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Monday, December 3, 2007

What's Going On?

Lifetime's hit series "America's Psychic Challenge" has finally ended. I knew the the very first day I met Michelle Whitedove that she would win. This has been mentioned before in a previous blog and on my new radio show. Congratulation's Michelle. I went on America's Psychic Challenge for the experience and did not even know there was a $100,000 prize. None of the contestants were informed of the actual prize until we were about to go on our first challenge.

I have received hundreds of emails since the first airing of the show. Everyone has been wonderful in supporting me and cheering me on, thank you everyone. I'm very happy that I had the opportunity to be a part of the show and have no regrets. It has been a wonderful experience and has opened many doors in my life.

You may be aware that I have been contacted by several law enforcement agencies to help with crime investigations. Things have been very busy and this Wednesday I will focus on helping a law enforcement detective with solving a murder case. He has sent me a picture of the victim and I will do some prayer and meditation before calling him and giving him as much information as possible to help him catch the killer.

Working with crime investigations and finding missing children has been something I have wanted to do most of my life. At the age of 17 I joined a cadet program at my local police department to train to be a police officer. The reason I joined the program was mainly because I wanted to become a homicide detective, not a police officer. After I discovered you had to be a police officer for a long time before working in homicide, I decided to it was not for me. I had no desire to be a police officer, just a detective.

There were dozens of other emails and calls that Bob received asking if I could help them with a murder or missing persons case. One case was of a missing child by the name of Logan Tucker. You can click on his name for more information about this case. Another was concerning the Peterson case that is all over the news. I'm still waiting to hear back from law enforcement officials on the cases. I offer my help free of charge to any law enforcement agencies who contact me.

Bob has received several calls from those wishing to speak to me about crimes and missing persons. Because I have so many things going on I can not personally take these calls. I will only take calls from law enforcement officials regarding any criminal or missing person cases. I have done so many personal readings for people who have had loved ones who were murdered come through in the reading. They received so many details about the murder, where, when,how and even who. They take it to the police and they blow it off because of where the information came from, a psychic.

Many times the police will not listen to information that comes from a psychic. A large amount of law enforcement agencies would never consider working with a psychic and taking information from a psychic seriously. Others do work with psychics and take their information very seriously. When I contacted the Philadelphia police about the shooting of officer Cassidy the detective took me very seriously and wrote down everything. Within days they caught the killer. Beings that not all law enforcement will accept information from me, I will only work with them directly if they contact me. So if you have tried to contact me in reference to a case, or if you want to contact me, please do this by having the detectives contact us if they are interested.

Tomorrow will be the second week of the new radio show. Last weeks show went very well with some really good messages for callers. Tomorrow I will try my best to get to more calls then we did last week. Once I get into my mode with prayer and meditation, I lose track of time. I get very into my connections with the deceased and its hard to just cut them off for the next caller. I try to tell callers to focus their questions more on their life. More questions about health, career, relationships and so forth. I can get to so many more people that way. It takes a lot of energy to connect to the deceased along with a good bit of time. Last week I made connections with the deceased for just about every caller therefore not giving others an opportunity to get through. The phone lines were jammed and it makes me feel bad that we can not get to everyone.

Next week I will be interviewing Lisa Williams, looking forward to it. Then in January I will be interviewing Michelle Whitedove. I'm planning a special show for New Years Day. We will have a two hour radio show to bring in the new year. I'm going to work on something I have never done before. I will be doing some special meditation over the next few weeks to focus on world predictions for the new year. I will announce these predictions during the special New Years Day radio Show. There have been so many world predictions that came to me over the past years. These include 911 and the largest blackout in history. These are things that just came to me, not something I was trying to focus on. So it should be interesting to see what happens when I sit and set my focus on this.

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