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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Lessons Life Teaches Us

Each of us have come to this life as a part of our souls journey. We are here not only to learn and grow from that, but we are also here to teach others and help them upon their souls journey. We teach our children, our friends, family and sometimes even a stranger. With each day and with each major event in our lives we should look back and think to ourselves "What lesson should I have learned from that experience?" or "What lessons have I learned today?" There is a lesson to be learned from just about every experience in our life. Once we have completed our lessons here and have taught others the things we have come to teach, we move on to the other side, or heaven, for a new life and a new journey. Sometimes we just can't get it right and just do not learn the lessons that we are suppose to learn. So we see a repeating pattern of events in our lives and sometimes wonder "Why does this keep happening to me?" Sometimes things do not change until we make the changes ourselves or until we recognize the lessons that we are suppose to learn from this pattern of events. Once in a while we need a little reminder in our life, a reminder of a lesson that we had already learned in the past and may have forgotten.

This brings me to some of the experiences that I have had in my life over the past month and the lessons that I may have learned from those experiences and a few reminders as well. As some of you have gathered, we moved into our new office a little more the a a month ago and have sustained some problems with the neighbor. I guess he thinks it is funny to harass us by revving up his motorcycle, giving us the finger and calling us names like the three letter f-word. That was really the last thing in the world we would have wanted to have happen with so many other things going on. It is tough enough trying to get moved into a new office and trying to make it comfortable for us and my clients.

That along with the stress of an upcoming wedding and the filming of the new Comcast On-Demand series. All of this stress lead me into severe stomach pain last weekend. The pain was below my rib cage and was unlike any pain I have
ever had. At first I thought the worst and was thinking it was my gallbladder or something worst. Then I tuned in a little bit with spirit and it was obvious to me that I had a stomach ulcer. Being a Virgo who takes everything to heart and worries more then all other zodiac signs along with everything that was going on, it just had to be an ulcer. I went to the doctors and he agreed with me and sent me to have an endoscope done. This is a procedure that they knock you out for and then go down your throat with a scope. This confirmed that I do have an ulcer.

This was a big reminder to me and a lesson that needed to be learned. It reminded me of a book by Louise Hay called You can heal your life. In this book she talks about how people can cause their own illness and how they can heal themselves. The book includes a graph of different diseases and the underlined cause of that disease. The book has changed so many peoples lives and has helped people to cure themselves of the disease on they focused on the
underlined cause. I have to did out my copy and read it again, just another reminder over the past month. I have also realized that even though it is difficult, sometimes you just have to not allow things to stress you out. This is why I have brought an ulcer upon myself and now I'm working on healing that on my own and so far so good.

I also needed a harsh reminder that not only are there some really evil people in this world that like to cause harm to others, but some people are so miserable in their own life that they try to make others miserable too. We can not allow this to happen and need to always keep our heads straight and know that karma always takes its course. I truly believe in karma and what comes around goes around. When you put good out into the universe and hel
p others, then good shall return to you many times over. Same goes for the bad. Even with the negative things or negative people around me that try to bring me down, there are so many good people and things that are going so well in my life and I thank God every day for that.

I was also reminded that some people just do not change even though they really need to. Today after having the police at our office I discovered something about our neighbor that left me stunned. We have been there over a month and I still did not know the guys name until the police officer told me. His name is Wayne and it just so happens that I know him and his family from high school. It is so funny because he was such a bully in high school and now I do not even recognize him. I used to be friends with his sister and hung out with him many times. We even had a few parties while playing baseball in the fields near our neighborhood and hid
the beer in the trash cans. His mother was a local judge and something big happened but I don't remember what it was.

Me, his sister and and a few other friends would hand out down the street at the old abandoned gas station and play with the Ouija board. This was more then twenty years ago and that is when I found out how evil Ouija boards are. If you have one you should not play with it, you should burn it. I can not believe that this is the same guy. I could be wrong but I really doubt it.

Another funny thing is that a few weeks ago I was telling someone the story about a friend in high school that got chased around a field by a groundhog. We were all laughing so hard. The groundhog chased him for like a half an hour. He ran into the woods and we did not see him until about an hour later. Well, I believe that is the same Wayne from school. I wonder if he realizes this.
One thing is for sure, he had not changed as far as the personality and all goes. Still a troublemaker. I'm sure he knows now beings either him or his wife reads my blog. Our landlord mentioned that he complained about the picture I posted on here of our office with the van, like it was a big deal. I had a picture of our office when I was working out of DSI. You have to have a picture so people can find you. I can not help it that he will not move the van.

So as we all know some people never change and it really is a small world after all. I learned even more after attending my sisters wedding this past F
riday. She looked great but I was left feeling completely uncomfortable. For some reason I was left out of the wedding and the pictures completely. She is really good at going out of her way to hurt my feelings. It was nice to see my nephew Jimmy and my niece Rhiannon. Rhiannon is still in battle with cancer and the hospital let her out for her mothers wedding. She was in a wheelchair and on a lot of medication such as morphine. That left her a little snippy and saying some things that were not so nice. That is understandable coming from a young lady who would rather be up dancing and having fun. Seeing Rhiannon also reminded me of one of the goals I have in my life. That goal is to open several summer camps for kids who are suffering through health issues that need a place to go, have fun, enjoy their life, and meet others going through the same health issues.

So from all of this there was so much that spirit was trying to show me. I'm hoping at the same time I can inspire my readers in some way and possibly teach you something. Make sure you check out that book, especially if you are having any kind of health challenges in your life. Know that sometimes the ones we love most, hurt us the worst. Know that sometimes you have to be there for others because it is the right thing to do, whether you want to do it or not. Show others that you are a better person and that they can not effect your life or give you an ulcer. When you see someone who is miserable and trying to effect others around them in a negative fashion, learn from them. Be grateful for the things that we have, change the things that we can change and accept the things that we can not change. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope that I was able to inspire your life in some way.
Joseph Tittel


..M.. said...

Hey, Thank YOU for taking the time to write the blog - and yes, you certainly are inspirational!
I find myself glued to your posts from start to finish. Thanks for sharing :)

L-Beatz said...

I am very happy to have came across your blogs. My friend Janice sent me You can Heal Your Life.. I have read a little.. I have heard great things.