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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Prophets & The 2012 Prophecies, Earth Changes Live On Journey Into The Paranormal Tuesday September 14

Ever since the beginning of time there were those known as the prophet. The one responsible for looking into the future. Famous Prophets from Nostradamus to Baba Vanga have given specific detailed visions of the future. All of them including the native Americans, The Mayans and even the bible all speak about the coming of the end as we know it, the Armageddon.

Join Joseph as he discusses these prophets and the future they have predicted for our planet. Joseph will give you his theory and feelings on what we may expect as 2012 approaches.

Joseph will then answer questions about the topic through the chat room and by phone. With time remaining Joseph may then go into doing readings for callers. A show you do not want to miss.

Tuesday September 14, 2010

8 to 9:30pm Eastern Time

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