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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ghost Hauntings, Flanders Hotel Ghost Tour & Other Events

When I was in my teens friends would drag me to places that we said to be haunted. My friends knew that I had the ability to see and feel spirits so it made for an fun Friday evening. After a few wild experiences during our ghost hunts I began dragging my friends to haunted places and cemeteries instead of them dragging me. While I'm writing this I have to laugh at some of the things that I remember sent some of my friends running scared.

Still to this day I enjoy going to places that are said to be haunted. There have been dozens of investigations I conducted over the years. If there is a presence of a spirit I'm usually able to communicate with them and find out who they are. The owners of a few homes I investigated later researched the information I gave them and found it to be correct.

One home I visited had several spirits running around. Immediately I picked up on a fire that killed two young children. I told the owners that this was once a farm and there was another home on the property which burned, killing the two children. The owners said there was never a fire and no other homes on the property. This struck up some curiosity from the owner and he began to explore his property a little more thoroughly. By this time his property was a pretty de
nse wooded area, no more clear farm land. The owner stumble upon the foundation of an old home that must have burned down. He also researched some of the other information I gave him and found it to be true.

Last summer I had the opportunity to investigate the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. I'm
excited that next month I will have the opportunity to investigate the Flanders Hotel in Ocean City New Jersey. Honestly I know nothing about this quaint Hotel except for two facts. It is said to be haunted and also has underground catacombs where ghost are said to linger. The great thing about this tour is that people can be a part of the experience with me. Something I have not yet done.

This event will take place on Monday March 10 at the Flanders Hotel beginning with a live radio broadcast interview at 4 PM. Then we will all head to dinner in the hotel. After dinner there will be a two hour event where I will discuss my abilities with communicating with the deceased and reunite some audience members with their deceased loved ones. This event will end with a book signing and then the group will head down into the catacombs to look for some ghosts.
This event is available as a package deal including all of the above, overnight stay at the
Flanders hotel and breakfast before we set off for home Tuesday.
The full package is available through the Flanders Hotel for $225.00 per person. There are also other packages available for those who want to attend just the events. You may visit The Flanders Hotel web site or my events web site for more information. Space is limited.

Next weekend is my event at the Buck's County Sheraton in Langhorne, PA. This event is three hours long and also will be followed by a book signing. Space is limited to 100 seats and there are less then 20 tickets available. Tickets are $45.00 in advance and $55.00 at the door if the event is not sold out. The March 16 event at Ashes To Ashes in Bordentown New Jersey is Sold Out. I will also be in New York at the Learning Annex in April. More information will be available on their web site. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.
Joseph Tittel

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