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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Beginning on the Fall Equinox the veil that separates our world from the spirit world begins to thin out. On All Hallows Even the veil is at its thinnest point. Then the veil slowly begins to restore itself and is back to normal on the winter solstice. This belief goes way back in time and has been celebrated for centuries. All Hallows Eve is a great time to honor your deceased loved one and try to receive messages on your own from them.

I love talking about Halloween because I have studied the ancients beliefs revolved around the holiday and find it all so fascinating. Did you know that there were never Jack-o-lanterns back in those times. The pumpkin is native to the United States and they did not have them in other countries. They would carve out other fruits and vegetables such as the apple. They would believe that by placing them outside with a candle inside would keep away the bad spirits. Because the veil is thin it allows all types of spirits to roam around, including the bad or negative ones.

It was not until the traditions came to the U.S. that we began carving pumpkins and began giving away treats. Some traditions believed that it was a time to dress up as the person you hope to be in your next life. This would insure that you would become this person in your next life. In other traditions it is a time to celebrate the dead and those we have lost that were close to us. Another interesting fact I learned over the years is where they got witches flying on brooms.

In ancient times the Pagan people (people who live off the land) would hold a big celebration of the crops. Some would ingest hallucinogenics before attending the big ritual. The people would gather in the fields and put shovels and other gardening tools between their legs. They would jump high into the air to show the crops that they need to grow high and yield a good harvest for the following ear. I'm sure the hallucinogenics had a lot to do with some claiming that they were flying in the fields. Along came Christianity and they did all they could to destroy the old traditions and practices. They were accused of being devil worshipers and witches and of course accused of flying in the fields. I always thought that was very interesting and now you know where we got witches flying. Of course it started with shovels and gardening tools and later went to brooms.

So tonight find a quiet place to sit and relax. Light a white candle and begin to say a prayer in honor of those who have passed. It is also a good idea to have their pictures out and maybe a few personal belongings. Guide yourself into a meditation and eventually you will begin to picture a door in that meditation. On the other side of that door will be a few loved ones who have passed. Open the door and enjoy your reunion with your loved one. You may also do a prayer with a white candle and ask your loved ones for a few signs. It is very likely that you may get that sign sometime in the next twenty four hours. Remember that your loved ones are with us today and you may feel them and even get a message from them on your own. If you are going out this evening, please be safe. Remember to have a designated driver and do not drink and drive. Happy Halloween everyone.


ryan field said...

Hey Joe,

Loved this post and I love the shorts on Comcast On Demand. You look cute on TV!! Good to see you're doing so well.

Ryan (in case you forgot...Tan 2000,Lambertville)

admin said...

"...Guide yourself into a meditation and eventually you will begin to picture a door in that meditation. On the other side of that door will be a few loved ones who have passed..."
Beautiful initiative and idea for us to be reminded. Thanks for this.