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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Messages From Sunday's Event

More then one hundred anxious people packed into the Holiday Inn in Bensalem today. All in hopes to receive a message from a deceased loved one. Such a wonderful feeling for myself knowing that I can provide amazing validations from the deceased which in turn brings long awaited closure and healing into their lives. I entered this event as I always do, with the hope that I will be able to touch each and every persons life in some aspect or another. I know that there is no possible way I will be able to bring a personal message to each person in the audience. But if I can at least teach them something and with the messages that do come through for others it will help all who attend know that our deceased loved ones are with us in spirit.

The event got started a few minutes late because we were waiting for a few late arrivals. Bob began with an excellent introduction, as he always does. Then I was introduced and began by discussing my experiences becoming aware of my gift and then talked about how our deceased loved ones communicate with us and show us signs that they are with us. I had so many pushy spirits that I felt that I had to shorten the beginning a little. So I did not talk about nearly as much as I usually do.

I did hear that one person had a remark that she thought I talked too much and should have done readings the entire event. I do not expect everyone to understand what it is like for myself to do this work. It is completely draining and exhausting and I set my limit to two hours and no more. If I go longer it basically ruins the rest of my day and leaves me useless. Besides, there is more to it then just coming for the readings. I believe that sharing some of my experiences and explaining how our loved ones communicate with us is just as important as the readings and messages that are brought through. My goal is for everyone to leave with something, some fulfillment and some knowledge.

When I went into connecting and bringing through messages it seemed to go into a very odd direction. Usually with my first connection I spend a good ten to fifteen minutes with that readings. This time I ended up switching to several different people within the first fifteen minutes. There were just too many persistent and impatient spirits. Then there were a few that were not going to take no for an answer. I do not recall everything that happened, but there are a few that stick out really well.

I went to the back row to a gentlemen that was sure to let me know that he was a skeptic, but open for whatever may happen. All kinds of information was coming through like crazy for this guy. I even found myself asking him about Lisa. He replied "That is my wife and she was suppose to come today and couldn't". This to me just goes to show that it was really him who was meant to be there. I began to see several soldiers standing behind him. Then at one point I was taken to the scene of a war all around me and I saw was a field and war in the surroundings. I had to explain this to him in detail. I visually saw one soldier walk onto a mine and then the explosion. Another thing I saw I had a real difficult time telling him because I knew that he witnessed the same event that I was seeing. I mentioned that I saw a soldiers leg laying there in a field. I mentioned that he was shot and he confirmed. Then I got two gun shots and asked the gentle if he was shot twice, and he was.

Then I believe it may have brought him to tears when one soldier coming through by name wanted to thank the gentlemen for carrying home out f the field and saving his life. Then I felt compelled to thank him for myself, the audience members and all of America for putting his life out there to save the life of another soldier and to fight for our country. He received a great applause from the audience. He explained that all of the names I gave him were soldiers in his group that were killed by mines during the Vietnam war. He saved one persons life and took two bullets in doing so. What an intense connection that was long overdue. He did not walk away a skeptic.

There was also two murders that came through and then details of an accident that no one would claim. I received details of an accident including how it happened, the wet road, a tree, fractured skull and an instant passing. I also kept seeing licence plates on a wall. Then one women seemed to jump on that information but I still did not feel that it was her. She claimed that it was I think her son or brother, I do not recall. Then half way through her reading she mentioned he was hit on the head and it was not an accident. During the break a young man right in front of her told us that it was his friend that was killed in the exact accident I described. He even knew what the wall of licence plates is. Right on the road when his friend was killed is a big barn. On the side of the barn it says God Bless America, all made out of licence plates.

The whole time I was bringing through messages a young lady in the audience, Linda, wrote down everything I said to each person and gave it to them so they had notes of what happened. I thought that was such a wonderful thing for her to do. Linda was also so kind to have brought with her a few gifts. One for my birthday and for our new office. I have not opened them yet and will as soon as I;m done here. That was so thoughtful of her to do for Bob and I and for the audience. Some people just need to be told they are wonderful and I have to say"Linda, you're an angel and thank you so much".

That was not all that happened. There was so much more that came through. I could write a few book chapters on this event. There were also two murders that came through including the murder of a police officer during a robbery. Another really interesting connection was with a young lady who passed from breast cancer. The information was so detailed and accurate including the names and the fact that she had two lumps on the breasts. She even explained to me that the doctors told her she was fine even though she did have cancer. The whole miss-diagnoses was such a huge validation for this family. I even talked abut the piano that she played and that her daughter started playing just the other day. She even mentioned her ballerina music box that her family still has and the fact that her mother collects dolls and even named one of the dolls after her. Such a strong validating connection.

Everything that came through during this event was completely amazing. It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to bring such healing messages into people lives. I also have to thank Linda once again for taking notes for everyone and for the wonderful gifts that she brought for me. Thank you Linda. One other thing I wanted to mention was an email I just received from a client. In the email she said: "I was to see you June 20. At that time I asked you how my health was. You said not very good and motioned toward the trunk and left leg area. I said that was not my problem and you said it most certainly was. Two days later I went to the hospital with a blood clot in my left leg. You saved my life, thank you." What a great message and I thank you for sharing your experience with me. Until the next time, be well and tell someone you love them.

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