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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Inspirational Message

Wow, the month of April is already upon us and finally the sign of Spring arise while winter withers away. We are all going into a great new cycle of birth and rebirth in our lives. This is a time to sit and really focus on the things in your life that you need to change for good. No more procrastinating or pushing things off till tomorrow. If you are one to sit around in April thinking about all the things you would like to change in your life along with things you would like to accomplish is not going to actually get them done. As you can already see, this year is flying by very quickly. Before you know it everyone will be heading to the beach and you will find that you may have missed some good opportunities and that things have not changed one bit. The things you wanted to accomplish still sit in front of you awaiting completion.

The best thing for all of us to do as the month of April begins is take a few hours to sit, relax, maybe even meditate, and contemplate on the things you would like to change along with some of your goals and accomplishments. Then get yourself a pen and some paper and begin to make out a list for yourself. I find personally that I seem to get much more completed when I write down my goals and things I would like to accomplish.

We are all exposed to negative places, people and things. April is also a great time to take a good strong look at yourself and the people & things around you. Are their negative people or things in your life? Then it is time to make a plan and time to rid your life of this negative things. Negative attract negative as positive does positive. So no matter how positive we are, negativity surrounding us can also attract it to ourselves. I learned this from a very good friend & breast cancer surgeon. It just made sense.

She also pointed out to me that we need to clean the clutter from our lives. Not just the clutter in our homes and closets, although that is also important, but also the negative things. I know it is easier to say then to do. But there is absolutely nothing that you can not accomplish in your life if you set your mind to it. It may take time, but effort helps too. April is the perfect time for all of us to focus on these things. The sooner we rid our lives of the clutter the more smoothly things will begin to flow in your life. A good flow in your life leads to a life of fulfillment, happiness & reaching our spiritual selves.

Yes, at times it is a struggle to make these proper changes in your life. And yes this may hurt someone’s feelings at first. We have to look out for what is best for our lives and how we can reach complete happiness as well as getting in touch with our own inner spirituality. This is why we all have spirit guides or guardian angels. They are there to help you and to guide you in your life. Trust them and trust your gut and know in your heart that you are doing what is right. Sometimes these decisions and changes will also help to change others in a positive way. We are responsible for our own lives and the paths we choose to take. Have faith in yourself, your guides and your lord and soon the changes you make will have you looking back saying to yourself "Why didn't I do that a long time ago."

One of my least favorite times is soon coming our way. On April 18 the planet Mercury will go into retrograde. I will include an in depth article on what this means. For now I will tell you to try and make as many changes and clean up as much clutter before the retrograde comes. Mercury has a way with screwing things up. Especially communications with others. Thing get lost, unorganized, confused and even break down. Like computers, cars and anything electronic. This hangs in until May 11 and will linger slightly until May 28.

I wish you all a very happy Spring season. I do warn you to please get out and get as much fresh are as possible. It is good for the mind and spirit. Many places are going to be hit with an awful lot of rain and floors worldwide and it is going to get very hot very quick. So enjoy it on the days that you can and spend your time indoors beginning your new life plan and your new mission to clean up the clutter and rid your life of negative people, places and things. Thank you all for taking the time to read my message & newsletter. It truly is dear to my heart. With Love, Light & Desire To Inspire.....Joseph

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