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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Amazing Messages From Today's Event

This afternoon we had a little more then thirty people gather together anxiously awaiting the possibility that they may receive a message from a deceased loved one. I love doing events at this particular location in Bordentown New Jersey. Mainly because the Ashes To Ashes Cigar Parlor has a cozy atmosphere and two wonderful owners, Joe and Stacy Salera, who host the event. They always put out goodies for people to snack on and you can even purchase a hot cup of coffee or other beverage. Some people may picture something completely different when I say its a cigar parlor, but you would have experience it for yourself to understand its comfort. The energy in the shop in very calm and peaceful, which makes for some good connections with spirit.

Another reason I like this event is because it is smaller, more quaint and its like everyone is friends. Today I decided to do something a little different and change my introduction around a little bit. Usually I would speak about some of my experiences growing up and how I came to understand and use my gift. I would also tell a few stories about some of my connections with my own loved ones and other interesting experiences through readings. This time I decided to shift into another direction and talk more about what happens when we die and what it is like in Heaven. I also talked more about how our deceased loved ones show us signs and how to recognize them in our daily life. I found that this subject would help those who attend a little more then if I talked about how I discovered my gift and so forth. The shift felt right and from my perspective I could tell that it did make a difference and I will use this same discussion in more upcoming events.

No matter what, there are always skeptics that attend an event. There is nothing at all wrong with being skeptic, I'm a skeptical person when it comes to many things. But one thing I have learned in my work is that skeptics seem to get the best readings. I find this to be pretty fascinating that they receive such strong messages from spirit. It also helps if they still remain open minded. As long as the mind is open and does not block the energy of refuse the messages that are coming through, then they still receive a heart warming experience.

Today there were a several skeptics, maybe even more then the usual. It is so amazing that if spirit really wants to get their messages through to you they are going to give you as much information as they can to make you believe. They want to assure you that you are really receiving a message from them and that they are happy and at peace in heaven. I just found that to be interesting and have seen it so much in the past that I wanted to share that with you all.

After my introduction I read some messages that I received earlier in the day and during my meditation. Those messages were very detailed and later I was told that they were all validated by people who attended. Before each event, throughout the day, I will receive visits and messages from spirit and write them down. Then I deliver those messages to all those who attend. So many people receive messages before the event begins and without me even going to them. After reading the messages I received prior to the event I go right into bringing messages through for people in the audience. Sometimes I can go right to the person, especially when I see the spirit behind them. Other times I get pulled to the area but not necessarily to the person directly.

Right as I was about to make my first connection spirit wanted to let everyone in the room know that they were present. There was a load bang sound that happened right next to where I was standing. It had to scare a few people including startling me a little at first. Bob and I looked and could not figure out where that load sound came from. There was no doubt in my mind that there was a very impatient spirit trying to get my attention and wanted to let everyone know of their presence.

My first connection today was a father figure who passed and he pulled me to the right side of the room. At first I had no idea where I was, I suddenly had three fathers appear to come through at once. There was a gentlemen in the second row that I really got pulled to. At first I was confused until I found out that there was a large group of them that came together. So interestingly enough, all of their families came through together. The one guys father seemed to control the entire connection and wanted to make sure that his skeptical son left knowing that he had the ability to communicate with him today. At one point his father even brought up that he had his three legged dog with him in Heaven. That brought lots of laughter to everyone in the room, including myself. I think that may have been the first time I had a three legged dog come through. By the time I was done I do not think he had any doubts that his father was communicating with him today.

Another amazing connection was when we came back from the break. I was immediately pulled to the back left side of the room and had a young man come through as a brother figure. Once I made the connection I began to get another young energy that stepped forward as a brother. There were two different ladies in the back row that have lost their brothers. The brothers began to come through together along with another impatient father figure trying to get to his son in the second row, this time on the left side. I began to do what I like to call ping ponging. That is when I go back and forth from one person the the next, message for one, then message for the other. I did this between three different people with the one brother in control of the connection. This was really interesting how the process fanned out and then I ended with one at a time.

Going to the one brother, he wanted to make sure his sister left convinced that he was OK and watching over her son. He brought up a guitar that she just so happened to have out the other day. He went on with the message that her son was gifted musically and by the age nine he should be playing guitar. Her child will go on to become a famous song writer one day. One of the brothers even brought up the picture of him with a pink Mohawk that she just recently came across. It was really funny because at one point I saw his spirit and saw the pink Mohawk. Then as the one brother pulled back from me he saluted me like a soldier and then showed me his military dog tags, which was another thing his sister just had out recently. A sure sign that he is around watching over his sister.

The other woman, who's brother was coming through, came to the event with her daughter. Soon enough her brother would begin to bring through her daughters father who passed tragically. I remember her name was Amanda and her father was another very determined spirit. He gave his daughter some guidance into her life while at the same time bringing some long overdue closure. There were so many really interesting connections during today's event. Some of the craziest detailed information came through. Including the three legged dog and then another woman's father brought through her very beautiful black horse that died from a tumor. Her father was also quite the comedian showing me that he was on the other side riding her black horse.

There was even a congratulations that went out to someone for the recent win of a trophy at a car show. Another gentlemen in the group who may have walked in skeptical certainly walked out knowing he was able to communicate with his parents. This dad went a little back into the past to bring up a story about his son and a big snapper turtle. This brought a good laugh to everyone in the audience. That was nearly as funny as someones dad coming through saying that he knows the true story now of who really shot out the windows with the BB gun when they were kids. Someone got busted.

What an amazing event with so many healing connections and messages. There was another connection that was rather amazing. It was a very short connection and short message from a boy who had drowned in a ice covered lake. He wanted to get a woman in the audience to get a message to his mother. She is friends with the boy's mother and the boy also mentioned something about a school. Here, his mother actually works at a school.

The messages today were hopefully enough to bring some closure and validation to all that have attended. My goal with any event is that everyone leaves with a little something beings that I can not possibly get to everyone with messages. By listening and experiencing for yourself the accurate detailed messages that come through will hopefully show everyone that our loved ones can communicate showing signs that they are still with us in spirit seeing all of the accomplishments in our lives and comforting us with their energy at a time when we are in need. To me it is not just the messages that come through that are important, but more the healing that happens in the process. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope that I have inspired you in some way.


Anonymous said...

I attended the event on Sunday, 2/15. You provided a message to my friend from her brother. I felt so strongly for a long time to bring her to see you, now I know why. What a truly wonderful experience. I will never forget it. I loved the location in Bordentown as well.
Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

You said: "I hope that I have inspired you in some way". I want you to know that you *always* inspire me, even though I'm on the other side of the world and have never seen you in action. I love reading your blog and keeping up with what you're doing.

Snow Miracle said...

I was wondering if you have any plans to come to Niagara Falls, Ontario or New York anytime? It would be great to see you here in person.


Snow Miracle said...

Oh, I should have mentioned in my last post that I had stumbled upon your blogs by accident. I hadn't heard of you before but found your 2009 predictions quite interesting. I also noticed that it seems that a few of them have come to light. I will be following your blogs!

Thanks for posting.. umm blogging!