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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Few Special Radio Events this coming week.

It is an absolute honor to have been asked to be a part of John Hollands Radio Show "Spirit Connections heard each and every Monday at 3pm EST on Hay House Radio. I will be John's guest at 3PM today. You can tune in live on the internet. We will be talking about my work as a medium, America's Psychic Challenge, my book and even taking calls from listeners Be Sure to tune in. You can access the site from the link above or from my web site.

Tuesday is my regular weekly radio show "Messages From The Other Side" heard live on WBCB 1490 AM , or you can listen to the show live on the internet on
their web site. I will be answering your life and future questions and perhaps may give you a message from a deceased love one. All that after we talk to our special guest James Van Praagh. This is James second time on the show and we are honored to have him back on. Be sure to tune in and get the opportunity to listen to a best selling author and amazing medium.

this Tuesday I will be hosting my second internet radio show "Journey into the Paranormal". This special show airs on BlogTalkRadio (BTR) every Tuesday at 8pm EST. There is a new topic every week and you can join BTR and chat in the radio shows chat room. You can ask Joseph question's about the evenings topics or anything about the supernatural and paranormal. This Tuesdays topic is "What is it like in Heaven?" I will discuss the levels in heaven, the dying process and the afterlife.

Thursday I will be back at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City New Jersey for a special radio appearance. The Big Kahuna, Bob and I will head down to AC to prepare for Kahunna's daily show Coffee With Kahuna. I will be featured during his show which airs live from the Tropicana Casino From 2 to 5 pm. I'm not sure the exact time I will be on the show. I do know that I will be taking calls and reading random people walking through the Tropicana. You can also listen to the show on the WBCB radio or on their web site, unless you want to take a trip t AC and join us live. I hope you get the chance to tune in to these special shows this week and I really hope that you have a wonderful week.
Blessings Joseph

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Amazing Messages From Today's Event

This afternoon we had a little more then thirty people gather together anxiously awaiting the possibility that they may receive a message from a deceased loved one. I love doing events at this particular location in Bordentown New Jersey. Mainly because the Ashes To Ashes Cigar Parlor has a cozy atmosphere and two wonderful owners, Joe and Stacy Salera, who host the event. They always put out goodies for people to snack on and you can even purchase a hot cup of coffee or other beverage. Some people may picture something completely different when I say its a cigar parlor, but you would have experience it for yourself to understand its comfort. The energy in the shop in very calm and peaceful, which makes for some good connections with spirit.

Another reason I like this event is because it is smaller, more quaint and its like everyone is friends. Today I decided to do something a little different and change my introduction around a little bit. Usually I would speak about some of my experiences growing up and how I came to understand and use my gift. I would also tell a few stories about some of my connections with my own loved ones and other interesting experiences through readings. This time I decided to shift into another direction and talk more about what happens when we die and what it is like in Heaven. I also talked more about how our deceased loved ones show us signs and how to recognize them in our daily life. I found that this subject would help those who attend a little more then if I talked about how I discovered my gift and so forth. The shift felt right and from my perspective I could tell that it did make a difference and I will use this same discussion in more upcoming events.

No matter what, there are always skeptics that attend an event. There is nothing at all wrong with being skeptic, I'm a skeptical person when it comes to many things. But one thing I have learned in my work is that skeptics seem to get the best readings. I find this to be pretty fascinating that they receive such strong messages from spirit. It also helps if they still remain open minded. As long as the mind is open and does not block the energy of refuse the messages that are coming through, then they still receive a heart warming experience.

Today there were a several skeptics, maybe even more then the usual. It is so amazing that if spirit really wants to get their messages through to you they are going to give you as much information as they can to make you believe. They want to assure you that you are really receiving a message from them and that they are happy and at peace in heaven. I just found that to be interesting and have seen it so much in the past that I wanted to share that with you all.

After my introduction I read some messages that I received earlier in the day and during my meditation. Those messages were very detailed and later I was told that they were all validated by people who attended. Before each event, throughout the day, I will receive visits and messages from spirit and write them down. Then I deliver those messages to all those who attend. So many people receive messages before the event begins and without me even going to them. After reading the messages I received prior to the event I go right into bringing messages through for people in the audience. Sometimes I can go right to the person, especially when I see the spirit behind them. Other times I get pulled to the area but not necessarily to the person directly.

Right as I was about to make my first connection spirit wanted to let everyone in the room know that they were present. There was a load bang sound that happened right next to where I was standing. It had to scare a few people including startling me a little at first. Bob and I looked and could not figure out where that load sound came from. There was no doubt in my mind that there was a very impatient spirit trying to get my attention and wanted to let everyone know of their presence.

My first connection today was a father figure who passed and he pulled me to the right side of the room. At first I had no idea where I was, I suddenly had three fathers appear to come through at once. There was a gentlemen in the second row that I really got pulled to. At first I was confused until I found out that there was a large group of them that came together. So interestingly enough, all of their families came through together. The one guys father seemed to control the entire connection and wanted to make sure that his skeptical son left knowing that he had the ability to communicate with him today. At one point his father even brought up that he had his three legged dog with him in Heaven. That brought lots of laughter to everyone in the room, including myself. I think that may have been the first time I had a three legged dog come through. By the time I was done I do not think he had any doubts that his father was communicating with him today.

Another amazing connection was when we came back from the break. I was immediately pulled to the back left side of the room and had a young man come through as a brother figure. Once I made the connection I began to get another young energy that stepped forward as a brother. There were two different ladies in the back row that have lost their brothers. The brothers began to come through together along with another impatient father figure trying to get to his son in the second row, this time on the left side. I began to do what I like to call ping ponging. That is when I go back and forth from one person the the next, message for one, then message for the other. I did this between three different people with the one brother in control of the connection. This was really interesting how the process fanned out and then I ended with one at a time.

Going to the one brother, he wanted to make sure his sister left convinced that he was OK and watching over her son. He brought up a guitar that she just so happened to have out the other day. He went on with the message that her son was gifted musically and by the age nine he should be playing guitar. Her child will go on to become a famous song writer one day. One of the brothers even brought up the picture of him with a pink Mohawk that she just recently came across. It was really funny because at one point I saw his spirit and saw the pink Mohawk. Then as the one brother pulled back from me he saluted me like a soldier and then showed me his military dog tags, which was another thing his sister just had out recently. A sure sign that he is around watching over his sister.

The other woman, who's brother was coming through, came to the event with her daughter. Soon enough her brother would begin to bring through her daughters father who passed tragically. I remember her name was Amanda and her father was another very determined spirit. He gave his daughter some guidance into her life while at the same time bringing some long overdue closure. There were so many really interesting connections during today's event. Some of the craziest detailed information came through. Including the three legged dog and then another woman's father brought through her very beautiful black horse that died from a tumor. Her father was also quite the comedian showing me that he was on the other side riding her black horse.

There was even a congratulations that went out to someone for the recent win of a trophy at a car show. Another gentlemen in the group who may have walked in skeptical certainly walked out knowing he was able to communicate with his parents. This dad went a little back into the past to bring up a story about his son and a big snapper turtle. This brought a good laugh to everyone in the audience. That was nearly as funny as someones dad coming through saying that he knows the true story now of who really shot out the windows with the BB gun when they were kids. Someone got busted.

What an amazing event with so many healing connections and messages. There was another connection that was rather amazing. It was a very short connection and short message from a boy who had drowned in a ice covered lake. He wanted to get a woman in the audience to get a message to his mother. She is friends with the boy's mother and the boy also mentioned something about a school. Here, his mother actually works at a school.

The messages today were hopefully enough to bring some closure and validation to all that have attended. My goal with any event is that everyone leaves with a little something beings that I can not possibly get to everyone with messages. By listening and experiencing for yourself the accurate detailed messages that come through will hopefully show everyone that our loved ones can communicate showing signs that they are still with us in spirit seeing all of the accomplishments in our lives and comforting us with their energy at a time when we are in need. To me it is not just the messages that come through that are important, but more the healing that happens in the process. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope that I have inspired you in some way.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Radio Show - Paranormal Chat Goes Radio

If you were a part of my weekly Paranormal Chat then you may have remembered I wanted to take a break and stopped my weekly chat right before the holiday's. Well the Paranormal Chat is about to make a huge comeback, and now it is better then ever. The Paranormal Chat is going radio. That's right everyone, it will now be my new weekly radio show. If your a fan of my regular weekly radio show "Messages From The Other Side", no need to worry. That show is not going anywhere and will continue every Tuesday at 4pm EST. The Paranormal Chat became pretty popular and we decided it would be easier for me to answer questions and do the chat over the radio. So now every Tuesday I will have two very different radio shows.

If you are not familiar with my Paranormal Chat, let me explain. This is more like an educational program. Each and every Tuesday evening I will host a special chat where you can ask me questions relating to the paranormal, ghosts, angels, my work as a medium and so much more. Now that the chat is going radio there will be less confusion and more time for me to go into detailed answers to your questions. This will be an Internet radio show and you do not have to sign up if you just want to listen. You will be able to listen on my blog talk radio page, my blog or directly from my web site. There will also be a chat room where listeners can talk and ask questions. You may even call into the show and ask me a question on the air about the paranormal or about the evenings topic. This is all free. You have to sign up to blog talk radio if you want to chat with others in the chat room or if you want to ask a question from the chat room.

Please note that this is not a show in which I do any readings or answers any type of psychic questions about your personal life. This is an educational program for listeners to learn more about the paranormal and share your experiences. The show will air Tuesday's from 8pm to 9pm Eastern time. The times we had the choose from were limited until the show has steady listeners. Then a better time and day may become available and the time and day may change.

Each week I will pick a different topic to focus on such as angels, ghosts, doing psychic work and so on. Even though there will be a topic questions are not limited to just that subject. The first show will be more of an introduction and specific topics will start for the second show. Each person will be allowed to ask one question. Remember, no readings on this show. It will work similar to the way the old Paranormal Chat worked. I will write down all the names of everyone in the chat room just before 8pm. I will work down my list of names one by one allowing each person to ask a question. Beings I'm doing this over the radio now, I will also take a question by phone then one from the chat room and so on. Please take my poll located on the right column of my blog so I can see what days and times you are most likely to listen. More information on the blog talk radio and my new show is available by clicking HERE.

Another cool feature with this new program is the show archiving. Each show will automatically be archived on blog talk radio so you can come back and listen to any show you have missed. If you have one topic that you would like to suggest, please let us know. Simply comment on this blog post with one topic that you would like to hear more about. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post, for your comments and for taking my polls on the right. Hope to see you during the launch of the new Paranormal Chat Radio Show.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fund-Raiser Is A Huge Success

Late last year a client of mine, Joanne, shared the tragic story of eight year old Caroline. Caroline was severely injured in an auto-mobile accident when she was only ten months old. A severe spinal cord injury would leave Caroline confined to a wheel chair unable to care for herself and unable to communicate with her family. Joanne asked if we would be interested in doing a fund-raiser to raise money and help Caroline and her family with expensive medical bills. Without hesitation Bob and I agreed to help out and be a part of the fund-raiser. We began advertising the event on the radio and on my site. The picture to the right is of Caroline, her mother, father and I.

Local businesses and other generous people donated goods to be auctioned off and baskets for a another silent auction. I never seen so many baskets in my life. There was a fifty fifty raffle and even a concession set up to purchase something cold to drink and even a hot dog or pretzel. All to go to the help Caroline. Joanne pretty much put the whole event together. Bob kept track of the donations, which were forwarded to the parents, registration and getting me ready to go. So much went into this event and we are very grateful for every one's participation and donations.
More then 200 hundred people ended up attending the event.

Messages came through very strong. Maybe even a little stronger then usual. This could have been because most of this audience has never seen me before and many were skeptics. Spirit likes to be sure to get the message across making sure that the messages come with strong validations. At one point I went to a whole row of women in the back. The connections were strong, but not strong enough for another younger energy to catch my attention. A young man, in spirit, was in the back jumping up and down in his baseball cap trying to get my attention, and he did just that. Another young man came through within the row and pulled me right to his mother. The details of this reading were amazing. The picture to the right was taken during that connection and if you click on the picture to enlarge it you will see an orb right above my head. Another orb appears on the right of the stage and next to the speaker on right side of stage.

If I recall correctly the young man was killed in either a motorcycle or auto-mobile accident. I visually went to the scene of the accident in my head. Therefore I was able to describe accurate details of the accident which were validated by the mother. His connection was so strong that absolutely each detail of each message was validated immediately by his mother. He even wished one of the women in the group a happy 50Th birthday, maybe his mother but don't recall. He even joked with his mother saying he saw her bless herself every time she drove past the cemetery. Also reminder her that it was not important that she stopped in to visit the grave site. I find myself receiving the messages often from the deceased that they rather not have us mourning over their graves.

Then to be assured his mother knew it was him he mentioned something about the southern rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd and the song "Free Bird". It just so happened that a quote from the song was on his gravestone. He even gave me his initials, which were A L, then his name. He then validated a visit to his mother in her dreams and wanted to assure her that it was truly him. The young man was not going to leave without bringing some humor to the group. He mentioned that years ago he baked some brownies with some marijuana in them. Then he tricked his mom and a few others to eat them. It was one of those family stories that everyone still laughs about. His mother laughed, said they were very stoned, and confirmed the whole story. Everyone enjoyed that story and the details of this reading were amazing.

No one could have left this event without knowing that they witnessed something truly amazing. So many connections that I could right for hours about the experience. Most importantly this event was successful and according to Caroline's mother, it came in the nick of time. A piece of medical equipment which would help Caroline communicate with her family just became available. The equipment is very expensive totalling more then seven thousand dollars. So a goal was set prior to the event to raise that amount for Caroline's Hope and to purchase this new equipment. To my surprise the event raised more then ten thousand dollars. That is so awesome. Last year Bob and I raised that amount total for several causes such as the one we did for the little girl fighting severe arthritis. This year I set a goal to raise double that amount and make it twenty thousands dollars. This is a great start to reaching my goal. So keep your eyes out for future fund-raisers. A special thanks again to all those who helped out with this event and thank you for taking the time to read my blog and allow me to share my experiences with you.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Interview tonight at 11pm

Tonight I will be interviewed on Soul's Journey Radio. Medium Melissa will be talking to me on her show voices from the other side. Tune in on her site or Enjoy the show.