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Friday, March 28, 2008

Radio Show Being Cancelled???

Today has been quite the stressful day after having such a wonderful week. Earlier this week I actually had a reading done by Numerologist and radio show host Alison Baughman. I have not had any type of reading done in probably more then ten years. Alison uses your full name and birth date to come up with a chart representing your life and basically your whole life path. She was simply amazing and brought so many things to light, thank you Alison. One thing she mentioned was that I would lose something or some door would close but in turn something will be gained or another door opened.

One of those doors that may close could be the doors to my weekly radio show. Today I was notified by my sales rep from WBCB radio that suddenly they decided to replace my time slot with high school baseball. Beginning this Tuesday I was told my show will be canceled for five separate dates over the next few months. I do have a legally binding contract with the station in which it does not state that they have the right to do such a change. Tuesday I have Lisa Williams coming on the show and have no idea if the show will even go on. I find the entire situation to be a little crazy and a little unprofessional. I decided to think over the situation before making my decision on what to do Monday. Keep checking back for an update and if you happen to tune in Tuesday, don't be surprised if I'm not there.

On a better note I had a very nice private gallery this evening in the Churchville, PA area. This group was very nice and very open to receiving messages from their loved ones. I believe I may have even turned a few skeptics into complete believers. Skeptical is not a bad thing as long as you are still open as they were. What was so amazing about this particular gallery was not so much the messages as much as what appeared before me. This happened to me once before in the past, only once. Right behind one of the women in the room appeared the blessed mother Mary. What an intense and truly amazing experience. I believed everyone was truly touched by the presence of Mother Mary.

The first time Mother Mary appeared before my eyes was during a private reading in my home with a client. I was completely stunned and just stared at the blessed mother for what felt like an eternity. I turned and said to my client "You are never going to believe this, but the Blessed Mother is standing right there." She smiled and said to me "I prayed for her to be here with us." Wow! Nothing like blowing the psychics mind. Well the same thing happened tonight, this time she came with a message. A well needed message of love and faith for not just the woman, but for each and every one of us.

Well its late and I have a busy weekend ahead of me. I wish you all a lovely weekend.
Love and Light


Michelle! said...

I'm thinking I can't sell this house anytime soon now! *wink*

Thanks for visiting us and for bringing messages to my hubby from his Dad/nephew - he's now a former skeptic where you are concerned, which isn't an easy task with him! (Trust me on that one!)

I'm sad to hear about the radio show news, but I believe you are on the way to the big leagues with your gift - so don't sweat it too much. I'm glad we had the opportunity to meet you and spend time, so I can look back and remember having the renown JT in my home.

Best wishes to you, and tell Bob a hello for me.


Anonymous said...

Joseph, are you trying to torture us?! What did the Blessed Mother say?!

Madison said...

I love your blog. I was a fan watching you on the America's Psychic Challenge. Please keep writing. Good luck with your Radio show.