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Monday, March 31, 2008

The Show Will Go On

After clearing up a few things with the radio station now the show will go on. There may be a little bit of a time conflict with a few future shows, but it will all be worked out. Be sure to listen to the radio show and sign up for my newsletter to get up-dates on any time changes. To sign up for my newsletter just click here to send an email to be added to the list. We try to send out a newsletter every Monday or Tuesday.

I'm excited to once again have Lisa Williams as a guest during tomorrow's radio show. We will chat about Lisa's new book "Life Among The Dead" and her up-coming show in Easton, PA. During the later part of the show I will be taking your calls and answering your questions. Remember, you can listen to the show live on the Internet if you are not local to the area. Go the WBCB's web site to tune in.

My schedule is pretty heavy for the coming month of April. Next week I will be doing an event at the Learning Annex in Manhattan New York. This will be my first event in the big apple and I'm honored that they have asked me to come speak. On Sunday April 13 I will join together with Doctor Beth DuPree and Susan Apollon for a special Breast Cancer Event. Please note that there is a correction to the time in the newsletter. This event is from 1 PM to 4 PM. All of the funds from this event will go to the Healing Consciousness Foundation. Then we will head up north to Wilkes-Barre on April 20Th. Be sure to visit the web site for a full list of events.

Thank you for stopping in and reading my blog.
Blessings Everyone.....Joseph


Anonymous said...


I was so looking forward to listening to Lisa Williams on your radio program today (Tuesday), but I tuned in too late. Will there be a link on your website to be able to listen to it anytime soon? Blessings

Anonymous said...

Hey Joseph,

Just wanted to give U a shout-out and let U know that I'm a big fan of America's Psychic Challenge. I can not wait for the next season.

Now that I know U have a radio show, I will be listening hoping to get through. I love ur page and hope to get a reading one day soon.