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Friday, November 13, 2009

Run In WIth Ghost Of A Little Girl, The Temperance House, Halloween & More

As I promised in my last blog, here is second part of that post. Its just that I have so much that I wanted to share that all together it would be like a small book. Being out of commission from being sick really set me back on things, especially with that along with my computer crashing. I'm going to try and keep this post short but it probably will not happen. I can never seem to do a short blog post. You could guess that I also talk a lot too, lol. Especially if a subject comes up in conversation that I love to talk about, such as my experiences with my work as a Medium.

Normally if I have just a slight cold or something minor like that it literally has no effect on my connections with the deceased or with doing readings. However, when it came to the sinus infection, I just could not do a readings. It completely blocks off my third eye chakra, which is located between the brows above your nose, and is how psychics and mediums often see things. Well I certainly was not seeing anything for several days. Beings I was pretty much bed ridden or at least confined to the couch, it made for a perfect time for me to sit with my laptop and do the work I needed to do. Well my laptop crashed and I had no energy or even a desire to get up sit at the office computer to do the work I needed to complete.

With everything that happens in our lives, both good and bad, each and every day is meant for us to learn and grow spiritually. When we don't learn that lesson or refuse to get it, then the next round will just be more difficult until we get the lesson we were meant to get in the first place. Well I knew for sure spirit was trying to tell me something throughout October and early November. Obviously spirit decided I really needed to take more time out for myself. That along with the fact that spirit also believed that I'm not eating properly lately and not taking enough time to care of myself. We have all heard the phrase "Body, Mind & Spirit". And it is in that exact order that we need to focus on in order to be one with our spirit or soul. Body would include everything that we put into it the body along with exercise, of course. The mind would be learning, reading, sharing and teaching others the things that we have learned. Then comes spirit and that word speaks for itself.

Something that drives me crazy at times is when some folks think that Mediums have such a fun and easy job and work very little hours. Fun, absolutely, I love the gift I was born with and love sharing it with others. Honestly, you have to have fun with your work, no matter what you do, or why bother doing it. What many do not understand is how much energy it takes from us, the medium and psychic, and the toll it can take on our health. I had a good friend, Celeste, many years ago that was a great psychic. She did not learn to ground the energy, take care of herself and her body along with working better with spirit. So eventually she became so sick and eventually her work ended up taking her life. It is rare but more possible then one could imagine.

There is much more information out there now and mentors to help those on a spiritual path deal with the energy correctly. Especially much more now then it was even ten years ago. There are days I come out of events and feel as if I just worked a ten hour hard labor construction type of job. There is a while lot more that goes into our work then most people can comprehend. A dedicated Medium will spend a large amount of time in prayer and meditation prior to working and making connections with the deceased. I take at least 30 to 60 minutes preparing myself before an event or reading. Some may even do this several times per day. I actually do this twice a day, even when I'm not working. Then there is the business aspect of the work with accounting and so forth. Then comes scheduling, event planning and I could go on and on. That is also why some of us also have an assistant and manager to help with everything. I know I would be lost without Bob. He spends hours on the phone with clients and working out my schedule for me. It funny that he actually knows my schedule more then I do.

So spirit gave me another huge reminder not long after all the other things I wrote in my last blog post. We must always protect ourselves and shield ourselves, something I tend to forget from time to time. When I'm doing a private or family group I don't always feel that I need to protect myself. Well boy was I wrong about that. No matter what it takes, spirit was going to point out that I must focus more on self protection. Every once in a while when I'm in the middle of connecting with a deceased spirit they will occasionally make me feel pain or something similar like headaches and so forth. Usually its very minor pain and given to me so that I can explain to my client the exact details of where their deceased loved ones issues were and where the pain was. Sometimes I will even begin coughing or not be able to catch my breath, again, so I can explain what they were feeling upon their passing.

The Sunday after my sinus infection episode I had a private home gallery to do for a very nice group of about 6 people. I loved their home the moment I walked in and saw a beautiful statue of the Buddha with huge plants on either side. They were such a lovely group of people and the messages that came through were so amazing. I had described a gentlemen coming through, I forget his name even though it also came through, and he had a trach (pronounced trake) from throat cancer. It just so happened that he was the man who built the house and passed away there. No relation to the family now living in the home that I was conducting the reading for. Seems that they have a very friendly ghost that came through to me and actually wanted to let them know that he liked them and the work they were doing around the house. It certainly is not often that I actually have an earthbound spirit, or ghost, that comes through to talk to the current owners of the home in the middle of their reading and connection with their deceased loved ones.

At one point the reading took a turn for the worst for myself. I had a young woman, maybe in her late thirties or early forties, begin to come through right after we took a break. She was the mother of the young lady who owned the home we were in with her husband, who was also with us during the reading. Well her mother did something to me that I will never forget. She may not have done it purposely. Some spirits don't realize how things work with a medium and how things work now that they are deceased. She was very ill with cancer and I began feeling pain in several places, but not severe. Then I began to get very nauseous and began to feel what I think she may have felt during her chemo treatments. I began to sweat and felt weak and became very embarrassed at the same time. I had to excuse myself and then ran to the bathroom for I knew I was about to get sick, and that is exactly what happened. I did. What a horrible feeling and horrible experience. I went back out to continue with the messages and begged her to take the feeling away from me. She lightened up a little bit, enough for me to be able to finish bringing through all the messages that needed to get through. For the remainder of the evening I could not even keep a sip of water down. I was sick all night. It was quite bit scary at the same time.

Many years ago, maybe twelve years, I had a few similar experiences and had to pull over on my way home from doing group readings. It would often bring on severe migraines to the point that I could barely even drive or at least shouldn't have driven. I remember several occasions where I had to pull over because the migraine was so severe that I was afraid of crashing beings the cars coming the opposite direction completely blinded me. This happened throughout the first few years of doing mediumship. This never happened to me when I would just read peoples tarot cards in my teens and early twenties. I learned to control the energy more after working as a medium for a while. There were even times where I would be reading a family group and they would emotionally break down and then I would join in with tears feeling what they were feeling. It takes time to learn to control the energy and protect oneself. What happened last week with this connection was really scary for me and now I look back and recall the times where it has happened before. So spirit had to throw out a reminder that I need to work harder on protection and getting control over the energy I'm faced with.

On the eve of Halloween I had an event at the Temperance House in Newtown Pennsylvania. This would be my first event at the restaurant and hotel. Bob and I have been there several times with folks from WBCB radio, by ourselves and even brought my father there just because their food is so good. I give them five stars for sure. Even though we have been there several times prior, I never knew that it was actually a hotel too. You can not really tell from the outside, or at least I didn't notice it on past visits. However, each time we have gone to the Temperance House I had felt a presence of several ghosts, but did not see any. We actually did a ghost investigation with the Garden State Ghost Hunters right around the corner from the Temperance House at a place called the Brick Hotel.

So I discovered that the center of town is very active with paranormal activity and ghosts. And just because a place is old it does not by any means have to be haunted. It is too often that people have a misconception that just because a place is a couple of hundred years old then it has to have a ghost haunting. That is so not at all true. Yes older places tend to be haunted from time to time, but not all old places are haunted. Sometimes people can feel the energy from a certain period of time and mistaken it for a ghost haunting. I have had several experiences where people had called me in to find out what spirit could be haunting their location and there were no ghosts, just one of their deceased loved ones trying to show them signs that they were around.

Bob, his mom Pam and myself arrived at the Temperance House at about 6pm Friday evening. One of the managers showed us the room where the event was to be held and we began to get things set up. Then the manager wanted to show me to my room. I was caught off guard by that thinking to myself "My Room?" He lead me up a stairs and through a door to the first floor of the hotel. They had a room ready for me so that I had a place to do my prayers and meditation prior to the event. I thought that was so nice of them to do and so thoughtful at the same time. He showed me the room and gave me a small tour of the building. At one point he told me that the owners requested that I go through the building after my event to do a reading on the building to see what I could pick up. Nothing like a good ghost hunt that I just could not turn down.

While he was showing me around he took me into one room that he explained was the oldest room in the building. Suddenly I saw someone pop their head up through the floor. I laughed to myself and did not say anything to the gentlemen because I was not sure how open he was to me and my work. I didn't want to freak him out either and I knew that he would probably think I was crazy or something. He also pointed out a door to a small balcony outside that I could go out and have a smoke or get a breath of fresh air. After he showed me around I went back downstairs for a short bit before going back upstairs to the room they had open for me. I sat and did my prayers before going into a really deep meditation. When I awoke from the meditation I very briefly saw several people standing there looking at me and then they disappeared. I smiled and said out load "Boy this is going to be a fun night."

The event was running behind because some guests were still having dinner. So I decided I would step out onto the balcony to have a cigarette. Oh goodness yes, I smoke, and believe me I hear it all the time from spirit. As I was standing out on the balcony I took notice that there were two little kids running up and down the hallway of the hotel. I was thinking to myself that I would be rather upset if I were staying there and these kids were playing in the hallway. Then out from the doorway to the balcony poked the cutest little girl in a odd looking nightgown. She said hello to me and I relied "Hello little girl". Then it hit me that the little girl was not really a little girl at all. She was actually the ghost of a little girl. I could see her clear as day and I began to talk to her out load. At the same time I was thinking to myself "If someone comes walking down the hall and hear me out on the balcony talking to a little girl that no one else can see, they are going to think I'm a nutcase."

Then I asked the little girl what she was doing here and she replied to me "I perished in the fire." As soon as she said that to me she then took me back to that day and I began to see is as if I were there watching it take place, or watching it on a movie screen. First I saw the fire from the outside and afterward I noticed that the building is different now then it was when the fire occurred. It was more like it happened next door. I even received a date of I believe was 1903. After my vision of the fire from both the outside of the building and the inside of the building where she died the little girl just disappeared. I thought to myself "Where was the other child, a little boy, that I saw running up and down the hall with the little girl?" I saw him running with the little girl but there was no sight of him when I ran into the ghost of the little girl.

That was an awesome experience for myself but at times I question myself and think maybe I'm crazy after all. The entire conversation with the little girl was unbelievable and no one told me anything about there being any ghost in the building. Later that evening after the event I was about to run into a few other spirits. I went down stairs after the visit from the little girl to get ready for Bob to introduce me. I just had to tell the crowd all about my experience with the little girl upstairs after my meditation. We have to keep in mind the fact that this was also the night before Halloween and come midnight it will be Halloween. A time when the veil that separates our world from the spirit world becomes very thin. This makes it a time that is more active with paranormal activity, more ghost sightings and messages from our own deceased loved ones.

The event went very well and I really had no idea what to expect. We were already running a bit late which stresses me out a bit because I like to be right on time for everything. The messages immediately began to come through strong and clear. The spirits will literally line up and most will wait their turn to come through to me. Just like in the movie Ghost. Have you seen the movie? If not, I can not believe you missed it and you need to go out and rent a copy. In the movie when Whoopie Goldberg realizes that she really can talk to spirits she is in a room with spirits literally lined up at the table waiting to talk to her. At one point when Patrick Swayze interrupts one male spirit steps out of line and say "What a second, get in line, its my turn." That is exactly how spirit works. They line up and at times when I walk into a room to do an event I can see the spirits lined up around the room. When that happens I look around and think to myself "I could be here for days talking to all of the spirits in the room.

So when it is a spirits turn to come through to me they will not move until someone claims the information and acknowledges what is coming through. At one point during this event at the Temperance House I began to have a young man, I believe his name was Chris, that came through to me with details of dates and his suicide with a gun. No one in the audience seemed to want to claim this young mans messages. I stood in the front of the room for what felt like to me more then five minutes just waiting for someone to acknowledge him. I could clearly see him and knew that I was receiving a clear connection with very clear messages. Finally the young man gave up and stepped aside, therefore allowing a new spirit to connect with me.

After the event when I was doing the book signing a young lady came up to me to thank me and let me know that the young man that had taken his life and no one would acknowledge it belonged to her. I asked her why she did not stand up and acknowledge him. She said she became so nervous and began to shake and just could not get up the courage to stand up. But at least I know that part of my work was complete and the message really did get to the person that needed to hear it. There were so many amazing connections during this event. I just wish I could remember all the details. The energy flowed great and the energy within the Temperance House was excellent for the event. I look forward to going there again soon for another event and to eat their wonderful food.

By the time the event was over we had decided we were hungry and Bob, his mom and I sat down for a wonderful meal. Afterward I was introduced to one of the owners and other manager as we then headed up stairs to do a walk through investigation. I went into more details about the little girl and saw her and the little boy jumping up and down on the beds. Then I saw her again and asked her what her name was and she said Elizabeth. The one girl with us turned and said Lizzy and looked startled a bit. Here people staying in the hotel have seen and even complained about two kids running down the halls and jumping on the beds. Then she confirmed that they knew for fact that there was a fire in early 1900's where a little girl who they call Lizzy, or Elizabeth perished.

It is always a nice feeling for myself to be able to hear feedback from clients and from doing investigations like this one at the Temperance House. For a little while there I was thinking I was a little crazy talking to this little girl that I now know for sure lived in that home and perished there like she had told me. Now as for the little boy. I found out more about him when we visited one particular room. We walked in and what I saw was not the same thing that everyone else was seeing. I was seeing the room as it was in the mid 1800's. I saw the bed and the little boy in the bed white as a ghost and shivering cold with a very high fever. He died from tuberculosis and later met up with the little girl after she past away and now have become playmate ghosts.

When we ventured up to the third floor of the building I did not care for what I was seeing and feeling. Once upon a time it was a slave quarters where the slaves and servants lived and where they were also beaten. That was also where I was about to run into a small African American boy. He was in the corner crying and I could feel his sadness so strong that he made me want to cry. I began to talk to him telepathically. He told me that he was beaten to death by the man that owned the home. He referred to him as the boss. I felt so bad for the little boy that I wanted to help and then I asked him why he was crying. He replied "The little girl and boy downstairs will not let me play with them. They make me stay up here." My heart just shriveled up and his pain overwhelmed me. By this time it was after midnight and I was so drained. The little boy seemed to be very scared of me and just sat on the floor curled up in the corner. I hope to go back soon and try to free the boy and get him to cross over into the light. It was certainly the saddest earthbound spirit I have even encountered.

I was able to receive all types of detailed information about the building, its history and a few other spirits that roamed the premises. As for the spirit I saw pop its head up through the floor. Here there was another fire in the building in the past in that particular room where I saw the spirit. The middle of the floor burned and had to be replaced. The square that was cut out and replaced was exactly where I saw the spirit pop out. At first I thought maybe there was originally a stairs there. Other then that I could not figure out why the spirit wold come up through the floor just to pop up and look at us. That was pretty interesting and a little creepy too.

I really would like to spend the night at the Temperance House sometime soon. I think that would be a blast even though I may not end up getting any sleep. The rooms are set up really nice and are very cozy. The little girl talked to me as if I were her friend, while the little boy really did not want to show himself or talk to me. He did take me back to the time of his death and that was all I received from him. All together it was a great event and a great experience for me. They are going to reserch some of the other information I provided during the walk through. Looking forward to what they discover. If you get a chance and are in the Newtown area, be sure to stop in to the Temperance House for dinner. Or maybe even spend the night and shop the store along the strip. It is worth the trip. Thank You for taking the time to read my blog and for allowing me to share my gift and experiences with you. May your day be full of blessings.....Joseph Tittel

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CREEPI said...

Regarding the Temperance House (TH), I also had an experience of the spirits there. Many years ago, I was a college recruiter and stayed at the TH to avoid staying in Philly. I was put up in an attic room. From the moment I walked into the room, I felt that I was being watched. The room spooked me so much that I would stay out in the town as long as I could to avoid it. On two nights, someone or something kept turning the water faucets in the bathroom on. On the second night, after having had to turn the water off once already, I said out loud, "I need some sleep. Please stop playing with the faucets." They never turned on again.

I have never been in a hotel room that wigged me out like this one, before or since. I also hope to go back someday and see if I can be a little braver with the unseen.