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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Basic Feng Shui For Your Home Or Office

The following post is taken from an article in my July Newsletter.

For so many years I have heard of Feng Shui but never went on to explore the subject. I have heard a few things surrounding the subject like bringing the elements into your home. Like have a fountain to bring water, candles for fire and plants for earth and air. Then I met my friend Tori while filming America's Psychic Challenge in California. She talked to me a little about the subject and even more when Bob and I went to visit California last year and spent a day with Tori. She opened my eyes to the subject and gave us a few different feng shui coin amulets to place in different areas of our home. This sent me on my way to research more on the topic and bring a little more feng shui to our home and office.

I happ
en to really love bamboo plants. When I found out that they bring good energy into the home and office and are used in Feng Shui I just had to get some. I found that they were rather expensive in different stores and nurseries. So what I did was researched companies online including wholesale companies until I found a really cheap site. They had every size and shape of bamboo you can think of and supplies like the gold wire ties you use to wrap the bamboo together, also used in Feng Shui.

After choosing a pretty large assortment of bamboo and placing my order I
headed to AC Moore and Michaels craft store. I looked for different vases and glass planters along with different colored stones and rocks so I could design my own bamboo pots. The process is rather easy and the bamboo was pretty cheap, but the planters and stones were a little pricey. Then you simply make your bamboo bundles using the gold wire ties, place them in your pot and fill the pot or vase with stones and rocks. Add water and place in different areas of your home according to the Feng Shui map and if possible in each room of your home or office. Bamboo is very easy to care for needing very little light and they are not fussy plants.

First you should look online for the Feng Shui Bagua, or map as I refer to it as. This will show you what the different areas of your home represent. For example, if you were to walk into your home and go to the far left corner of the home you would be in the wealth and prosperity area. You would want to keep that area clean from all clutter and bring in some of the elements to bring more wealth and prosperity into your home and life.

You also can use different Feng Shui amulets that are hung in different areas of your home to bring good energy and Feng Shui to certain aspects of your life. There are ones you hang in each corner of your home and even ones to hang from your door knob. My friend gave me a few of these charms and then I went on line and researched a place to buy a few more. There are so many different symbols and charms that can be used for Feng Shui. There are two dogs that guard your front door and even a gold frog that brings prosperity and money.

Even though Feng Shui is very deep and complex, working on just the basics can bring powerful changes to your life. To stick with the basics just map out the areas of your home and learn the meanings of each area. Be sure to clean this area up, free of all clutter. Add a bamboo plant and any other element that represents that area. Some areas represent wood so you would place something wood in that area. The area located in the front middle of your home, where your front doors is located, is your career area and its element is water. Therefore, this is a good place to add a fountain to your home.

I have included a link to my past radio show when I talked to Tori about basic Feng Shui. I hope this will help you learn some more of the basics of Feng Shui in detail so that it can help you bring some change into your home. You can also find a lot just by using Google, especially if you are searching for the amulets and bamboo. You will be surprised how much cleaning up an area and bringing in the good Feng Shui energy can really effect your life and help you live to your full potential.


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