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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Messages & The Vegatable Garden

It has been what feels like a pretty long week to me. I'm glad to have off today and actually have time to write in this blog. This weekend a client at one of my private gallery's told me she loved the blog and is hooked on it. I'm so glad that you are all enjoying it. I had a call from my Aunt Fran the other day, she's the best. I mentioned the blog to her and she said she would go on and check it out. Later that day she called back and said she had a real problem getting her house work done for the day. Why I asked? She responded that she was completely hooked on this blog and could not stop reading it. She also mention some of my grammar mistakes. Sorry, I was not an English major. I assure you all that my book has been very well edited.

Monday I had a couple come together for a reading with me. I assumed they understood my work and that was probably why they were here. I introduced myself and told them that I felt that one of them had a father that had passed. They were completely puzzled and honestly had no idea what I was talking about. The young lady turned and said "you mean a dad who is dead?" Well yes, I'm getting a father figure who has passed and wants to communicate with one of you. I still don't think either of them really knew where I was going with this information. So I turned to the young lady and said Is you dad passed and again she relied "Yes". Then I asked her to come with me into the room for her reading.

As we sat there she had still seemed a bit clueless to why I wanted to know if her father was deceased. I asked her if she was at all familiar with my work. She explained that she though I was just a basic psychic who would just sit and tell her the future. Well I can do that but it seems to me that your father wants to communicate with you. Are you familiar with John Edwards? No. How about James Van Pragg? No Sylvia Brown? No. Do you know what a psychic medium is? No. Oh boy, your in for quite a little surprise. I went on to explain exactly what I do as far as communication with deceased relatives. I told her she could have me focus on her future or with those who have passed. She smiled and said "Just do what you do best". So off I went into the reading.

The connection with her father was a strong one in deed, with all the details of his passing. This was not at all what she was expecting today. She especially did not expect to come to me and actually communicate with her deceased father. I could see the overwhelming expression and emotion with each detail I gave to her. Then the reading toke and unexpected turn for both of us. A young man, maybe about 22, stepped forth to bring through messages. His name was Billy and he began to mention the woman's son by name. Then he went into this detailed story of his death. I do not remember all the details, so I will do my best here. The woman's son was driving with his friend Billy in the passenger seat. A car came across the medial strip hit them and their car spun head on into a tree. The car was actually split in half and the passenger Billy was killed instantly.

This message was very important for the woman to pass to her son. Billy was not there just to give me details of this accident, but more to bring the validation that it was him. Then in turn he would be able to bring a more comforting message. I explained to her that he was telling me that her son feels responsible for the accident and still mourns over his friends passing. Billy kept insisting that it was just an accident and was meant to be. He wanted to let his friend know that he was at peace and happy and that he should move on and know that it was not his fault. What a wonderful message of healing for a mother to take home to her son. Someone who was only looking for future advice walked out with so much more.

So I thought I would share a little Hobie of ours here at home. We love to to keep the outside looking good with flowers and so on, but more then that we love the vegetable garden. I had my first vegetable garden when I was just four years old. My grandfather on my mothers side grew up on a farm and loved to do gardening. My father had a big vegetable garden in the back yard when we were kids and I would sit and watch him play in the garden. I remember saying to my pop "Daddy can I have my own garden?" So my Pop dug me a little section along the fence for my to grow a few things. My first plants were pumpkins and also cucumbers. That was my first garden. When I was 13 we moved to Levittown where I would begin my own big garden.
My Grandfather gave me all kinds of seeds and growing tips. He even let me borrow his roto-tiller to make the digging a little easier. When my grandfather passed of course I got the tiller. I used it all the way up to this summer when it finally broke. I was so into my garden growing up that I even entered the grange fair competitions. I won dozens of ribbons for the largest vegetables. When I was fifteen I was in the newspaper for having a 80 pound pumpkin in the month of August.

This year we made the garden a little smaller then we had it last year. We decided not to grow corn because the squirrels ate more then we did. Although we have less this year, the garden is still about 10 feet by 30 feet. We have a great selection of things growing in the garden. Almost everything is doing extremely well except for two things. For some reason the pepper plants look like they are dying even though there are some nice peppers on there. The cantaloupe plants did horrible. 1 of the six plants is doing well, the others dies. The pumpkins are doing great and are growing over into the neighbors yard. There are about 8 pumpkins so far and two are already about 15 pounds each.

I put strawberries in last year understanding that I would not get any berries for another year. We had one row of strawberries that stretched out into two and a half rows now. We only got one good batch of berries and nothing since. If that's the case we may did them up at the end of the season. Last year our pumpkins died and cantaloupe did great. We also replanted some watermelon again this year, Well that just took over the garden with the pumpkins. There are at least 6 watermelon going strong. Three are absolutely huge and weigh at least 15 pounds. There is also some honey dew that is hanging in there with a few dews. Then come the cucumbers which are my favorite vege. They are doing well with some larger then 12 inches.

We also put in zucchini which we really don't eat. The reason I like to grow it is for this awesome zucchini bread that I make. It sounds disgusting but it is honestly really good. The recipe came from a neighbor when I was a kid. She has passed since. It was her grandmothers recipe. We can't forget the tomatoes. They didn't do excellent last year but they did go good. I only eat them in my salads and end up giving bags of them away. Last year I decided to try and make my own home made tomato sauce or gravy if your Italian. I had never attempted such a thing and had no idea what to do. I bought a pressure cooker and found a good recipe on line. Well let me tell you, it was the best sauce I even ate in my life. No exaggeration. We canned a few jars and they were gone rather quickly. This year I plan to make a couple dozen jars of sauce. I just need the tomatoes to get ripe. I found the first one turning red today, but I need more then that...

I tried making pickles last year and canned them. I though they turned out soggy, but my 13 year old niece loves them. This year I even attempted planting pine apples. Did you know if you cut off the top of a pine apple and place it in water, it will grow. You wait about a month for lots of roots to appear and then place it in soil. I just found out that it takes two years to get a pine apple. So I will have to bring them inside this fall. There is also some fresh basil and oregano growing for that delicious tomato sauce.

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