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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Newsletter Issue & Today's Radio Shows

Yesterday I sent out my March newsletter. I put a good amount of time in designing the newsletter and writing my message. For some reason there was a problem with the newsletter after it was sent out. Before sending out the newsletter I will view it and go over it to make sure all is well. All was well and I hit the send button. I was stunned when I received a copy of the newsletter and could not read it. The font and the background colors were not the same colors that I had chosen. The font should have been black with a light blue background. With the newsletter builder I use I can also publish the edition on the net, which I always do. You can click on the word newsletter to view the March newsletter that you can actually read.

If you are on my mailing list and did not receive my newsletter yesterday, then it must have gone into your trash or spam folder. You have to put onto your contact list or safe list. You can also view past newsletters on the right column of this blog or on my web site. You can also sign up for the newsletter in the same places. I usually never publish the newsletter to the net until the end of the month. That way people who subscribe to the newsletter get the opportunity to read it long before non-subscribers. However, I did publish the March newsletter right away because the email version in not completely readable. Normally I never do this, so you may want to sign up to the mailing list. Sorry for any inconvenience with the March newsletter and thank you for taking the time to read my blog and newsletter.

Just a quick reminder. Today at 4pm is my weekly radio show Messages From The Other Side on WBCB 1490AM. Then tonight at 8pm I go on the air live again to bring you my new show Journey Into The Paranormal. Tonight's subject is Messages From The Other Side. I will discuss how our deceased loved ones communicate with us and how to recognize the signs. I will also be taking your calls. Hope you tune in and hope you enjoy the shows today.
Joseph Tittel

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Ken Summers said...

And of course, there's also your casting call for the new program on Discovery: The Gray Area ( I've been voting!