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Monday, November 10, 2008

Newsletter & Event Tickets

Last week I came across a new site that you can build newsletters with. Instantly I feel in love with this site and program. The first newsletter did take a good amount of time to prepare beings I was learning the program. The site allows me to send my newsletter to thousands of subscribers in a click of a button, which is great. It also allows me to track the newsletter and see how many people actually opened the newsletter and read it.

I was extremely surprised that out of all my subscribers only 31% of the newsletters sent out were actually read. I can easily assume that the other 69% of the subscribers either deleted the newsletter without knowing what it was or the newsletter ended up in their spam folder. Only 3% of the newsletters bounced back meaning that the email address is no longer valid. If you are are my mailing list and think you have not received the newsletter, please check your spam folder. You also need to go into you email options and accept emails from You can view a copy of my newsletter on line by clicking here.

We have received a bunch of emails and messages at the office in reference to tickets sales for 2009 events. We are planning on getting them up on the web site some time this week. Thank you all for your patience. We are switching ticket sales over to a ticket service. This helps us eliminate any confusion with registration and the over selling an event. More information about this is in the newsletter. We will no longer be able to reserve tickets for anyone and all ticket sales will go through They will also be available through the box office and by calling their toll free number. There is a service fee and in order to get the lowest service fee you should get tickets at a box office. Purchasing them on our site also has a lower service fee where phone order fee's are higher. We will not take ticket sales through our office. Sorry for any inconvenience and you can find tickets for most events later this week. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and newsletter. I hope you are having a great day and have a great week.

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