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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Heading Out

I will be heading out today to finish up my project in LA. If there is a time that I need some prayers of support, now would be a good time. Once again I thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers during this time. I'm not even sure how long I will away for, but hopefully at least ten days. I will be doing more prayer and meditation then I think I have ever done while I'm away.

I have a great announcement about the Halloween Breast Cancer Event this October 28Th. As you know joining the special speakers will be Susan Apollon, author, psychologist and intuitive. Along with Susan will be Doctor Beth DuPree, Author and expert on the subject of healing and breast cancer. You may visit her web site at for more information. I'm still waiting to hear from the Garden State Ghost Hunters Society to see if they will join the venue. It is going to be an excellent event.

Boni, a friend of ours from the Ghost Hunters Society, mentioned that the Courier Times called her about the article. She mentioned that the article should be published in the Buck's County Courier Times on Monday August 27, which is tomorrow. I will not be here to see the article, but I will look for it on line. Looking forward to reading what Theresa's article in the paper. Thank you Theresa.

Most likely I will not get a chance to write in my blog while away. I will try my best to check up on things. During this time we will not be taking any appointment's for readings. We have put this off until September 10. It's going to be quite difficult for me over the next week, so blogging will be the least of my concerns. Once again thank you everyone for you support and prayers. God Bless.....

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