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Monday, March 3, 2008

The Healing Consciousness Foundation & DSI

This past Friday evening we had a special invitation from Doctor Beth DuPree to visit the Diversified Specialties Institutes or DSI. Bob and I were not the only ones to attend, this was more like a special invitation only open house. There were dozens of people who attended including Lynne Doyle from the show It's your call on Comcast's CN8.

Lynne was there to broadcast her show live from the facility. Lynne Doyle has had psychics and mediums on her show in the past. I contacted her and the shows producers several times and finally received a response from one of the producers Tess. The email response simply said that they do not have mediums on the show. Made no sense to me since I know they have done many spiritual topics including mediums in the past. We tried to talk to her at the event but she was overwhelmed with people which I completely understand. Maybe we will meet again in the future. Hey, I should know that beings I'm psychic. LOL

Doctor DuPree was interviewed by Lynne Doyle live and the discussion included information about the facility and breast cancer awareness. Doctor DuPree is also author of the book The Healing Consciousness and the founder of The Healing Consciousness Foundation. All proceeds from the book goes to the foundation which benefits breast cancer patients so they will be able to receive the healing services they need to recover
from breast cancer physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Let me tell you folks, this place in amazing. Soon as you walk into the building you are surrounded by beautiful hand painted murals and a water fall. We were fortunate enough to get a full tour of the facility. The Institute, located 15 miles northeast of Philadelphia, is DSI’s first hospital that meets the needs of patients seeking comprehensive breast care and plastic surgery.

It is built on a beautiful 15-acre campus in Bensalem, Pennsylvania and houses both a single-story hospital and an adjacent medical office building. The hospital contains 24 patient rooms and 6 state of the art operating rooms with associated recovery rooms to maximize patient care and privacy, post operatively.

The radiology suite contains digital mammography, CT scan, Ultrasound, MRI, X-ray, Fluoroscopy, limited Nuclear Medicine and an IMRT linear accelerator that is housed in a radiation-safe concrete vault for external beam radiation therapy used to treat certain types of cancer, including breast cancer.

The hospital focuses primarily on breast cancer, plastic and reconstructive surgery. However, the facility, which is a general hospital, is capable of handling most major medical problems, including a biologic terror attack.

The patient rooms are large enough to serve as intensive care rooms, and are equipped in such a manner that they can be used for immediate post-operative care or intensive care as needed. They even have big screen television's and windows for the nurses to look in and check the vitals without disturbing the patients. The hospital is built, equipped and staffed to bring together the latest technology and the best healing modalities for patients with breast disease.

Another thing that I really loved about the hospital is some of the wonderful services that are offered to patience. They have massage therapists, acupuncture and even Reiki healing. It is the only hospital in the world that caters to breast cancer. What an amazing evening as we mingled having a drink and eating some really good food. At one point during the evening everyone gathered to listen to Doctor DuPree and a few others speak. Listening to their stories was very touching and emotional for everyone who attended.

Last October we organized a breast cancer awareness event to awareness to the disease and money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation in Philadelphia. This is where I first met Doctor DuPree and Susan Apollon, author of Touched By The Extraordinary. They both had volunteered to come and speak at the event.

Everything went really well with the event and we raised I think about two thousand dollars. If I hold the event again this year I will not be donating proceeds to Susan G. Komen. They did not even have the decency to call and thank us or even send us out a thank you card. The next event we will donate proceeds to The Healing Consciousness Foundation.

On April 13 we will do an event at DSI to raise awareness to breast cancer and raise money for The Healing Consciousness Foundation. If you are considering attending I would get tickets before the event sells outs. The picture above was taken in October 2007 during the breast cancer awareness event. On the left is Doctor Beth DuPree, the right is Susan Apollon and I'm in the center. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and be sure to get your mammograms.
Joseph Tittel

Some of the above information about DSI and The Healing Consciousness Foundation was taken directly from their web sites.

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Anonymous said...

Joseph, you are not the only person to be more or less unacknowledged (downright ignored!) by the Komen Foundation. The perception is that they have gotten to big for their britches.

I would like to warn people to be very cautious when dealing with "charitable orgs" that are backed in the main by the mega corporations. Many times, if you look, you find that there is service or product marketing behind the charitable push - check to see who the corporate donors are, which is not hard to do when you see ads for their drugs and their facilities all over the place when you go to events. But read the list of the donors - I think they are still required by law to list them all. Mega corps will often become involved in these events to counter bad publicity too - it's a "sprucing up the public image" kind of thing. Pretty cynical, if you ask me.

Don't be enriching the megacorporations - go smaller, go grassroots, go for 100% disclosure - find out how much the operating officers make. Make sure the majority of the money is going towards the services they are supposed to be giving. There are lots of scamsters out there, so you have to be aware.
christina in chicago