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Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Yule Everyone

Tonight at 11:54PM Eastern Time we will welcome in the Yuletide Season. From this point forward
the days will slowly begin to get longer. This ancient celebration goes back tens of thousands of years and has been celebrated by all of our ancestors. They would gather in song and dance celebrating the Yule season, the shortest day of the year and the birth of the Sun God.

Our ancient ancestors, & the pagan people especially in Germany, would decorate a fir tree with nuts and fruit to insure a short season and an early Spring. Lets face it they depended on their crops to sustain through the brisk winters. I do not know how they managed this one but they also put small white candles on the tree as well. Guess that is how we got to the current days of using electricity to power the lights of your tree. This was to symbolize the ever burning flame, honor the Sun God and the days growing longer. They would than wrap the tree with virgin white cloth, in some traditions, and set the tree ablaze. They would dance, drum and sing yule songs such as "Oh Tannenbaum" which actually stands for "Oh Great Fir Tree". No mention of Christmas beings that song was written for Pagan celebrations.

Christians changed many of the Pagan traditions into their own and replaced the words with "Oh Christmas Tree". Another song they are guilty of changing the words to is carol of the bells which actually went like this "Hark how the bells,Sweet silver bells, All seem to say, Throw cares away
Yuletide is here, Bringing good cheer, To young and old, Meek and the bold, Oh how they pound, Raising the sound, O'er hill and dale, Telling their tale, Gaily they ring While people sing Songs of good cheer, Christmas is here, Merry, merry, merry, merry Yuletide, Merry, merry, merry, merry Yuletide, On on they send , On without end, Their joyful tone to every home Dong Ding dong ding, dong Bong"

Now really look at the words to the song and it obviously talks about the Pagan Yule Tradition. Our ancestors were huge believers in the power of the drum, song and dance. They did all of their ceremonies in this fashion. They would also rings bells at the start and finish of their ceremonies ringing in the celebration. They often did the Yule ceremony, and most others, high atop the hills or mountains, believing it brought them closer to the sky Gods so they could hear their song and prayers. The song ends with "On on the send, on without end" which I believe was because of their strong beliefs that nothing ever ended, not even life for death is just the beginning of another life beyond. Today many celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ. It is interesting how the ancestors celebrated the birth of the Sun God a few days prior today's Christmas celebrations. Like all celebrations they ended with the gathering of friends and family to feast and drink and celebrate. Much the way we do with Christmas.

Many are very unfamiliar with the story of the Christmas Tree and how it came to be. Decorating tree's, such as the fir or evergreen, was an ancient Pagan tradition dating back thousands of years. They did this to for many reasons but mostly as a Yule Solstice tradition to honor tree's and the fruit and nuts the trees provide for food. The candles placed in the tree were symbols of the Sun God and represented the birth of the Sun God. They believed the Winter Solstice was the birth of the sun god beings each day grew longer and longer once the solstice rang in. They also burned the tree, along with Yule Logs, to help insure a short winter and early Spring.

The silver ball, which was one of the first Christmas tree ornaments, was also an ancient pagan
tradition. They would fill silver balls with different herbs and oils and actually hang them by their doors and in their windows as a form of protection and to reflect bad spirits. Later they became known as "Witch Balls". How they ended up on the tree I am not quite sure. I am sure that info is out there somewhere.

But how did the Pagan Yule Tree celebration turn into the Christmas tree? Well we owe all of that to just one man. There was this very wealthy man, who owned many very famous five & dime department stores, who decided he wanted to bring that pagan tradition to America to cash in on the Christmas holiday. Beings America at the time was known as being a Christian country they put up quite a fight with allowing this wealthy man to bring that Pagan tradition into America.  So the man came up with another idea. How about we decorate the tree with silver, red and green balls and other ornaments and call it the Christmas tree. Well that idea, and I am sure a ton of money in the right hands, helped that man to be the first man to bring the Christmas tree to America. His name was F.W.Woolworth. Very interesting huh? They certainly do not teach us any of this in school. Although they really should. The history of our ancestors is very important and before celebrating any tradition we should at least know exactly why we are.

Nothing against Christianity at all. Everything on the planet shifted for a reason. Even though I will be celebrating Yule tonight with ceremony, meditation, prayer, drumming and singing it does not mean that I do not honor other things as well. I was brought up catholic and I do pray to both Jesus Christ and the Divine Mother Mary. But I also live a spiritual life and find it very important to honor all of my ancestors in all of the many forms that they have celebrated in the past. So I shall celebrate both the birth of the sun god RA along with Jesus Christ. And I will never judge what others choose to celebrate, just as long as they celebrate.

So on this note. Tonight there is a special shift of energy coming in on the planet. We certainly can use another shift in energy. So no matter what you believe or celebrate you may want to take special advantage of this day and the amazing energy the divine will be shining upon our planet this evening. It will be a shower of the Divines beautiful golden light. It will shower down upon the earth and all of God's creatures. So I highly recommend that you take a little time to honor the solstice, honor yourself and honor our brothers and sisters of the planet.
Sit in front of your altar or small table. Adorn this with a few candles, you can use white or gold preferably. You can add pictures of loved ones in spirit and whomever you pray to.
Light some sage or incense and your candles. Call in the guardians, arch angels, of the North East South and West. Raphael East, Gabriele West, Michael South & Uriel North. Say a prayer and welcome in the Yule. Wish your loved ones here and in spirit love and joy. Meditate and absorb the beautiful golden light. Celebrate in drum and song. Eat and be happy. I wish you all a very joyful Yule, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a joyful happy 2016.
With Love & Gratitude to you all.


Jesse said...

you were right there was a big shift in 2015, right as predicted. what does 2016 hold?

Unknown said...

Great message. Very iinformative.