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Friday, March 14, 2008

The Haunted Haunted Flanders Hotel, The March 10 Event & A Missing Child

Honestly I have never heard of the Flanders Hotel until I was asked to do an event there. I understand that the hotel is quite famous and very haunted. My first thought is that it would be a quaint little hotel with some very active spirits running around. I was also fascinated by the fact that they also wanted me to do a ghost tour in their underground catacombs. Picture to the left was taken from the boardwalk in Ocean City New Jersey.

When I heard about the catacombs my instant thought was that of a very spooky underground tunnel or tunnels. While writing this blog I looked up the word catacombs and the definition is: An underground cemetery, with tunnels and chambers having places for graves. Well one thing is for sure, there are no dead bodies or graves beneath the Flanders Hotel. The picture below to the right was taken inside the Flanders Hotel outside the ball room. It is said to be Emily, now a ghost roaming the hotel.

Bob and I arrived at the Flanders Hotel at about 1:30PM on March 10th, the same time as Paul the Kahuna from WBCB radio. The place was huge, not at all what I imagined. We had to rush in because we were about to do a live broadcast from the hotel to discuss haunted real estate. I really wanted to get our bags to our rooms and get a quick tour before the radio show. Patty Burgess is host of her own show on WBCB called real estate on the air. Patty is also responsible for getting me into the Flanders Hotel. Patty organized the entire thing, THANKS PATTY.

We walked right into history when we entered into the Flanders Hotel. A beautiful lobby surrounded with gorgeous antique furniture and clocks. We were greeted by Patty Burgess and she helped us to check in and get to our room which was on the seventh floor. Our room was also beautiful with and ocean view, separate bedroom, living room, kitchen and a big screen television. What a nice little surprise that was. Then we headed down stairs to get a coffee and private tour of the hotel. I was really excited to see what I would pick up about the place.
The picture about was taken inside the Flanders right outside of the Ball Room.
Believe it or not I was not pulled to the underground catacombs, as they call them, as much as I was pulled to the ballroom. I asked the woman who gave us the tour if there even was a ball room because I felt there was a lot of energy drawing me there. Well indeed there was and the ballroom had many spirits roaming around. I began to tell her what I was picking up, all of it which made complete sense to her.

I feel there is a lot of money here, very wealthy people during the period of the depression. I feel prohibition going on beneath the building and also see gambling and a roulette wheel. This ballroom was filled with very well know wealthy people from all over the world and often the men and woman were split or divided. This was a place of fun and enjoyment with live music and I could actually see the spirits dancing around just like a flashback to the 1930's.

Our first tour of the catacombs was during the day and most spirit activity occurs in the evening. Soon as we got to the bottom of the stairs I started to take a few pictures. The brand new batteries I just put in the camera died after the third picture. Already the spirits are active and playing their little games. I picked up on several things but really tried to block out the energies and enjoy the tour. I would rather be in tune with the energies later at night during the ghost tour.

At four o'clock Patty's radio show begun and of course the topic was haunted real estate and of course the Flanders Hotel. The radio show was fun and Patty had me on her show as a special guest. There were no on the air readings and honestly I needed to save my energy for the gallery and ghost tour. After the radio show we headed over the Emily's Cafe inside the hotel for dinner. The cafe was named after the ghost Emily who is said to road the hotel. Dinner was great by the way, I have the prime rib.
Picture above taken inside the lobby of the Flanders. Left to Right. Paul The Kahuna, Patty Burgess, Joseph Tittel.

Originally when we arrived they had the gallery set up in the lobby area which would not work at all for me. Someone suggested we hold the event in the restaurant cafe following dinner. This way there would be no interruptions and no one would wonder by and try to listen in. There was also a good chance I coul
d pick up on others wondering through. Emily's Cafe was a very quaint little place also with a few spirits floating around. Soon as I finished my dinner I headed upstairs to my room for some privacy. I needed to have no interruptions while in prayer and meditation. Bob handled everything with getting the gallery together and introducing me.

The gallery began at 7:30 and went very well. We had a nice group of about 30 people all anxious to connect with a loved one. I had so many connections there is no way I can keep up with remembering them all. There were a few things that stuck out in my mind most. One was a womans mother began coming through and talked about her collection of plates. She also mentioned a specific plate that she has made in memory of her mother. This was a very specific and accurate message that was coming through. For the skeptics out there, how the heck would I come up with that information if it was not coming directly from the womans deceased mother? How many people do you know that collect plates and even had one made in memory of a deceased loved one?

There was another connection that I remember something very specific. I was pulled directly to this woman and immediately knew I was connecting with her deceased husband. The thing that I thought was cool is the fact that he told me he was a pilot and his wife confirmed that he was in deed a pilot. Then there was another spirit that literally slapped me. This was the first time for that. Not only did he slap me once, he did it a second time and I lost my balance and everyone could obviously see that I was pushed. The picture above was taken during the tour. Many spirits are watching over this crowd. There were no lights on in the catabomb and it was very dark.

During the questions segment she asked me about Joe and was not specific. By this time I was so drained from so many connections that I most likely gave her a little attitude. I tell people at every event that I can not just connect with whoever they want me to, Therefore ask a question about your life, health, money or something like that. I ask that they do not ask me to connect with the deceased, especially someone specific. So you have to agree that it can get to be a bit annoying when someone asks you something that you just told them not to ask you.

Her deceased husband was not going to stand for that and he let me know. He was a younger energy that passed and he also has a good sense of humor. He really just wanted to get my attention and try to get a message to his mourning wife. He came through strong and I could actually see his spirit standing next to his wife. She received some very specific validations that her husband is with her and watching over her and the children. I'm glad I had the opportunity to bring these messages to the young lady.

Then comes the missing boy messages. There were two woman who attended the event that were some how involved with helping the family of a missing boy. This happened many years ago and is still an open case in which many continue the search. Several times the boy came to me with messages that the women related to. Each time I told them to see me after the event privately. This is something I never do following any event because I'm so drained. For some reason I felt I needed to talk to her because I knew I would be a great help. When the event came to a close I did a book signing before talking privately with the two women.

One of the woman carried with her a scape book with picture of the boy and the family. The other woman was an older woman with some very strong psychic abilities. You could look into her eyes and just see there was some strong wisdom and abilities. The women knew so much about the case and have even come to their own conclusions. They spoke nothing about the case and I simply looked at the picture of the boy without even knowing his name.

I connected with this boy so strongly that it actually was a little scary. I felt what he felt and saw what he saw. I mentioned his name and his brothers name. As much as I would like to give you details of the information I received, I think it is better that I say nothing at this time. I can pretty much take them right to the body and told them to have the police and family contact me. I honestly believe that I know exactly where they can find him. I'm sure that someone will contact me soon and I'm willing to travel back to help continue the search.

The tour of the catacombs was very interesting to say the least. I was able to see several spirits actually standing there watching us. Bob was able to catch dozens of orbs on film. As for the spirit they call Emily, I didn't run into her. I did run into a little girl who claimed her name was Sarah. I thought the woman on the tour told everyone that she had drowned and they brought her through the tunnel that led to the beach to the underground catacomb in the Flanders.

I immediately went right to the spot where the little girl had died. I saw her and he spoke to me and said that she did not drown. Then the woman said she died from hypothermia. Then she said to me "I told you that already, you didn't pick that up." Well I thought that was a little rude and so did Sarah. Right next to us was this big heavy metal door it it flew right open. I could do nothing but laugh and this just proved that Sarah was present.

I picked up on a hanging and also a murder in the catacomb. I have to be honest though, this seamed more to me like nothing more then a very big basement. Yes there are many spirits and some very strong ones, but it was not very scary to me. This could be because I was still bothered by the thoughts of the missing boy. The entire event was quite an experience to say the least. I enjoyed every bit of it and hope we can do it again in the future. The one thing that was not so great about the event. Of all the events and gallery's I have done throughout my life, this was the most draining. Honestly I felt so drug down like I was ran over several time. The only reason this could be is because of all the spirits and connections. I don't think I ever had so many extremely strong connections in one day, besides it was a long day for us all.
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you enjoyed.
Joseph Tittel

I'm tired and will post more picture from the event and tour later. I have some good ones so be sure to come back.

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