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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Why Did Trump Win??? Why did the Prediction Shift?? Hope For Humanity?

My fellow American's And Humanity,
As I see posts online and talk to people today I see and feel the stress of surprise that has been bestowed upon us all.
Many have commented that a prediction I made 8 years ago has shifted and changed, which I am quite aware of thank you. As I always state in my predictions they are showing the direction things are going at the time when I prepare them and what could happen if we do not change and shift things into a better direction. Never claimed I was perfect and on the most part hope many of my predictions do not come into fruition. Let me also remind you of a few important factors. We are at a huge crossroads of time that is do or die for all of humanity. Anyone sensitive, and even those who are not, can feel this in their hearts. It is a time where things must shift into a new direction in order for all of humanity to save our beautiful Mother Earth. I am not as surprised by this outcome as many others may be. It is a time where everything and anything is possible especially that in which may be a benefit to all of humanity.
All the way up to Monday night I was personally conflicted as to who I would vote for and kept asking spirit for guidance. Suddenly a follower sent me an old message to humanity written by an indigenous native in 1994. When I read this I instantly felt that it could very well be speaking of Donald Trump, at least I hoped trying to remain as positive as possible. I knew if it were true what I was reading that Mr Trump would come in and take this election at the end. I texted many of my friends to inform them of my discovery and even posted the message to humanity on social media.
I swore that what I was reading (our True White Brother, when he comes, will be all powerful and will wear a red cap or red cloak. He will be large in population, belong to no religion but his very own.) could very well be Donald J. Trump. I knew after reading this that if it really were Trump that he would come through at the end as the Presidential Elect for our free nation. I knew that if by some chance it were not him in that message Hillary would take the election by a landslide, which was previously determined by the direction we were previously heading.
With Millions of people over the past year in prayer and ceremony for the best possible outcome to this election seems to have truly shifted everything and shifted the original plan for humanity. We must use this as a huge sign for all of us and must listen to some of the first words in which Trump spoke last night, "It is time for us to come together as one united people.", and pray they be truth and positive signs for humanity and America. For no matter what we can not turn back time and change this outcome and therefore we must realize that this could actually be perhaps what America and the world may need.
PLEASE, I beg of you, let this bring us together in hope instead of dividing us even more. We need not continue to be divided. We need not throw any more negativity into this election and its outcome. We definitely need not continue throwing negative energy, thoughts and words at each other. It is over!! It is what it is! So let us use this as a sign to come together and move forward with open hearts, positive minds, positive thoughts and hope for all of humanity.
Remember, your thoughts, words and actions are extremely powerful. So whether you like or support Mr Trump or not we have no other choice for he will lead America. What we can do is focus on positive energy and the fact that perhaps this sudden shift is what the universe has done to give hope to our planet. Anything and everything is possible at this time and if we hold this positive intention in our hearts together it is so very possible that this man could bring us hope for humanity. It is possible simply because anything and everything is possible during this huge crossroads of awakening for our people and our planet. I do not say this as someone who supports this outcome. I would have rather seen Bernie get thru as he should have but again we can not step backwards, we can only move forward.
So I ask you, my fellow American's, Friends, Family, Followers and Fans PLEASE take a deep breath of relief with the positive intention in your heart that perhaps this is what we may need for better hope and change for all of us. Remember, the president does not determine who you are as a human being and does not determine your values and your core self. Only you determine that. Only you can help yourself to remain positive and only you are in control of your own personal destiny, not the future or current president.
We need not agree with the outcome and we can continue to agree to disagree. But once again I beg of you all to PLEASE come together with open hearts and the intention that positive change not only can happen, it will happen. That this will lead us in the best direction possible. This will awaken the world. This will bring the world together. This will kick the evil doers asses back into the darkness as the light finally begins to shine on our planet. Do not let it bring your down but instead let this lift us up. That is, at the least, all we can do.
Again I stress to you that your thoughts and words are very powerful. So let us bring our thoughts and words together with this hope and positive vision for the future of Mother Earth & Humanity. For the future of all the Mother Earth and humanity depend on it and is depending on each of us...
I love you, love yourself, love our planet and most of all Love one another.
With Infinite Love, Gratitude & Desire To Inspire.
Spiritman Joseph Tittel