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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Problem With Today's Radio Show

There always seems to be something going on when it comes to my life. Yesterday we had an amazing two hour radio show live from the Tropicana in Atlantic City, NJ. The entire evening left me completely wiped out today. Getting no sleep did not help any either. We all headed to bed by I think 1 AM, but I just could not get a good nights rest. So today my butt was dragging and I really had no desire to do my regular weekly radio show.

Bob and I arrived at the WBCB studio and sat a few minutes before my show was suppose to start. Right before we went on the air I said to Bob and the Kahuna that I really had no desire to do any type of readings because I was so drained from yesterday and the busy weekend. The show began and as I was beginning to say something the lights at the station began flickering on and off and boom, out went the power. We heard a loud noise and ran out back of the building to see sparks of blue light coming from the transformers. Not really sure what really happened. Needless to say, the stations power was out for close to an hour. We did not get onto the air until about eight minutes before my show was to come to a close. I guess that is why they said "watch what you wish for, you may just get it".

I have a bunch of things to blog about and have no time at the moment. I will get a new post up in the next day or two. Until then, be well and don't forget about the chat tonight. Hope that you will join us from 8 to 9 PM. Also, please read the rules and guidelines for the chat right away. When I'm trying to answer questions it is so frustrating when some people keep typing things and asking questions. I call people by name and it is easier to keep up with the chat when everyone sticks to the guideline. Once again I hope that you will join us this evening.
Joseph Tittel

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