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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

You are all familiar with Al Gore, and by now you should be familiar with his documentary "An Inconvenient Truth". If you are not familiar with the film please let me fill you in for a moment. This documentary takes us through the issues concerning Global Warming and the effects Global warming is currently having on Earth. I highly recommend that everyone check out this film and the web site. you can find it here: I'm not writing to just enlighten you about the documentary, but to share with you past experiences relating to Global Warming.

When I was beginning my work as a Psychic at the age of 19 I became interested in Prophecy. I read as much as I could on the subject and great Prophets like Nostradamus,Edgar Cayce and several Native American Indians. One book that really caught my eye was Phoenix Rising by Mary Summer Rain. She writes about the Earth Changes and the visions of an old blind Native American Woman called No Eyes. She spoke of this to come in the future all revolving around the Earth Changing and the world ending as we know it. I have studied many Prophets and put them all together along with my own feelings and visions.

I spent many evenings sitting alone meditating on the subject of the Earth Changes and what was to come of our Planet. At this time it was around the year 1990 and there really was not much talk about global warming as there is now. If there was, I did not hear about it or pay any attention to it. Another thing that came to my mind was the memory of so many childhood dreams. Dreams of storms, tidal waves, bridges falling and so forth. Maybe these dreams were something that I felt coming when I was a child. There again maybe it was a child's continued nightmares. All of these things really hit me after reading Mary Summer Rains book.

In the back of her book is listed what she calls the Earth Chronicles. Things that are to come to us when the Earth Changes begins. Looking at these chronicles fifteen years later is quite frightening. They are all beginning to take form. You can read all of the chronicles on the web site I have listed at the bottom of today's blog. Now comes the legend I read about the White Buffalo. The white buffalo is somewhat compared to the unicorn for the fact that it is just a legend. The Native American told stories about the Earth and the coming of the White Buffalo. This would be a sign from the gods, and the Earth Changes would begin. There is also belief by the Cherokee Indians that the date in which Earth Changes would occur will be in 2004 or 2012.

In 1994 the first White Buffalo was born and named Miracle. Thousands of peoples from around the world would come to see the great white buffalo before she would die in 2004. Could this be a sign that the Earth Changes has begun. You can be the judge for yourself. I have also included other interesting links where you can find more prophecies. There are even maps that have been done by several prophets and psychics. The interesting thing is that all of these maps are very similar and some almost identical. Some of these maps were drawn more then 50 years ago, including one from the native American Indians.

I do believe that the future of the Earth is in danger. I also believe that there could still be hope and help for the planet. If more people are aware of the issues facing the planet and how we can help, then maybe we can make that change. I see so many horrible things that could come to pass if we do not help in any way possible. Many people could honestly care less about the planet and what happens, but there are more that do care. I saw an episode of the Oprah show recently that also gave me some ideas we can all do to help. The most simple is just changing the light bulbs in your home to energy saving bulbs. We did that here and spent a good amount of money doing the complete change over. These bulbs last up to seven years and are guaranteed. Wait until you hear the change in the electric bill. The first month before changing every bulb the bill went down a little more then $50.00 for only one month. That paid for the bulbs. That's is a savings of over $600.00 a month. That's no petty cash!

I could write an entire book on my thoughts and research on the Earth Changes and future prophecies. Check out the film and the links below and hopefully this will help to enlighten you to help make a difference for our planet. Don't forget to recycle!

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