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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Upcoming Events, Quiting Smoking, 2008 Predictions Update & Bad Psychics Blog Update

The past few weeks have been quite busy for me with events and planning our trip to California in a few weeks. I will try my best to keep up on the blog while out in Califonia. This coming Sunday I will be holding the Intuitive Development Workshop at the Sheraton for a group of 22 students. The class is full and I'm really looking forward to the class. I will hold another workshop hopefully some time this summer.

Another event that I'm really looking forward to is this coming Monday at the Flanders Hotel in Ocean City New Jersey. The hotel is very old and very haunted. There are even underground catacombs where I'm sure to run into a few spirits. We will be spending the entire evening at the Flanders Hotel. This is an opportunity to attend a really excellent event. There is still some space available and you can contact the Flanders Hotel directly to reserve your space.

About three weeks ago Bob and I began taking a prescription called Chantrix to try and quit smoking. The drug is suppose to turn off the receptors in your brain that crave cigarettes. It
does not contain nicotine and does have many side affects. One of the side effects is extremely vivid dreams which I enjoy. Others are worst like stomach problems, nausea, restlessness and more. I had vivid dreams for like a week and now they are gone along with the nausea. The only other effect I had which also faded is the stomach ache and nausea. To me it is all worth it if I can quit.

Doctor says that quiting smoking is more difficult then quiting hard drugs. I have been a little snippy, but not too bad. I have not completely quit yet, but I'm doing well after about three weeks of taking the medication. I smoked about 25 cigarettes a day and now smoke about 4 per day, not bad at all. I hope to kick the habit all together in the next week. Bob is also doing well smoking about the same amount as I do. He has stopped taking the medication because he experienced worst side affects then I did.

I received a comment today about my 2008 Psychic Predictions that I found to be very interesting, I will list the comment in the final paragraph of this blog post. If you keep up with my post's then you will be familiar with the woman who copied and pasted my predictions to her web site and claimed they were hers. Even with the same typo's as mine she still insisted they were hers. I received an email from her a few days ago, three weeks after I emailed her. She insisted that I stole them from her and wanted to discuss the matter with me, but she never answers her phone. I emailed her back letting her know it was obvious and I had proof beings I announced them Live on my New Years Day radio show. She replied again with an apology and said she would remove them from her site.

Days have passed and all she did was moved the predictions I made to a different page of her site, still claiming she wrote them. Another thing I found funny was what she posted on her home page of the site. There is this big write up from some guy talking about how wonderful she is and that she is no a fraud or wanna-be. Kind of odd that all of the sudden this is on the home page, feeling a bit guilty? I'm willing to bet that she wrote the entire comment herself. Well time to move on from this. It makes me sad to see that there are people out there like that taking from others in any way they can. Best of luck.

Here is the comment that was sent today.
March 5, 2008 Just some observations on the 2008 predictions. We have seen some very bad ice conditions in the northeast and midwestern USA, but these pale in comparison to the devastating ice conditions in China which disrupted travel for millions during their Lunar New Year or what we call Chinese New Year celebrations. Also in regards to shootings at a school and fast food restaurant, we have seen shooting deaths at Northern Illinois University and at a Wendy's restaurant in Florida. What is disturbing is both of these events were suicides with the intent of taking others (strangers) with them.

This seems to me symptomatic of an epidemic of violent mental illness for no readily apparent cause. In regards to the "nuclear or bomb" explosion, we have already had a horrific explosion with many deaths and burn victims on Feb.7 in Georgia. This appears to be an industrial accident at a sugar refinery. I was not aware that sugar dust could ignite, or that it could burn for days at a temperature of over 2000 degrees, yet that is the story reported in the news. I hope that there is no other terrible explosion coming up as this prediction was for China or Japan.

Regarding a beef recall, a meat processing plant was videotaped using sick and "downer" animals in the food supply which ended up in school lunch programs. Michael Jackson is certainly back in the news with the Neverland Ranch set to be auctioned off in foreclosure on March 19th if he does not make good on the $25 million owed on it, as well as other California property potentially in foreclosure. Today's gold price hit $995 an ounce before retreating slightly. I will continue to follow these predictions throughout the year with great interest.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Be sure to come back soon and read about our experience inside the haunted Flanders Hotel.
Joseph Tittel


Cecilia said...

I'm new to your site and would like to tell you how happy I am to have found you. The blogs and video's are wonderful. I'm so grateful for you and your God given gifts. Thank-you for taking the time to enlighten people.

Ken Summers said...

I hope the quitting smoking is still going well... I'm trying to stay down at around 7 a day, but some days are better than others!

I just stumbled across your blog and site tonight so I'll probably catch up on it a bit more tomorrow!

Crys said...

Hi Joseph,

I've been following your blog for a few months now. I find you to be a light among many "wannabes"; an encouraging, positive energy. Thank you for that.

I was hoping you'd consider a future post about a topic of interest to me: Do you have any spiritual/physical practices which help maximize your clairvoyant/ mediumistic connection? In other words, do you eat a certain diet, exercise, meditate a certain way, etc.? I know you are attempting to quit smoking (good luck! It's harder to beat than heroin, they say) -- is that for health alone or is there something more to it?

I know that you have a gift, and that we all have the gift to some degree, but are there other things a person can do to make the connection a little "easier or stronger"?

I'm a burgeoning clairvoyant myself and sense that I need to make some physical changes in order to facilitate my exchange with Spirit. Mainly eating less red meat and laying off the booze, and also being kind to myself in a variety of ways. I generally let Spirit guide me here, but since I like you so much, I thought I'd come to you and ask for your thoughts.