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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lisa Williams & Special Messages

Today I had the honor of interviewing spiritual medium Lisa William's on my radio show. Lisa Williams has her own television show called "Life Among The Dead" on Lifetime TV. She will also will be releasing her new book "Life Among The Dead" soon. You can visit my web site to listen to the interview. We will try to have it posted within the next few days.

Lisa has a wonderful personality ans sense of humor, which is easy to see from the interview and from watching her television show. We talked abut her work as a medium along with her new book hitting stores soon. We also touched base on rumors surrounding her grandmother reading for Queen Elizabeth. Talking with Lisa was a pleasure and we hope to have her on the show again in the future. Better yet, Bob is going to work on getting Lisa William's to come out to the Philadelphia area for a show.

This past weekend I received a very nice gift from one of my clients. Very unexpectedly there was a knock on our door with a special delivery. Out comes this beautiful bouquet of of flowers in a very nice glass vase. Such a wonderful feeling it is knowing that I brought so much closure to this couple that they went out of their way to send me flowers and a thank you note.

When Bob called to thank them they shared another validation that they discovered after the reading. During the reading I kept mentioning to the couple that I was seeing a vision of very elegant silverware. They had no idea what the message meant and had no connections to silverware. The vision was strong and I described that the silverware was in a nice case of wood box. Again they had no idea what I was talking about. Later that evening they discovered the the woman's sister was out shopping for a new silverware set at the exact time they were getting a reading with me. This was her loved ones way of acknowledging her sister and seeing that the messages get to her.

If there is a message spirit wants to get through, their going to do it in the best way the feel fit. Another thing I remember from their reading was a message that came through from the gentle man's deceased brother. He mentioned the big concert in 1969, Woodstock. They both shared that special time by going to the concert together. Then his brother went on to with a sense of humor to mention Jimmy Hendrix and in turn showed me a vision of a Hendrix LP album. He laughed and told me that him and his brother waited in line for the release of a Jimmy Hendrix album. Then they returned home to play the album as load as possible on their record player. This couple's family was no doubt trying their best to give them as much validation as possible.

Sunday while getting ready for a private gallery in New Jersey, I had a little visitor. In the bathroom brushing my teeth I feel a little tug on my right side. I slowly look over and their I see a little boy around the age of 10. I tried my best to pretend as if I did not see him, although I did. Another tug on my side and I looked over seeing the boy in his little jeans and red t-shirt. He says to me "Hey Mister, can you really see me?" I smiled and quietly said to him "Yes, we can talk a little later." and he replied "Wow, that's cool", and disappeared. Then I saw a vision of the toy's are us giraffe Jeffry. Having no idea what this meant I knew I was in for a heck of a day.

There was so much information that came through during the first half of this private gallery. As you know I forget much of the information that comes through. Bad for me but I guess good for my regular clients. I mentioned to the group what I saw while getting ready earlier that day hoping it may be messages for them. I asked them not to tell me anything and hopefully something will come through in more detail about my earlier experience. No mention of a giraffe or a little boy came through during the first hour of the session. If the little boy had anything to do with the group I was sure he would come through eventually. If it were a close connection the boy may wait until closer to the end of the gallery because of emotions.

Well it was about 15 minutes into the second half of the session and boom, in comes the boy. Clear as can be I see the boy in front of me, he tells me he is Anthony. The group instantly became very emotional, they all knew Anthony. I don;t remember if he told me his age or not, I would guess between 8 and 10 years old. He went right into the details of his passing insisting that no one was to blame but himself. "I was not paying attention, I did not look back and forth like Mommy and daddy told me. I ran right out into the road." I received a description of a bike or scooter of some sort and without the boy telling me I knew he was hit by a car. Then he said he was hit from the side but did not feel any pain.

This connection with the boy lasted to the end of the session. Many of emotions came to surface along with much awaited closure and healing. Anthony was so amazing to communicate with for he was so detailed with information. He even made mention of a big stone memorial that was cast for him. The details came to me so fast that I could not possibly remember it all. I asked the girls in the group to send us some feedback about the session. This was one session that was well needed and I'm glad I had the opportunity to bring healing to this group. I'm always asking folks to send us feedback about their readings and not many do. Were always looking for feedback and you can submit it through my web site. We will post the feedback from Sunday's session as soon as we receive it.

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