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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today's Readings

When a person comes to me for a private reading the first thing I make very clear is that I can not dial up whomever they want to connect with. Everyone comes to me in hopes to connect with a specific loved one who has passed. I really wish I could dial up whoever they choose to connect with, but it does not work that way.

Another rule that I like to stick with is the fact that I do not like to know who they desire to
connect with. I would rather be the one to tell them who my connection is with. To me it is more validating to my clients when I tell them the information without knowing anything before hand. To me it is more intense and more validating for me the psychic to know as little as possible about my clients and who they want to connect with. A good psychic does not ask questions and does not need to be feed information.

Something that rather baffles me a bit is how some connections are so much stronger then others. I do understand through the years of doing this work that some spirits are just stronger then other. The older the soul, the stronger their energy is. This makes it much easier from my perspective. My goal is to bring through the most validating messages that I possible can. When connecting to a stronger energy it is more like holding a conversation with that spirit. Other energies, or younger
souls, are much more difficult to connect with.

Before beginning a private session I always ask my client to try and put aside the thoughts of who they want to connect with. If you are here to connect with only that one person or spirit and only want to hear specific things that you want them to say, then you are waisting both my time and
yours. I can not stress enough that it just does not work that way in all cases.

Sometimes a stronger energy that has passed will step forth and bring the messages through from that specific person that you want to connect with. So if you want to connect with dad and Uncle Jim comes through in stead, you need to listen to his messages. More then likely he is bringing through messages from dad. I even tell client not to apply everything I say to who I'm connecting with. It may have nothing to do with them at all. They may be coming through with messages from others. Then there are some readings I conduct and have literally a dozen different energies connect.

To have an enjoyable session and a very validating one, you must first remain open to whichever energy decides to connect. I had a client in the past who had a connection with her mothers best friend that had passed from breast cancer. She really did not want to hear from her mothers friend. Many of the things I told her made no sense to her until I was forced to do something I do not do often. We picked up the phone and called her mother in Florida and made her a part of the session. She knew
absolutely everything that was coming through from her friend.

The reason that I record every session for my clients is because they often get more out of the tape then they do from the actual session itself. We are all human and desire to connect with a specific energy that has passed. If you sit there focusing the whole session on who you want to hear from, then you will miss many messages from others who are trying to get through. This is not a problem I run into often, but I do run into it at times. I would say 99 percent of my readings are very strong connections and very validating to my clients. The other 1 percent usually block me out or the energy that is trying to get through. Why? Because they only want to hear what they want to hear and nothing else. It just does not work that way. We are all human and should be used to not getting what we want.

Today I had a few client who in my eyes all had very strong connections from the other side. My first client was very calm and had herself together very well. I
always do a prayer and at least a fifteen minute meditation prior to my clients arrival. Many times I receive messages and names during this meditation. I do not always remember what those names or messages were during the meditation. When I do remember I will ask each client that day to see if the information I received was for them. It always has something to do with one of my clients for the day. I just don;t know who the message pertains too.

I began her reading and mentioned a few things from my meditation first. She did recognize one name, but nothing else. I began to connect with several energies at one time. It can be a little confusing when I have several spirits talking to me at once. She was able to put it all together. After a few minutes those energies stepped aside and a very good looking young man stepped forth. His connection was very strong in deed. I began to describe the young man and he then gave me his name "Chris". I could instantly feel and see the emotions coming from my client.

He is telling me that there was
suffocation of some sort. I feel as if it was like a drowning where his breathing was cut off. I had the feeling as if a pillow was over my face suffocating me. I'm also getting that he is a very young man maybe around 22 years of age. Now he is showing me the inside of a house burning. I feel as if he may had been in this fire and this is where his life ended. He is telling me mom, so this would be your son that has passed. Tears slowly rolled from her eyes as she confirmed that her son did pass.

He is also telling me that there was something with his head. Maybe a fall or a hit on his head. I don't feel as if he was burned in the fire at all. I'm seeing that he may have tried to get out and either he had fallen and hit his head, or something had fallen on his head. It was the smoke and the carbon monoxide that had taken over his lungs and
suffocated him. I do not feel as if he was burnt at all. He did not feel any pain either. He is telling me he had an argument with God, and we both laughed.

He did not even realize what had happened and did not at all think that he had died. His grandmother had help to cross him over because he really did not think he had passed. So many other validating things came through during this session. The trophy's that he had won growing up. The ball that he hit through the house window when he was a child. So many validating things that she needed to hear. She was able to confirm everything that I had told her during the session. It was her son and he did pass during a fire in his home. He was not burnt at all but passed from the smoke and carbon monoxide.

Being able to give a mother the validations and messages from her son that has passed so tragically is so heartwarming to me. I could only imagine the suffering and things going through her mind. I know that she came to connect with him and I;m glad I was able to do that for her. Her son was not the first one to come through, but she kept an open mind and knew the other connections. As calm and together as she was, I would never have suspected that she would have had such a tragic passing in her life. I thank her for giving me the opportunity to give her the messages and validations that her son is in peace now.

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