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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2008 Predictions Coming True?

After seeing the big story on the news and receiving several emails about the earthquake in China I decided to go over my 2008 predictions. Honestly I was hoping that my visions of future events were just my own imagination. I should have known this was not at all the case. Like I said in the 2008 predictions blog, this is something I never sat down and focused on before. I wonder whether or not it is better not to know about these future events. Some could of course be prevented, but others like weather related predictions certainly can not be prevented.

One of my first weather related predictions was that of what I considered to be the biggest earthquake in history. China was hit by what they are calling one of the biggest earthquakes to hit in more then 30 years. More then ten thousand people were killed and still counting. They are not calling it the biggest in history but I certainly would say this is the exact vision I was having when preparing my 2008 predictions. Also in my predictions I list some important dates. Among those dates is the number 12, the earthquake happened on May 12.

China also experienced some of the worst ice storms ever, definitely a year of ice storms which was also a prediction of mine that has come to pass. There was the largest beef recall in history here in the U.S., another prediction to come true. The big explosion I was seeing with burn victims in another vision could have also come to pass. On Feb. 7 we had a large explosion at a sugar refinery here in the U.S. I also saw a shooting at a school and a fast food restaurant which happened earlier this year at a N.I.U. and at a Wendy's in Florida.

Then comes the horrible tornado's which I predicted would hit the U.S. harder then ever. I even said that I saw them hitting a big city bringing a good amount of damage. Well this year has been huge for tornado's. We even had a tornado hit the city of Atlanta this year bringing yet another prediction to the surface. Even Michael Jackson hit the news again this year as predicted and Brittany did disappear just a bit, at least from the headlines. Things should get much better now for Britt and I'm expecting a huge come back from her in the future.

So many predictions have already come to pass although there are still many to come. I pray that many do not come to pass, but we have no control over mother nature. The Earth is in trouble and mother nature has to be a little pissed off at this point. All she can do is do some cleaning up and maybe it will eventually hit a cord with the world to do something about this earth crisis. Until the next time, love and light.


Anonymous said...

In reference to what you said on the radio about Wisconsin today, there actually was a huge snow storm in Wisconsin in the winter in which a CNN article mentioned how thousands of cars were stranded overnight over about a 100miles of highway due to the road conditions, and it was one of their worst storms in history.

I am also certain that there was a story on tv news within the past month about a tsunami that hit somewhere in the Asian region. I have not been able to find it on the internet, so it may have been a smaller one, but I specifically remember saying that it was on of your predictions.

yasmin said...

Dear Joseph

This is the 1st time I've come across you.

I started to read some of your blogs.
So many things are happening in this world. Things just seem to be increasing weatherwise and it appears to be getting worse.....

I read your 2008 predictions post -you have some interesting predictions.

in memory of Charlie Rocket
( victim of suicide)

Madison said...

I think that you have done a good job with your predictions this year - dire that they were. But I agree that the earth is in a hard place right now. I am curious if you have any predictions (especially now that all this bad stuff has happened in China) if you have any predictions on the Olympics (not the winners) but how this event will go and what might transpire around that time.
I do think that China was smart because they chose the date 8-8-08 which has a very good energy around it.

goletasue said...

Thanks for the update. I appreciate it, but there are a few items I spotted that you haven't listed. First, I see that "laura" thinks a tsunami has occured, but I feel pretty sure that she is referring to the cyclone which hit Myanmar (Burma) on May 2. This is an absolutely devastating tradegy that has officially killed 78,000 people but the death toll is expected to rise as high as 200,000. I looked up the word "cyclone" to get a better understanding of it, since we hear of them so rarely. It is a tropical storm accompanied by fierce winds and heavy rainfall and flooding. In fact for this particular storm, the area flooded is the size of Austria according to the Reuters news agency. I could understand how somebody might see it as a tsumani since so much of the coast flooded. But, nevertheless, it is an exceptional event with heavy loss of life as you said we would be seeing this year. Your predictions also included volcano eruptions, and we have had 3 rather spectacular eruptions in the last few weeks: Hawaii National Park, which did not cause injuries, but did close the park due to damaged roadways. I also read an article on the aftermath of the Hawaii eruption. It explained that the release of sulfur and other toxic gasses has seriously damaged the flower growing business by killing the new crop. Mt Etna on the coast of Sicily has been spewing for about a week, but again, this is a volcano well known for its eruptions, so there are no homes built in the area. The most serious one is of course, the one in Chile, in which the residents and some of the livestock had to be evacuated because the towns are covered with ash. This one is threatening lives, but I haven't heard of human deaths, only animals as their food source for grazing is being covered with poisonous ash. 3 volcanoes in a month is really newsworthy. Also, today we've had another beef recall for e. coli issued from Chicago for 11 states. The beef was sold in packages of 30#s, 60#s, and 47 gallon barrels so you know this stuff was sold to restaurants, schools, hospitals, any big institutional buyers. I will continue to watch the news and your predictions as I find them very interesting. Thank you.

_Caroline_ said...

Mother nature is pissed, I agree. It's easy to feel her anger daily by just walking outside sometimes. And whenever there's a tornado in Atlanta (yes we've gotten more than just the one), I think that she's lashing out (with good reason). Hopefully the bad weather will be a wake up call to the world...though I do not want anyone to get hurt.

Love and Blessings,