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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 2010 Message - What To Expect This Month

November Message From My Monthly Newsletter
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It is almost hard to believe that in less then 8 weeks we will enter into the year 2011. 2010 has turned out to be quite the difficult year for everyone. Those who say it has not been a struggle this year is probably just convincing themselves. 2010 is a transitional year and we humans seem to struggle quite a bit during transitions and change. We experience both transitional years and our own personal transitions. Transitional years occur usually every ten years, so the next one will be in 2020. As for our personal transitions, we experience those about every seven to eight years in our lives. So in 2010 I find that many people are experiencing a double whammy with both a transitional year and personal transition, which makes it far more difficult to get through.

Transitions are times for us to take advantage of making change by first cleaning up the clutter in our lives. A time for clearing away the old to make way for the new. Not just the clutter in our lives, like bad relationships, or friendships, but also the clutter that surrounds us in ours homes and work place. It is very important for us to focus on cleaning up the clutter so that when the transition comes to a close new doors of opportunity will begin to open. Believe it or not the cluttering of things within our own home and work place, even dust and dirt, can deeply effect the positive flow of things in our personal lives. At first you may think this thought may be a little bit crazy but it really is fact.

In Feng Shui it is believed that certain area's of our homes or office represent different aspects of our lives like, health, finances, career and love. So when these area's become cluttered so will that area of our life. So it pays to go through your home and office with a fine toothpick cleaning things up and re-organizing everything. It will also make us feel better about ourselves and our surroundings. So before this year comes to a close we should take a close look at our lives, homes and office to decide what things we need to clean up. There is not much time to do so before the year comes to a close so take some time later today and begin a list to help remind you what needs to be done. Making a list for yourself is setting your self up for assured success.

November should begin to feel a little bit better then the past few months have. It is almost like the quiet before the storm. The first two weeks of the month will flow rather well with just enough time for ourselves to relax and get some of that clutter cleaned up. Do it now when you have the time before December comes and you find that there is just no time even for yourself. Be sure to get yourself some vitamins and keep your immune system up to par. A little exercise can be very helpful to, especially in November. For once December comes into play our schedules will be overwhelmed and our immune systems can tend to give out. Therefore we end up very sick and exhausted in turn making us pretty miserable with absolutely no energy to do anything.

November is a great month to focus on this cleaning up and focus on healthier eating & healthier lifestyle. Many will try to wait to January and the new year to do so but November is the best time to do so to ensure success. Finances may pick up a bit for many of you in November. Stick that extra money aside for you will be needing it rather badly when the second week of December comes around. All together November should be a rather good month for everyone as long as we go with the flow and listen to Spirits advice. Remember the simple things that pop up into your mind are most commonly your Spirit Guides trying to tell you something. Spirit would never steer us in the wrong direction.

In area's of romance in November this can only go one way or another. November should be a month for us to look at the good things our relationships have to offer and what you both can do to make it even better. We should not bring our work home with us and spend a little more time with our partner/spouse & family. For those who are single November can be a great time for a new romance. It will also be a good month for us to break the ice with an old friend or family member. A time to reconcile things so that things can go back to normal once again. Failure to do any of this will just lead us into the opposite direction. In turn causing even more arguments, separation and possibly a complete end to that relationship or friendship.And if it is going in a negative direction we must look at it as a positive thing and most likely some of the clutter that we needed to clean up.

Together focus on the good and more good shall come. Remember that every thought we think or say goes out into the universe and returns to us ten fold. So it does not pay to think negatively for we are only setting ourselves up for failure. We can create our own future simply by just taking a few minutes out of each day to visualize with our minds eye where we would like to see ourselves in the future. If you picture it, it shall come. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a great November.
With Love, Light & Desire To Inspire Joseph Tittel

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