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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Big Storm, Predictions & A Week In The World Of Spirit Man

I'm so excited that we were finally being hit by a big snow storm here in Pennsylvania. I love the snow, just as long as I don't have to drive in it and it does not affect my work. I was off today which makes me even more excited that the storm hit. Even though I'm not a fan of the cold I do love the snow. If it is going to be cold out then there might as well be snow on the ground. Beings that I'm not at all a fan of the cold I would therefore love and hope to one day live in California, maybe within the next five years.

Someone had just posted a comment on my 2009 predictions pointing out the following prediction in my list. "A major snow storm will blanket the east coast in late February early March. There will even be snow in places where it has not snowed in decades." The East coast is getting exactly that right now. The storm is hugging the coast causing even more snow closer to the coast. A friend of ours is close to the coast in the Carolina's and says they never get snow and they are expecting several inches. There was also snow in other unlikely places this winter already, I'm pretty sure Vegas was one of them.

As soon as I get a chance I will update my predictions as far as what has come to pass. I appreciate everyone who leaves comments under my predictions with updates from the news and really all the comments that are left on all my blog post's. If you see something in my predictions that you may think comes true because of news reports or online news, please leave me a comment. If you can could you please include a link to the online story. I know several things have come to pass in my predictions and you can read other peoples comments they have left with updates.

Recently I have seen Michael Jackson on the news again because of some pretty severe health issues related to his lungs. He is often caught by the paparazzi wearing a mask over his face. This could be to avoid germs and infection. I mentioned this in my predictions but have not yet heard anything about him relocating to the U.S. Another thing that I discussed on my New Years day 2009 predictions radio show was that it was a year of discovery. I talked about the huge discovery of a sunken ship with millions of dollars of gold. This came true more then a month ago when that did happen and hit news headlines all over the world. Yet another discovery that I discussed and it is listed in my predictions is that Egypt would hit head lines because of a large discovery. Most of you may have heard by know about the discovery of a tomb containing 30 mummies. That's huge. Speaking of Egypt. I want to go there so bad and hope to eventually get there.

This past Tuesday was the second week of my new radio show Journey Into The Paranormal. We discussed what it is like and heaven and the dying process. There were twice as many listeners then there were the first week and I hope to double it again this week. Tomorrow I will talk about Karma, the effects it has on your life and how to bring positive energy into your life and home. I hope you are enjoying the new show as much as I am. You can listen to past shows on the right column of this blog or on my site under TV & Radio. I was not intending this show to be revolved around doing readings like I do on my regular radio show. However, I have been letting callers ask me a life future question after they ask me one question about the evenings topic. I will do this as long as I'm not drained from the four o'clock show. If there is a topic that you would like to hear more about or if there is someone you would like to hear more about be sure to send a comment reply at the bottom of this post.

Monday Bob and I drove up to Allentown to see my sister and pick up my Pop to come stay with us for a few days. We had to be in Atlantic City on Thursday and Pop was going to stay and watch our dogs Newbie and Precious. Speaking about the dogs, they loved the snow today and I played with them until I wore them out, or more like they wore me out. Wednesday was my Pops seventieth birthday. Bob and I took him to the Temperance House in Newtown which was really good. We are going back there again in a few weeks for a party that WBCB radio is having. After dinner we came home and sang happy birthday with a yummy ice cream cake from Carvel. I can not believe that my father is seventy. Boy time flies and that makes me feel old. For seventy he is in great shape, walks miles every week and looks at least ten years younger then he is.

As usual Atlantic City was a blast. I love going down to AC every once in a while and love to play the slots. We were asked to come down by the Tropicana and WBCB radio. They put us up in a suite and feed us a great dinner and I do a live radio show right from the Tropicana. It is very different and sometimes challenging doing the live show and readings for random people walking through. People are not at all expecting to run into a psychic and some can be extremely skeptical, which is OK, as long as they have an open mind.

Lower Buck Hospital is one of WBCB's sponsors and we were joined by the CEO Austin. I did a live reading for Austin on the air that completely blew his mind. He had no idea what to expect and I believe he was a little on the skeptic side. He had a pretty long reading and I picked up on so many details including that he just got his pilots licence and is going to buy a small plane. His father can through nice and strong bringing so many messages that he validated and you could see the comfort the messages provided.

All but maybe one person that came to the microphone while we were live had received a really good connection from a deceased loved one or an accurate detailed answer to a question about their life. There was one younger guy that asked me a question and gave me a little attitude shrugging his shoulders when I answered his question. I was not sure if this was because he did not like the answer or if maybe it did not seem accurate to him. Sometimes if someone is closed minded they block me out and I can not read them or receive cluttered information. This does not happen often and even with skeptics I still get a good connection. I will upload the show on my site some time next week when my web master get back from vacation. All and all AC was lots of fun and the show went really well. Tropicana always treats us very well and makes our stay remember able.

The weekend was overwhelming for me in the way of private galleries. A few of them were a good distance from where I live which makes for a long draining day. No complaints though. I love the gift that I have and the healing and validation that comes through is worth the exhaustion it brings on. I had some great connections this weekend and good groups of people. I'm looking forward to the event coming up this Friday at the Holiday Inn. We have a full house and so far all the events I have done at the Holiday Inn have been amazing. For some odd reason the connections at this location have been extremely strong and some messages were accompanied with some really good humor too. That always makes for some really good messages from the other side.

I hope you enjoyed the little glimpse into my daily life and experiences. I believe there is more to being a psychic medium then just doing readings and connecting people with their deceased loved ones. I enjoy helping others in any way possible, including educating people in many aspects. I hope to inspire from my work and inspire from the experiences I write herein. I hope to teach others the things I have learned and hope that I have some how inspired you in some way. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and may the angels smile upon you always.
Joseph Tittel

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