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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Saint Christopher, The Archangels & Our New York City Trip

The past week has been so busy that I have not even had a chance to write in my blog. This past weekend I had a few private galleries, one in which I had an experience I will never forget. You may have read about my past experiences with having Mother Mary come to me during a session with a client. Fifteen years ago if someone were to say to me that they saw the Blessed Mother I most likely would have not believed them. I was brought up in a Catholic family and still remained a bit skeptic. When Mother Mary actually appeared in the corner of the room I was completely blown away. She spoke not a words, her presence alone was enough to bring a huge message of validation to my client and myself.

This past Saturday I was about to have another amazing encounter from the other side. There were about a dozen people in this group reading and we were half way through the session. At one point I was pulled to one of the women in the rear of the room with messages. Then out of nowhere appeared Saint Christopher. I was not completely educated about Saint Christopher but was about to become real familiar with him. I described exactly what he looked like to the group and remember vividly his clothing including a brown fabric draped over his shoulders. His message was a thank you to the woman for her prayers to him. He insured her that he was watching over her children and would watch over her during her travels.

Then I had Two archangels appear in the room. The archangel Micheal appeared first and I gazed for a moment before telling the group the he was was present. I was so fascinated and amazed by his beauty. Micheal was amazing with these his gorgeous wings wearing vibrant silk looking blues and reds. He had dark hair and an energy that I just could not explain, very powerful. I did not get a clear view of Raphael but it was made very clear to me that he was present. Their message was also a thank you and acknowledgment for the womans prayers to the archangels. The woman told the group that she prayed the Saint Christopher and the two Archangels on a constant basis. This just proved to us all that prayer is a very powerful tool and we should all incorporate it in our lives.

What a great experience that was for me and I would think everyone who attended this private gallery. I even said to the host that I thought it was a great blessing for her to have the Saint and Angels appear in her home. She will be well watched over. Tuesday morning I woke up with quite the cold. The congestion, head and body aches and so on. This did not leave me feeling up to do the radio show. I was excited to talk to my special guest Doctor Beth DuPree, but I had no desire to do readings over the phone. When I'm sick I worry that it may effect my connections during a reading. It seems to always work out well as did the entire radio show. You can listen to my interview with Doctor Dupree in my web site.

Wednesday I woke up feeling worst then I felt in Tuesday. Bob and I had to get up early and run a bunch of errands before driving to New York City for my event at the Learning Annex. I was really thinking I was not going to be able to do this event and Bob was in no mood either because now his cold is kicking in. We made it to New York in about and Hour and twenty minutes. We lucked out and hit no traffic at all and were checked in at the hotel by 3 PM. We got settled in sat around relaxing a bit before heading to an early dinner before the show. I did not get to enjoy my dinner because my cold shut off all my taste buds. Food is not very enjoyable if you can not taste it.

We arrived at the Learning Annex at about 6:15 and Bob got things set up and I went to find a quite place to do my prayer and meditation. Sometimes when I meditate I will receive information from spirit and sometime have some specific spirits appear in my meditations. During this meditation I had three fire fighters step forward and they mentioned the name Linda and a few other names that I do not recall. After the meditation I headed down the hall and waited to hear Bob introduce me to the crowd. A nice crowd and at the same time a very difficult crowd.

I think it was Lisa Williams that told me she did an event in New York and said the crowd was difficult. In the beginning I just could not get these folks to respond with a laugh or anything. Eventually they would all loosen up a bit. As soon I was done speaking about some experiences I immediately made a connection with a deceased father for a woman in the group by the name of Linda. Linda came to the event with at least 6 or 7 other people. A few minutes into my connection for Linda would step forth three deceased fire fighters. I was pulled over a few seats to a couple who raised their hands went I mentioned the three fire fighters. Then the information just flowed from my mouth.

This young fire fighter was determined to get his messages to both his mother and father who 'were friends of Linda's. His name was Joey and he gave me the complete details of what happened to him during that tragic day. It was during a call and he went into the burning building. He was persistent on letting his parents know that he was not burned and he had trouble breathing before passing out. He even brought up the fire bell and kept ringing it in my ear over and over. His parents conformed everything and said he would take his daughter on the fire engine and she would ring the bell over and over. The other two fire fighters were not killed in the same fire and were there to bring more validations for the family.

Then there was another women by the name of Maria who sat in the back row. I could clearly see a younger man in his late thirties early forties standing behind her calling me "Hey Buddy, Hey Buddy." This guy was pretty funny and was also very determined to get a message to his wife Maria. When he was done bring through detailed messages for his wife he said to me "Thank you buddy." Maria told us that her husband called everyone Buddy.

Another amazing connection during this event happened at the very end when a woman in the front row asked me a question about her son. Soon as she asked the question I immediately connected with a deceased gentlemen around her. He was able to give her a completely detailed message about her son and also mentioned the piano and other instruments. This deceased man said that her son would be a famous musician one day and she confirmed that her young son just started playing piano. She also confirmed all the information and knew it was coming from her husbands deceased uncle Max Roach who was a famous jazz musician. Wow another very cool connection from the other side.

The entire event was quite amazing and during those few hours I did not feel sick at all. Soon as we were done with the book signing I was ready for a worm cozy bed. I was so drained and at this point really needing some rest. We spent the night at a hotel three block away. I slept in and Bob brought me coffee and breakfast in the morning, what a great guy. Then we headed home being we were both feeling under the weather. We arrived home at about 2 PM and ran a few errands before relaxing for the night. I'm sure glad we can rest all day tomorrow. I need to get rid of this cold before the next event this Sunday. I'm looking forward to this one with Doctor Beth DuPree and Susan Apollon to raise money and awareness to breast cancer. Until the next time, be well and thank you for allowing me to share my experiences with you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joseph!
I am glad everything worked out in NY!
I hope you feel better! I had a horrible cold just getting over it, so REST WELL :)

With love

Madison said...

What a good post. I hope that you guys are feeling better. It is always rewarding to have those kind of experiences with such good validations from those being read.