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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Past Weekend

I was off this past Friday and did not really do a while lot. As you can guess I'm a big fan of John Edward. No not the politician, John Edward the psychic medium. It surprises me when I mention his name and people think of the politician and not the Psychic. John wrote a great book that I highly recommend called "Crossing Over". He also had his first TV show Crossing Over With John Edward on the Sci-Fi channel. A few years later the show moved over to CBS and later was canceled for some reason I do not know. John has a new show starting its second season this Fall on the WE network called "Cross Country With John Edward". Check out the show some time.

Saturday I received the final proof for my book cover. Now it is getting very exciting for me with the book release coming closer and closer. Today I gave the book the final approval and it should not take too long for its release. I will call the book publisher this week to try and confirm a release date. After checking my e-mail I went about my routine of exercise, lunch and meditation before leaving for a private gallery in New Jersey.
As you may know if you have been following the blog, I do not always remember the messages that come through. It is not a thinking process when bringing through messages so I forget much of the information that comes through. Unless however, the information coming through is mind blowing in some way that makes it an unforgettable experience for myself.
As I was bringing through messages during this gallery I remember clearly giving the name Jake. I could see by some of the expressions that this was a very important message for this group. As Jake began connecting with me I immediately felt that his presence was that of a very young energy. I felt as if this connection was with a sever year old child. Jake began giving me many details about a cancerous tumor that was the cause of his passing. Along with that came some dates and the number three, which was very important for this group. Jake's important messages brought so much closure to this group and validation that he is now in good hands with his grandma.
After the gallery ended I was told that Jake was only 3 when he had passed. I was also told that he did not even speak yet. The group found it very interesting, as did I, that Jake had evolved on the other side and was able to bring these messages to me. Jake would now be 7 years old, the age that I felt the child I was connecting with was. If there are important messages that need to come through, especially from a child, they are gonna get through. This was not the first time that I had connected with a young child. It has happened dozens of times. I remember one session a child made me draw a picture for his family. The picture was just like a child's picture with a stick looking man and a few other details. The family understood exactly what the picture I had drawn was and brought so much more closure and validation to them.
Some things are just meant to be. Hopefully we can learn and grow from the negative events in our lives.

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