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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Frank Sinatra & Feeling The Retrograde

Such a wonderful week of strong messages of closure and validation. I have also been feeling the effects of the Mercury Retrograde. Monday the planet entered into retrograde with the sign Gemini and this will last until June 18. So what does this mean? I blogged about the effects this has in a past post in which you can find in the archives. This round the signs Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius will feel the brunt of the retrograde. Being a Virgo I have definitely been feeling the effects and I can even feel it in the air. Communication is one of many problems you may face during this time. Things get messed up, canceled and thrown out of order and electronics break down including cars.

So much stress seemed to come into my life this week making me want to bang my head on the wall a few times. Lol. I even had to cancel my event in Vorhees New Jersey later this month because I had something come up and will have to leave town that week. We canceled several things for the days we will be away. We will be planning a future date in the same area sometime this fall. So when in doubt just blame it on Mercury.

Even with a little stress and several private sessions and galleries things flowed through nice and clearly from spirit. So many messages I do not know where to begin and don;t have much time to write about them all. Last Sunday was our event at Ashes To Ashes Cigar Parlor in Bordentown New Jersey. I love doing events at this shop beings the energy is so nice there and everything goes so well. There was so much that came through that I don't recall the details of the messages. I do recall that there were so many tears shed at this event, more then the usual. Of course these were not at all tears of sadness but more of comfort for the closure and validations from the deceased.

Joining us at the event was David, a reporter from the Philadelphia Inquirer, and his wife. David contacted Bob a few weeks ago with interest in doing a story about my work as a medium. I invited him and his wife to come to the event so he could get a good glimpse at my work and experience it for himself. He even spoke to a few of the audience members who were fortunate to receive messages from their deceased loved ones. I do remember I had a young lady come through for a family who attended who was brutally murdered. Beings I can see visions of the entire murder in my head I have a hard time blocking that. In respect of the family I will not give any details of the messages. I think David asked to speak to them about the experience and they declined.

The article may end up in tomorrows newspaper. However I can not be certain that will be the case. I was told that the date of publication is scheduled for June 2, but that could change and I have not had a confirmation. We will have it posted on my web site and here when it comes out. David also came to my home with a photographer and we talked about my work for a few hours. Then he came along with Bob and I to sit in on my weekly radio show on Tuesday. I'm very anxious to read the article. Thank you David and I hope I was able to inspire you.

Another really cool experience I had this week that I just could not forget. This reading was over then phone with a woman who was certainly in need of a connection from her loved ones. I can't give you the details of her reading, but I can tell you a few thing. I asked her how she heard of me and she said Cher. What? Yes Cher, like Sonny and Cher was her response. She said first I tried to get a reading with James Van Praagh and he does not offer private sessions. So Cher and her mother recommended you. I was like oh my god Cher knows who I am, wow. Tell Cher to call me some time. I would love to sit down and give her a reading and even hang out.

The woman's reading was intense and had a very interesting closing. Suddenly I visually see Frank Sinatra standing in right in front of me min my angel meditation room where I do my readings. I said to her "your not going believe this one. Frank Sinatra is here with us." Her response was "So what is he saying." We both chuckled. Here she was friends with Frank and he wanted to thank her for the special things she did for him and his family. Such a cool experience.

Tomorrow we have another event, this time in Doylestown, PA. Last I heard there was about sixty people registered for this event. As always, I'm looking very forward to sharing this special gift and the messages from spirit with this group. Tickets have become available for our fund raiser event June 29. Tickets are already flying out the door and this will sell out quickly. We are also planning another event for Friday July 18 in Bensalem, PA. Check my web site for details. Please take a moment to take my poll located at the top right side of this blog page.
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and take my polls.

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Anonymous said...

Arghh, I did your poll about the radio show. I'm in Chicago and a bit on the dim side - I really don't know where on the dial it is, or if I can get it on my radio, or if it is accessible via computer (podcast, I guess). Could you PLEASE post that somewhere on the blog space? I'm sure I'm not the only person who needs guidance in these things.

With affection and admiration, a waif who really needs a reading...Xtina