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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weekend At The Mind Body Spirit Expo & Braco The Gazing Healer

I wrote this article months ago & thought that I had posted here to my blog. I just went in to finish a post I was working on and somehow noticed that this post was sitting there un-published. Sorry bout that. First time that has happened. Enjoy.

Every year, for a long time now, the Body Mind & Spirit Expo comes to the Valley Forge Convention Center in King Of Prussia Pennsylvania. The event is held yearly usually around the Fall season of late September early October. I have been invited to do an event of my own there for the past three or four years now. This year they wanted to try something new and decided to hold a spring edition of the Body Mind & Spirit Expo at a new location in Edison New Jersey. Well what a wonderful decision that was.

Beings the event was closer to the New York area I believe is what made this expo a big success. Much more then I think they even expected. The energy there was good, a little chaotic at times but in a positive way. People turned out from all over the country to attend this expo. If you are not familiar with this expo then you just have to check it out for yourself this coming Fall. Usually I have an event going on and never really spend any time looking around and attending some of the events for ourselves. This time we decided we wanted to make the best of it and come on a day when I did not have an event of my own going on.

The weekend began with our drive an hour north to the town of Edison New Jersey on Friday evening just around rush hour. Bob and I left early knowing that we would hit traffic and knowing that we had to get to the expo a bit earlier. With Mercury retrograde working against us it was a very good idea to leave much earlier then normal, and that we did. Once we got onto the PA turnpike and went over the bridge to the New Jersey turnpike we hit a dead stopped traffic. Traffic moved so slow that it took us a good half hour to get through this. Once we got through traffic moved well once more and we arrived at the expo on a good time schedule.

Bob and I headed to the event room to get set up but on my way I had to make a little stop. Doreen Virtue, Angel Therapist & Author, had an event going on at the expo which actually just finished and the reception started. I have been trying to get Doreen onto my weekly radio show. So I just had to poke in and say hello to Doreen. A few people told me they found me through Doreen's web site. I had no idea I was listed on Doreen's web site as a registered Medium. Well she was not aware of this either. I found it to be quite funny as did she. Hopefully I will get Doreen on the show in the near future.

Ann, the person who organizes the entire expo, found me a quiet place to go and meditate prior to my event. So I went on to meditate and do my prayer while Bob got everything set up and people seated. The energy during my event was very strange this evening for some reason I do not know. Spirit came through a little clustered at times with too many trying to connect at the same time. One thing is for sure, we do not get patience when we get to the other side. It is a place of love, peace and happiness but they are still a bit impatient at times. At some points I was reading two people at the same time. Much of the information did come through very strong and precise, there were just those few moments that made my head spin a bit.

It was a complete surprise that our friend Lisa and her partner Holly came to see my event. To make it an even bigger surprise I then began to get a connection for Holly and messages came through for both of them. I love the different ways that spirit comes through and some of the crazy things spirit will show. It is good to know that they can still have a good sense of humor on the other side. After the event concluded the four of us went to the hotel to grab a bit to eat and chat a bit before calling it a night. I love catching up with friends.

Bob and I decided we wanted to come back to the expo to walk around and shop more and see an event if we could. Beings I had some readings in the early afternoon we were unable to get there in time for Lisa's event or
Deepak Chopra. We did stop by to say hello again at Lisa's reception, which was really nice. We also got to meet Deepak which was very exciting for both of us. We just had to take pictures. We shopped a bit and Bob had a palm reading done by some guy at the expo. I purchased a scalar energy pendant along with a cell phone shield. You put this sticker looking thing onto your cell phone to block the alleged harmful rays. I got that one for free for purchasing my scalar energy pendant. I purchased the pendant in hopes that it will help balance my energy more & help with my back pain, and it did both a bit.

After hearing so many people talking about
Braco, The Gazing Healer, we decided to go to his event. Braco is from Croatia and people from all over the world have flocked to this man all in hopes to be healed by his mesmerizing gaze. Thousands have claimed that they have been healed or their lives changed in some positive way. All this man does is simple walk into the room and up steps onto a platform, so he can see everyone & everyone can see him, and he will simply stand there very still. He will gaze into the audience and his head would move so slow that you could not even tell that it was moving. Before you knew it he was facing right and then left. He would do this a few times with some sound soothing music in the background. Then he will turn and walk off the platform and out of the room.

He never says a single word and did not really smile either. I could feel his energy without a doubt. Bob did not feel anything. One person I know, who does not even believe in this sort of thing, told me that she literally saw little bolts of lightning coming from his eyes. It was very interesting and I would like to give it another shot. I can say that my back pain has gotten a little better, but I'm not healed. That could be from the scalar pendant I bought or the wand I use for healing and not necessarily from
Braco's healing gaze. There again it is possible that it did help. His gaze is said to help in so many different ways. People will go to Braco wearing pictures of their loved ones around their neck. Again I would like to see him a second time, its only $8., the next time the expo is in town in October.

So if you can get the chance to get to the Body Mind Spirit Expo coming up in King Of Prussia PA in October you should go. There are dozens of events, speakers, lectures, classes and many are actually free. There are so many vendors and so much to do. I would believe the expo will also return to Edison New Jersey next spring. Check out the video at the bottom of my blog about
Braco, The Gazing Healer. Thank you for taking time to read my blog. I'm leaving a video below about Braco. Enjoy.
With Love, Light & Desire To Inspire......Joseph

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