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Friday, March 16, 2012

Mercury Retrograde March 12th to April 4th

From My March 2012 Newsletter

The Mercury retrograde is here again! March 12th until April 4, 2012. For some it is a time to just run and hide, but for others we can take advantage of this time and use the Mercury retrograde to our own advantages. as with everything in our world there is a positive and negative to all things. And again it is up to us to find the positive and negatives of this retrograde and balanced them into our lives.

Let us start by describing the negatives of the Mercury retrograde before I go into the positives. One of the most annoying things about the Mercury retrograde is the major delays that it may cause. When there is a retrograde you can always count on some kind of delay or some kind of interference that could screw things up for the entire day. So, on the positive side, we can always plan ahead during the retrograde knowing in the back of our minds that there will be most likely some type of delay ahead of us. Doing so will help us with being on time for work and other things during Mercury retrograde. So you can expect delays at the airport, delays on the road and waiting for loan approvals and anything with paper work and so forth.

Another thing that the retrograde has a large negative impact on are things that are motorized or electronic. You'll notice anything that is motorized or electronic will go haywire during the Mercury retrograde. Last retrograde our dryer died and a few retrogrades ago I had to replace the refrigerator in our kitchen and the retrograde before that we had to replace our washing machine. To top it off about four retrogrades ago I had to replace my laptop computer.

So the Mercury retrograde is not at all a good time to buy anything new that is motorized or electronic. For most likely you'll end up standing in line to take it back due to some kind of mechanical issue. Unless you are stuck buying one because yours died during the retrograde like with our washer, dryer and refrigerator. We're better off waiting until after the retrograde before purchasing any type of new motorized or electronic devices. You also notice that very often during the retrograde your service engine or check engine light on your vehicle may light up. usually a sure sign that your vehicle needs to be taken in for repair. If you are forced to take your vehicle in for repair during the retrograde expect some delays and also be very prepared to take it back again because the mechanic didn't fully correct the problem. So whenever possible we should wait until after the retrograde to purchase or fix any motorized or electronic devices.

It is not necessarily just electronic or motorized devices that may give us issues during the Mercury retrograde. Just about anything that can break may do exactly that during a Mercury Retrograde.If I remember correctly the last retrograde our kitchen sink began to leak and needed to be fixed. So just prepare yourself and try not to fix things unless you really have to during the Mercury retrograde.

We are very lucky that this Mercury retrograde is much shorter than the typical retrograde. This retrograde began on March 12 and will last until April 4, 2012. That's less than a month and am very happy about that. And even though the retrograde is in a really at all a good time to start something new like a job, career, buy a new car, or a new house or even start a new business. Usually if we do these things during a Mercury retrograde they don't end up lasting at all. But what it is good time for is to pick up things that you have not finished in the past and finish them. It is a great time to clean up the clutter in our home and end things in our lives. A perfect time to clean up the house, paint the kitchen or living room and promote positive change throughout our environment. It is also a good time to do a smudging ceremony to cleanse the energy from our homes or office. You can find out more information on how to do a smudging ceremony on my blog.

There are other negatives and positives to the Mercury retrograde and I encourage you my reader to explore this more on the Internet. Take advantage of this time the best you can and whatever you do try your best not to let the retrograde get the best of you and make you frustrated. From this point forward it is all up to you. And remember one last thing that is very important. We can usually feel the effects of a Mercury retrograde, much like the effects of a full moon, at least three days before the retrograde begins in three days after it ends. I hope this article has helped you in dealing with this last retrograde up 2011. I wish you all the best.

With love, light and desire to inspire

Joseph Tittel



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Mercury retrograde has always influenced my life so astrology is something I follow now. This planet can work for you or against you!