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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Living As A Medium, Predictions & More

The month of July certainly sent my life into a bit of chaos. Mercury is not even in retrograde yet. We will be greeted by the retrograde once again on September 7. We will all get to feel the wonderful energy of the Mercury retrograde throughout the entire month of September. So if you are planning on launching a large new project, maybe a new business or career, then I would get it done before the seventh of September or push it back to October. Expect there to be tons of delays in all aspects of life plans including travel delays in September. The entire year has practically felt as if we have been enduring a retrograde. It all has to do with the year 2009 and the fact that in numerology it is considered to be an eleven year. This is making it rough for all of us and I can not wait till 2010 comes along.

The weather patterns have also been really awful in 2009. We have not seen anything yet. I keep seeing so many floods, rain and mudslides. I believe that India will once again be hit with some major weather including a pretty major quake. Hurricane season is among us and we are all going to be well aware of it this round. Fortunately several of the larger storms will either break up or change course before hitting the shore lines. That includes the ones that will practically crash upon the shores of Florida, Texas, the Carolina's and even further north on the east coast. New Jersey and New York will also be pounded by a major storm bringing with it large size hail and heavy rain within the next six to eight weeks. Looks like the west coast is going to be pretty lucky in the way of hurricanes but don't think your completely weather safe. I'm expecting Earthquake activity to climb to above normal with quakes becoming more and more common along with a larger quake in the northern part of California along the Canadian border between now and October.

Puerto Rico keeps coming up to me over the past week or so. I think this may have something to do with another hurricane crashing upon their shores. Another place that keeps coming up is Brazil. There I see all kinds of negative things beginning with weather and mudslides and then something with major violence. I see guns and explosions. I believe in my predictions I talked about a tidal wave or tsunami hitting overseas. I still keep seeing this huge wave of water crashing hard and can only think this may be somewhere in Asia. This will have an effect on all of humanity. I don't want to give you the blues, things will get much better in the economy and the stock market will begin to pick up again. The state or Oregon along with the state of Hawaii also keep coming to me over the past week and I have no clear idea as to why that is.

I have not had a chance to update my predictions with notes of those that have come to pass. I do want to thank you all for sending over links to the articles and so forth. I do not personally read the messages, however, the important ones are forwarded to me. I have saved them all and will add the links and updates to my predictions hopefully some time soon, maybe this week. The only one prediction that I can think of off the top of my head was when I said that I saw a headlining news about two planes crashing in mid-air. That story did just hit headlines over the past week or so when a planes a helicopter collided in mid-air over the Hudson river in New York. That was the same place that the plane crash landed into the river earlier this year making for a huge news story, especially since everyone all survived the crash landing. In late September I will be doing an update on my predictions for a special radio show on my weekly show Journey Into The Paranormal.

As many of you know we recently moved out of our Levittown office. Our lease expired and we felt we just had to get out of there. Currently I will be conducting all private readings by phone only. There is no difference in the connections or accuracy of the reading over the phone. We have also opened the waiting list for both Home Gallery Sessions and twenty minute Life Readings only. The list for connection beyond readings is still closed and we are doing our best to get through the list so that it can be opened up once more. We are making no immediate plans for moving into a new office. Currently I have a few things pending, including possible travel, and would like to wait before making plans for a new office. We also have a new office phone number that is listed on my web site.

Soon I will go back to work on my second book. There are two books I have in mind and began a little work on both. Once I make a decision on which one I want to stick with as my second book I will get started on it once again. I hope to have that out some time in 2010. I'm hoping to actually have this book picked up by a publishing company. It is very hard to go through the process of trying to get your book published. That is why I decided to go with self publishing for my first book Messages From The Other Side. I know you will all enjoy my second book just as much as my first and maybe even more.

One of the things I would like to do as often as possible with you all through my blog is talk about some of the amazing connections and messages I have received for clients. The problem with that is the fact that I just do not remember much of anything that comes through in a reading. I'm just a conduit and the information flows through me. Therefore there is no thinking process and things just comes out of my mouth. Most of the time I have no idea what I'm saying or even what I may have said to a client five minutes earlier in their reading. Some times the things that come out of my mouth can even be embarrassing for both me and sometimes a client. But that embarrassment always comes along with a little humor.

The way the information comes to me in a reading varies depending upon the strength of my connection with spirit. Some spirits are stronger and some of the connections are sometimes like holding a conversation with a living person. Then there are the weaker energies that come through a bit muffled as if there were a motor running in the background or similar to a really bad cell phone connection. I get a combination of feeling, sense, visions or site, hearing and even smelling. Some spirits will show me pictures of things that I must interpret in order to bring the right messages to my client. For example an apple may be significant to a school, school teacher or New York city. A white rose to me is the sign of an anniversary. The number 23 followed by a white rose would signify an anniversary on the 23 of a month or February 3.

Then there are cases where I see things as if I were watching it on the television or even standing in the room watching it happen all around me. This is often the way I see murders or crimes when working on unsolved cases with law enforcement. These are also the type of readings that I do remember for a while. It was like I just watched a movie and can tell you all about it. The unfortunate part for me is the fact that when I see things play out like a movie it is most often something pretty tragic such as a murder or a terrible accident. Things like that are a little hard to put out of my head and at times linger for weeks, especially when working on cases that involve children. As wonderful as it is to have this gift, it can often be a burden at times and does make life a bit more difficult at times to.

While conducting a reading during a home gallery this past weekend I had a young man come through that was brutally beaten to death. This just recently happened within the past few weeks in Philadelphia after a sports game and bachelor party. Everything came through in detail and I could even see the young man surrounded by several men literally beating him over and over again. This was so disturbing to me and days later I can still see this young man being beaten. Even as much as it could be a burden at times it is all worth the healing that it brings into peoples lives. I have learned to deal with it beings I have had this gift all of my life and because I can help others in so many ways.

Even with all the negative things that just a few people out there on the net like to say about me, my work and my predictions I have to shrug it off my shoulders and try and get a laugh out of them. They hide behind their computers withholding their names so people won't get to know who they really are. I believe it takes a lot for someone like myself to share this gift and put myself out there in the public eye knowing that there will always be those who will horribly criticize me and even try to destroy my life. Being a true believer of karma also helps me get through my day to day life. What comes around goes around and putting out negative comes back on you threefold, so why bother putting negative out there. Another thing that makes it all worth it to me is seeing the burdens lift right off of a clients shoulders and seeing the expressions on their face. Seeing this makes me feel complete and shows me that I have utilized the gift that God has given me.

A gift I would like to share with you at this moment is just a small reminder that I hope you will remember to use each and every day. Each and every day, even twice a day, we should sit and remember those in our lives that we love and that help to make our lives happy and fulfilled. Even when we may be on bad terms or having a bad argument, we should still take a moment to tell them thank you and let them know that you love them. Most importantly, each and every time you depart from a loved one such as a family member or friend, remember to tell them that you love them, especially if your are on bad terms. Sometimes we do not realize how short life is and whether or not when that person walks out that door we will ever see them again. When you depart it could actually be the very last time you ever see each other or get to say goodbye, I love you. Remember to do this so that you are not left with the regrets that you never got to tell a loved one how much they meant to you and how much you really loved them. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope that I have inspired you in many ways.
With Love & Light
Joseph Tittel

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