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Friday, December 30, 2016

2017 World Predictions LIVE New Year's Day Psychic Medium Joseph Tittel

Join Spiritual Medium Joseph Tittel LIVE New Year's Day for his annual 2017 World Predictions.
Joseph has stepped away from his radio show after 8 years to close old doors and open new doors. Now Joseph can be found on YouTube for live events and monthly videos of inspiration, predictions and so much more. You can watch the show live right here below, or on Youtube and possibly live on Facebook as well.

A decade ago Joseph began doing predictions live on his first radio show on WBCB radio in Pennsylvania. Joseph continued the tradition on his live podcast show" Journey Into The Paranormal" and "Spirit Speaks Radio".

2016 was a huge year of transformation and letting go of things, clear things, ending cycles and eras. So Joseph decided in April it was time to step away from the radio show after 8 years of radio. Close one door and open a new door. That new door is many things, many yet to have come, but includes moving over to video and live video. Radio is fading out quite a bit and if anyone wants change and wants to transform they must close some doors along the way.

A huge thank you to all of you who have followed the predictions faithfully for years now. Some of you have been here since the beginning and no matter what you are all greatly loved and appreciated. I would not be doing this at all if it were not for all of you. I never wanted to do predictions until the radio station asked me to. Once that happened and so many of you wanted me to continue with the tradition I do so. I love the work I do as is and feel absolutely blessed and honored to be able to do so. I hold so much love and gratitude in my heart for all of you for making all of this possible.

No  matter what predictions you hear from this show remember one thing, nothing is written in stone. Now more than even our future is unlimited and things change shift and change at the wink of an eye. Our possibilities are absolutely unlimited for everything and anything is possible. Your thoughts and words have more to do with your future and humanity's future than one could imagine. So my beautiful friends I ask you to stay in the heart energy by focussing daily and often your attention on your heart center. Remain positive no matter what events unfold around you knowing that once again anything can shift into an amazing place. Miracles can and will happen. Recognize the blessings and miracles in your life daily and universe will bring you so many more.

Being the only psychic to specifically predict Japan's 2011 earthquake tsunami along with the issues followed with the nuclear power plant Fukushima has brought Josephs predictions to the limelight appearing worldwide in newspapers, magazines, television and radio. Some of these appearance include New York Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, M-TV, CBS, UK's Fate Magazine, Japan's MU Magazine and dozens of others.

Joseph has always announced his predictions live on radio New Year's Day for several reasons. Beings that the cenacle non-believers love to deny the accuracy of predictions, most likely due to their own fears, there have been so many lies and rumors including that they have been changed when event happen. It just is not possible but nice try. They are posted onto his blog weeks following the live show in the written form. There was also one case where a local psychic copied his predictions and posted them on her site and claimed they were hers. The problem with that was she did not fix any of the grammar mistakes because she simply pasted them to her page. Than denied it and claimed Joseph stole them from her. Also impossible beings the were read live and her little act of theft and deception came in February.

Hey now lets face it, there are many true in tune intuitives in this world. And if any of them are tapping into that same source of energy where the future resides of course they will come up with some of the same predictions. Definitely not word for word or in the same order.

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Mrs Davis said...

When are you going to put your predictions on? As someone who is hard of hearing, your youtube does not have subtitles so I have to wait.