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Monday, March 24, 2008

Our California Trip

Now our trip has ended and I sit here on the plane 40,000 feet above Roswell, New Mexico writing this blog post. The entire trip was amazing and so many things went on. Monday we arrived late and only had time to have a pizza delivered from Dominoes before retiring for the evening.

Tuesday we awoke early and headed to breakfast and then from Laguna Beach to Anaheim to visit Disneyland and Disney Adventure Park. I really wanted to go into the Adventure park first because I love the Tower Of Terror. The funny thing is that we ended up in Disneyland and did not even realize it until about 10 PM when we were getting ready to leave. We purchased a two day pass and the girl that rung us up charged us the local rate which was the price of one day, that was nice of her to do.

Wednesday we got up early again, I’m not an early bird. I think we must have walked more then 10 miles at Disneyland because my feet and legs were killing me. We hit just about all of the rides in Adventure park and even d
iscovered a way to get on the ride faster. No not with the fast pass and I’m not telling, LOL. My favorite rides were Space Mountain, Tower of Terror and of course the roller coaster. We had lunch in the park and had to leave early to make it back to Laguna for our evening plans.

We arrived back at our hotel on Wednesday at about 4PM and showered to get ready for dinner. James Van Praagh invited us to see his home and go to dinner before his show at 7 PM. We meet up with James and his friend and he gave us a tour of his beautiful home, gardens and meditation nook. He has a great view of the valley, mountain side and the ocean. Soon we departed for dinner and his show. His show was great and James has already taught me many things in the short time that we have known each other. We drove James home and went back to our hotel to retire after a very long two days.

hursday we once again had to be the early birds so we could catch a worm. We had breakfast before our departure for an hour and a half drive to Beverly Hills. I have to say that California is absolutely beautiful and it looks like we may be moving here within the next year or two at the most. I had five of my psychic and medium friends tell us that we were moving here, so does my own spirit guides. We checked into the Beverly Hills Hilton which was just disgustingly rich with beauty. We relaxed in our room for a little while before getting dressed for dinner.

We met with our friend Lisa Williams at this cute little restaurant called Orso in Beverly Hills. Lisa is such a great person and fabulous medium and I know we will become even closer and most likely work together as Spirit has told us both. It is going to be so much fun working together and together we can bring so much well needed healing to this Earth. I can also see us working together on a few crime cases. We sat and had a great dinner and talked for at least three hours before Lisa drove us back to our hotel. Lisa has also taught me a few things and I feel so blessed to have met her and have her as a friend.

Friday we once again had to get up real early for a full days schedule. I don’t like this early crap, but I guess I better get use to it. Today we were meeting with three more wonderful friends in the lobby of the Hilton for coffee and some catching up. We checked out and ran into our friend John Burke. Some of you will remember John as the host from America’s Psychic Challenge. Then comes Tori Allah and Jamie Clark, also from the show. We sat and chatted with coffee for ours. What a great time it was catching up with three wonderful people.

Tori drove Bob and I to lunch in Beverly Hills before driving us back to the hotel to get our car. I had an important meeting with a very big and well known production company. Boy was I just a little nervous about this meeting. Good thing I got some pointers from James and Lisa during the visit. Bob and I joined with three Executives from the company to discuss some future possibilities that I probably should not disclose at this point. Lets just say this could be a really good thing. One of their questions for us was “Would you be willing to re-locate to LA?” We your darn right we are, LOL. The meeting went great and afterwards we drove around to look at some of the amazing homes in Beverly Hills before driving back to the hotel in Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach is an amazing place to visit with great views of the mountains and the beach. There are so many amazing art gallery’s all throughout the town. Not your typical beach area like if you were at the Jersey shore. We seen pieces that were priced at over $20,000. I could only imagine how much the pieces were that did not show a price. Saturday we walked at least seven miles through the shop and also had lunch. Then we headed to the beach for some relaxation on our last day before heading home. The beach is just another amazing site and some of the homes are sickening. I could only imagine the price tag on some of them. All together the trip was excellent with the exception of the airline problems coming in. Hopefully we will arrive in Philadelphia without any delays or problems.

I can not possibly put all the pictures we took onto this blog. So as soon as I get a chance I will upload them onto my myspace page. Tomorrow Bob thinks I’m going back to work, not going to happen. He may and I will do some house cleaning and a whole bunch of laundry. Tuesday I will be back to work and back to the radio show at 4 PM, be sure to tune in. Remember we will have Lisa Williams back on the show April 1st and James Van Praagh sometime soon also. By the way, John Edward turned down my request for an interview. Another thing I should mention is that we are going to be making changes with appointments. Currently I’m booked through May and we will not be booking past June. The reason is that things may be coming up and I will be traveling and do not want to cancel peoples appointments. Soon I will also stop doing home galleries. Once again thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I wish you all love and happiness.

Joseph Tittel


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Ugh! If you move to LA don't forget who you are! People tend to lose themselves in that city and become too fixated on money and status. Earthquake/tsunami activity has been predicted for so long but so far no go, so hopefully you two will be safe there. Take care, and remember who you are!
(This from personal experience) Xtina

Crys said...

looks like a good time was had by all!