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Friday, March 21, 2008

California Update

We have been in California for four days now and I just have not had a chance to write in my blog. I wanted to write daily and just wonder what could I have been thinking. We spent the first two days visiting Disneyland and Disney Adventure Park and man my legs and feet are killing me. Between all the walking through Dallas airport and then two days in Disney I'm feeling the pain. All worth it of course.

Wednesday evening we met up with James Van Praagh and had dinner and went to his show in Laguna Beach. Meeting James for the first time in person was so surreal at first. His show was great and I enjoyed listening to James speak. Afterwards we drove James back to his home and headed back to the hotel to retire for the evening. James is a great guy and very down to Earth. Bob and I really enjoyed the entire experience. Thanks James. So far the trip has been so fabulous. At the same time we have been so bust here that I may need a vacation from this vacation.

Today we drove about an hour and thirty minutes to Beverly Hills where we will stay the night. After checking in we relaxed and then had to get ready to meet Lisa Williams for dinner. This would also be our first time meeting with Lisa and I must say this was also so surreal. Lisa is great and I had an instant connection with her. I'm sure so much more will come from all of this. We talked for hours and had a very nice dinner. Thank you Lisa. Lisa will be coming out to Pennsylvania in April to do a show in Easton. She will also be back on my radio show April 1st. Be sure to tune in. Check out her site for ticket information if it is not sold out yet.

I will talk more about our experience here when we get back home. Tomorrow we have another full day. We are meeting with a few other good friends. One is John Burke from America's Psychic Challenge. John is such a great guy and I'm looking forward to seeing him again along with our friend Tori Allah from the show. I'm tired now and have to run. Till the next time. Love and Light.
Joseph Tittel

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Anonymous said...

Awww, we can see your feetsies were hurting you in the V Praagh photo! Maybe you should try out some skates.