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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Holiday Inn Event Last Night

The weather last night was perfect for the event, if only we could have done it outside. More then one hundred people packed into the Holiday Inn all eagerly waiting to see if they would perhaps receive a messages from a deceased loved one. With it being so nice outside and having a nice crowd the room, it got a little hot for me. When ever I do my work I'm dealing with a large amount of energy and spirits. This brings my body temperature up which in turn makes it twice as hot in the room for me. For some odd reason I was extremely nervous in the beginning when Bob introduced me and I gave my introduction. I could hear the nervousness in my own voice and that was very odd for me. I have been speaking in front of large groups for a long time now and rarely get nervous, and if I do get nervous it goes away quickly.

I started the event talking more about the deceased and how they communicate with us. I know that I'm not going to be able to give everyone a message, but I want everyone to leave with something. The least I can do is bring everyone some comfort by letting them know that our deceased loved one are at peace in a beautiful loving place some of us call heaven. To me there is more about being a medium then just giving people messages. I want to be able to inspire people and teach them the thing I have learned through my work. Knowing that there are always a few skeptics in the group I also want them to leave with something, including a little less skepticism or maybe no more at all. Bob will always ask by a show of hands how many people are skeptic. He could not believe the amount of hands that went up at this event. Certainly it was a record breaker with more skeptics in the audience then ever before. When I was finished for the night Bob asked one more time how many people still remain skeptics after what they have witnessed. Only two out of the dozens of skeptics raised their hands.

Once I made my first connection the nervousness left me and the thermostat was turned on high. Each of us carry up to a dozen spirits with us when we go to a medium. With more then one hundred people in the room I had at least a thousand spirits pounding on my door. Once I make the first connection my mind goes into an even deeper state of consciousness. Then I begin to just pour sweat like you wouldn't believe. The temperature in the room did not help much. Sometimes if I heat up too much it will effect the connections and information I receive. That is simply because I don't like to get hot or sweat. Thank god this did not at all effect my connections at this event. It rarely does, but there were a few times where it has effected me. Another thing it can tend to do is wipe me out and drain me more then usual. That is exactly what happened last night. I left that event still floating on cloud nine feeling as if a truck ran me down. Once I got home and ate something that grounded my energy and left me feeling a little better.

As most of you know I sometimes have a hard time remembering the information that comes through from the other side. This is mostly because of the trance state of mind I'm in and its like I'm not even there. A little hard to explain and I'm sure hard for some to comprehend. Also there is so much that just comes out of my mouth and I don't even realize it. Another thing that happens to me is that I get a few visitors throughout the day prior to the event. Yes spirits. I would like to know how the heck they find me. I receive a bunch of detailed messages that I write down throughout the day and then read them to the audience right before I make my first connection. It is really cool because so many people tell us later that one of the messages I read prior was for them. They get messages without me even going to them. In turn I can send about a dozen messages to a dozen different members of the audience before I even begin.

There were so many connections last night I could not keep up. The audience seemed to be very tense and I could not get them to laugh in the beginning. This is probably another reason I felt so nervous for no reason. My first connection had me talking so fast that I could not keep up and began losing my voice thanks to one connection. Sometimes a spirit will make me feel like they did before they passed. I will get pain in places on my body and with this connection I could not breath. It really freaked me out. I could not breath and I was losing my voice. It was a large group in the back row that I was pulled to and specifically one gentleman's father that was making me feel like that. Once I got the messages to him and the connection was gone I was able to gasp for air and get my voice back. I did not like that very much at all. I understand why they do that to me, but I don't have to like it. They want me to describe in detail what happened to them or what they were feeling prior to their passing.

I noticed that I was pulled to several large groups of people that came to the event with each other. Obviously the larger the group that comes together, the more spirits that are hanging out with them. This can often end up pulling me to the group. At one point I was pulled to the entire back row on the right side because of one persistent father figure that passed. I believe he was the one that took my breath away. I would say that with that connection and reading I most likely ended up giving messages to about 6 different people. I think that I got to more people with messages at this event then ever before. I was also pulled to another group and entire row on the left side. This time the messages were from a young man that passed in an automobile accident. The young man brought through several people who have passed for several of the people in the row. Besides the detailed messages that came through, another thing that was really amazing about this group was that I was pulled to them by their names. By the time I was through with this connection I think I knew every one's name in the row thanks to the young man that came through.

Very often I'm pulled to people by their names, which is a good way of insuring me that I'm giving the messages to the right person. Another rather amazing thing that has been all of the sudden happening to people I'm reading lately is that they are literally touched by the spirit I'm connecting too. It happened several times during this event. When it happens I see the spirit behind or beside the person with their hand usually on their shoulder. The person can actually feel heat and warmth in their shoulder then they are touched. At another point during the evening I was pulled to a small group in the second row. A deceased police officer was one of several connections that were coming through for the group before the connection took a really odd turn.

The police officer began to bring through a fire fighter that was not at all connected to the group. Sometimes spirits help bring through other spirits that can not get through clearly. This police officer was determined to show us all that he was always willing to do a good deed for someone in need, even from the other side. All I needed to say was firefighter, deceased husband and the name Betty for two woman in the center of the room to jump up in excitement. Betty was the woman's name in the audience who lost her husband who was a firefighter. Thanks to the deceased police officer Betty was able to hear from her deceased husband one more time. I thought that was rather amazing for everyone to experience, including myself.

One of the last connections came in out of nowhere. I was in the middle of another connection when this young man jumped in to interrupt. He came through loud and clear showing me a vision of him hanging himself. He wanted to get to his mother in the audience. I said a few things that he gave me and then said that he hung himself. I did not realize that I was standing right in front of his mother. She screamed out and tears ran from her face as she grabbed onto her sons girlfriend that attended the event with her. Everyone in the audience could immediately see the pain she was in and how much she really needed to hear from her son. Again the details were amazing and he told me that the suicide was spontaneous. The thought came to him and within and hour he took his life. Suffering from being bi-polar and not medicated was how he explained his situation. He wanted to let his family know he was at peace and that no one could have prevented this from happening. I could see the burden life from his mothers shoulders when I told her that. Then her son asked me to give her a hug and that is exactly what I did. She even came up to me after the event to thank me for the connection she received from her son.

For me it is so fulfilling to to see the instant healing that takes place when some of the messages come through. This is the main reason I love the work I do and would not trade it for anything. I don't always get to hear feedback from people and don't always get a thank you. Mostly because people are so overwhelmed from the experience. It is nice to hear that feedback and often I do get a thank you from the actual spirit that comes through. An event like last night just makes all the hard work and dedication pay off. It is priceless to experience what I experience, and those who attend, during an event. It is even more amazing to literally see the healing take place right before your eyes. If you attended this event please leave a comment about your experience below. I love to hear about your experience and I do read all the comments that come through this blog post. I hope that I may have inspire you in some way and I hope you enjoyed reading about my experiences. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this post.
Joseph Tittel


Anonymous said...

i want to thank you so much for bringing my brother through. My mom really needed to hear from him. It was such an amazing experience. I think you are right i think just hearing that my brother was safe and was crossed over by my grandmother put my mom to ease a little bit. We were left with so many unanswered questions and even if they could not be answered at least we were able to know that he is at peace and that it was spontanous and not a planned out act. Thank you again we really need to hear from him to help us to move on, especially my mom.

Anonymous said...

I first saw you ( can't remember the name of the program )on a "psychic challenge". I was amazed at your abilities, and your kindness. You seem such a gentle soul.
I believe that I get signs on occassion from a family member that has passed on. I have been absolutely desperate for a reading or some kind of tangible "message"
from this person, as his death was traumatic and has affected me greatly. It has been 28 years, and only now am I able to start moving on. It is so hard to find a legitimate psychic, and when I do, they are either too expensive or unattainable. Is there any way you can possibly help me? I would be eternally grateful.. My e-mail addy is
Thank you so much for at least reading this. God Bless you.