to going right into the messages. Once again I could see the a few spirits lined up ready to come through to their loved ones. My first connection was with a young man who was pretty determined to get a message to his brothers. For some reason a good bit of the information coming through made no sense to the group of three that I was pulled to. This does happen from time to time for many different reasons. Sometimes the experience is overwhelming for people and they can not think right away what the messages are. I spent a really good bit of time on this group and at one point I could feel the frustration from the young energy coming through. Spirits do at times become frustrated when someone is not accepting or understanding the messages that are coming through from them. When this happens the spirit will not break my connection and will insist that I stay with their loved ones until they understand and realize the connection is true. This can then become frustrating for me and this is when it can become a burden at times.

I would say after about fifteen minutes the connection finally broke and I was able to move to someone else. The second connection kept fading in and out on me like a phone with bad reception. By the end of the second connection I really needed to take a break and relax a little bit before going on to the second round of messages. It seems for some odd reason that the second half of any event I do goes much better with stronger connections. During the second half I was able to get to a large amount of people with connections from loved ones. I remember at one point going to an entire row of about 6 or 8 people who all came together to the event. There was also a mother determined to tell her two daughter in the audience that she was at peace and watching over them.

There were so many connections that I have no recollection of the details that came through during most of the event. However, I do remember one connection pretty well. It was a young man who came to me and told me he wanted to talk to his mother who was in the audience. Two mothers raised their hands and unfortunately I could only go to one of them. This young man was so determined and became stronger and stronger with his messages as time progressed. I could see him standing there and was able to describe what he looked like to his mother, his clothing and even his personality.

He kept showing me sports jerseys with specific numbers on them. I think one had the number five on it which I believe was the date he passed. Another jersey he showed me had the number fifteen on it which was apparently a huge validation for his mother. I believe she buried him with a jersey with that number on it. He even mentioned that he knew his mother just finally let go of some of his things and cleaned out his room. There were so many details from this young man all assuring his mother that he was was happy and at peace with what has happened. He also had a really good sense of humor. At one moment he had his mother crying and in the next moment he got her to laugh. He even told me to make sure I give his mother a copy if my book. He said that it would help her and I was so honored that he said that. At the end of the event Bob made sure the woman left with a copy of my book.

Its connections like this one that bring so much fulfillment to me and my work as a medium. It makes all the negative that we have to deal with go away and makes my work so worth the energy that goes into it. There is no way to explain the feeling it gives me to be able to bring so much healing into someones life. I could see the burden life from her shoulders and could feel a wave of peace roll over all three of us. It is a nice feeling being able to walk away knowing that you have touched a persons life forever. I just wish I could give a message to each and every person that attends an event, but it is merely impossible. That is one of the reasons I like to share my experiences prior to bringing through messages at events. I also like to educate others as much as I can about how our deceased loved ones communicate with us and the signs they show. I also hope that everyone who left the event left knowing in their hearts that our loved ones do watch over us and can communicate from the other side.

I thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I hope that I have also inspired you in some way. Remember to tell those you love that you do love them every day so that you never have to regret that you never told them. Have a great day.
With Love & Light


Anonymous said...

Joseph,I want thank you for helping me & my family get peace w our dad(we are the 8 people in the row that you were drawn to)and that you were able to speak to my sis in laws military husband who was killed in Iraq She so needed that Finally you took my question as the last 1 that night -
Tripplets with all girls fits me just fine can't wait for the next show

nadia said...

hi joseph
every time i read your blog i feel how much you give from yourself to be able to pass messages to the people attending. i feel that you get very tiered actually exhausted after a night like this.
i wish you all the best keep up the good work comforting people making them accept the will of GOD and that is we were given life by hin and he takes it when he sees it is time to go.
with love
your lebanese friend