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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Validating Information

Finally the Mercury Retrograde has come to a close and things will begin to run smoothly. Mercury went out with a big bang, as it always does. The retrograde ended on November 1st, but you could feel the effect until the 4Th. Now is a good time to start new things, a new business, new job or even purchase a new home. It is also a good time to start your holiday shopping and get a check up from the doctor.

Most of you have heard about the tragic murder of Philadelphia Police Officer Chuck Cassidy. If you keep up with the blog you know that I contacted the police about this case. I have never contacted the police about a case before. I feel that if they want my assistance, they can contact me. For some reason I could not sleep all night because of this case. So much information was coming to me that I felt I needed to do something about it, so I did.

I did post some of the information that I gave them and kept a few other things confidential. Well after seeing the news last night I was completely stunned to find out the murderers name, John. John was one of the two names that I gave the detective while talking on the phone. Another thing I told the detective was that he was mixing in with the homeless. I told her they needed to look in places where the homeless gather. I was also getting a subway being significant in some way or another. There was a list of information that I provided to the police detective. She was very open to receiving my information and thanked me for my help. It so surreal to me that the Murderers name is John and they now caught him in a homeless shelter. I certainly hope the information I gave the police actually helped them to catch this horrible person. Now I hope the police will contact me again in the future to help them out.

This past weekend I had several group sessions. There was one particular connection that I found to be really interesting. My energy was directed on one woman in the group. While I was bringing through messages from her father in law, the connection took a strange turn. A young mother figure who passed from multiple complications began to connect. At first there was not one person in the group that understood this connection, including the woman I was focused on. The I mentioned to her that I was seeing adoption papers. This immediately brought out some emotions in the woman. She knew exactly what I was talking about.

My connection with the young woman became stronger as she described in detail what she was going through prior to her passing. She suffered from severe addiction, living on the streets and doing what she had to in order for survival. She became pregnant and wanted the best for her baby. The baby meant so much to her that she claimed to have remained clean of drugs during the pregnancy. The child was born and she slipped into a deep depression and went back to using. Then she gave the child up for adoption and later passed from an over dose of drugs.

She was coming through for one of the women in the group. She wanted to thank her for taking care of her child. Even though the woman in the group had no idea who the mother of the child is, the mother knew who she was. The woman is in the process of finalizing the adoption and this confirmed that it would happen soon. This also shows how connected we all are. Even if your adopted, your birth mother is always with you.

I just sent out an email about my upcoming event at Ashes To Ashes Cigar Shop in Bordentown New Jersey. This is a great little place that holds up to 30 guests. You can read more about the event on the web site. I'm excited to start the new radio show in a few weeks. I included information about the radio show on the web site and in today's email. If you did not get the email and would like to be included on the mailing list, send an email to:

Don't forget to watch America's Psychic Challenge on Friday November 16 at 10 PM on Lifetime. If you missed the last episodes and have Comcast Cable, you can on demand the show. You can also watch it in this blog and Lifetime Televisions web site. Till the next time, Love And Light....JOSEPH

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