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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Coming Home

Its now 9Am here in LA and I'm packing my things and Flying home to take care of some business. Even though I'm physically and emotionally exhausted at this point, I still had a great time here in California. Its a long flight and beings I have gotten practically no sleep the past two nights, hopefully I will sleep on the plane. I can not wait to see Bob and the dogs.

I don't think I have ever spent as much time in Prayer and meditation as I have here over the past few days. What has really overwhelmed me with emotion was the presence of my mother the entire time I have been here. Mom made sure that I knew that she was with me by showing me so many signs. I'm so fortunate to have this gift and to be able to acknowledge my mother presence.

At one point I was sitting outside in a holly place praying to the blessed mother, god and my spirit when I received a special sign from mom. I turned and to my right was a big statue of the blessed mother and directly behind her was two nice sized poinsettia plants planted outside in the ground. Poinsettias were my mothers favorite flowers and I would have never expected to see them planted outside in California during the month of August. A sure sign that my mother was with me and the blessed mother was hearing my prayers.

I will only be back home for maybe a week at most before heading back out again. Once again I'm going to have to change many of my scheduled appointments. I hope that those who have these appointments understand that I have no other choice but to re-schedule them or refund their deposits. Believe me I very much want to get everyone in for appointments but have an obligation to meet.

Some more news that may upset some clients is the changes that I will be making in my reading and gallery fee's. Through all of my prayer and meditation this weekend I did receive a message from spirit in reference to my fee's. There are things that I need to have and can not effort such as health insurance. I'm very busy and booked pretty solid and should not have to struggle with my finances. This change is something I have been avoiding for a long time. Spirit also mentioned my fee's are much less then the average psychic mediums. Most of my psychic friends charge between 200 and 350 per half hour. It's really the time for change.

Anyone who is already scheduled for a private appointment or home gallery will be paying the old rates. We will not be taking any more new client appointments until after September 7 Th. The fee's for a private session will now be $125. for 30 minutes and $250. per hour. To add another family member to your session will include an additional fee of $50.00 per person for each half hour session. Home gallery sessions will be increased by $150. making the local rate for a home gallery $750. There will also be an increase in our required deposits from $25. to $50. for private sessions and now $250. for home gallery's.

The new fee's will be in effect immediately for all appointments that are not already scheduled. This is something that needs to be done according to my angel guides. I can recommend other psychic mediums if anyone requests this. Please note that any of the mediums that I would recommend charge a much higher fee then I do. All of these changes will be posted on the web site tomorrow. Please do not call us to re-schedule, but rather wait for a call from us for your appointment may not change. Also, please do not have anyone call to schedule an appointment until after September 7 Th.

Once again thank you all for your prayers and support. God bless you all.

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