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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Healing Our Energy & Clearing Blockages

Many of us do not actually realize that everything is made up of energy. Each and every living organism has an energy that surrounds it. From the foods we eat to a single peace of grain, they all have an energy that surrounds them. This has actually been proven now since in 1939 Semyon Kirlian accidentally made a discovered we now call Kirlian Photography. With this special photography you can actually capture the energy, colors and all, that surround the human body along with all other living organisms which the Kirlian photography has proven to show over the years since it first was introduced. This energy that surrounds our human bodies is referred to as the Aura. You will often see these Kirlian camera's at spiritual expo's and you can get a photo of your own Aura. We have done it and it is really pretty interesting to see your Aura and Chakra's.

Along with the Aura that surrounds our bodies we also have major energy points throughout our bodies referred to as our Chakra's. We have dozens of chakra's throughout the body that radiate energy and out of those dozens of chakra's we have 7 major chakra's or energy points. Each of your seven major chakra's are a different color and the Kirlian Photography can also pick up the chakra's and their colors. Having this energy surrounding us along with our chakra's can have major effects on our bodies and our health. If you chakra's are out of balance it will often through your aura off a bit too. One difference between the colors of the chakra's and our aura is that each individual chakra is suppose to be a particular color when they are in balance while the aura can change colors like our moods.

So if one of your c
hakra's go off balance or get blockages within it can and will have an impact on certain parts of our lives, our body and our health. This is one good reason it is important for us to keep our chakra's in balance. The entire subject of the chakra's, and the aura, is very detailed and specific and I could not possibly describe each of them and what they represent in this short blog post. There are some wonderful books on the subject and one that I would highly recommend is called Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith. This book will teach you all about your chakra's and how to keep them in balance. A must have for everyone including anyone beginning a spiritual journey.

Every day, especially before doing any type of readings, I go through my routine of lighting a candle and some incense
before kneeling down to do my prayer followed by a meditation. In each meditation I work through my charka's visualizing them being open & ready to receive information from spirit. Even though I do meditate on a daily basis I still run into issues with my energy, such as energy blocks or spirit attachment. From doing this work as a Medium communicating with the deceased I'm constantly dealing with energy and spirits. Sometimes those spirits like me for some reason and do not want to depart. There are times when I do not even realize they are there.

I love the work I do and I'm so absolutely grateful that I have been chosen to do this work to bring healing into people's lives. Even though I love this work it does have its burdens and one of those burdens is when my energy gets all screwed up. Doing this work and being on a spiritual path for more then twenty years now would make one think that I should be able to easily fix my energy when it gets all screwed up. To some point this could be true and I usually can clear my energy well on my own. Then there are also times where no matter what I seem to do I awake every morning feeling as if I'm in a daze and at times actually feeling as if I was covered in cobwebs. Not a good feeling at all. Exactly what I have been dealing with for some time this year until spirit basically yelled at me to get my attention. Once they did I knew exactly what I needed to do.

I know several people that work with energy and can work on clearing your energy and clearing blockages. Out of the three people I know, two live in different states far from me. Believe it or not they can actually do this energy work on you from long distances. Then there is my friend Mary Lou. Mary Lou was on my mind constantly on a daily basis. We share the same birthday. I would think about her but never think about having energy work done. Like I said, it took for spirit to yell at me before I would seek help in getting my energy back to the norm.

I was actually driving home from a private group reading when Mary Lou's name came to my mind once more. So right away I sent her a text to let her know that I wanted to come see her and the following day or so I set up a date and time to go visit my friend Mary Lou. I absolutely love Mary Lou and the work that she does. I'm not sure the exact term that is used for the type of energy work that she does. What I do know is that she works with the divine mother along with the angels. No matter what it is that she does one thing I know for sure is that it really works and helps on such a deep level.

I meet Mary Lou through another friend of mine, Beth, who works as a breast cancer surgeon. Beth actually sends some of her clients that are going through breast cancer to Mary Lou to help them through the process. And that is how I discovered Mary Lou. Putting this aside for just a moment I want you the reader to know that believe it or not I'm a very skeptical person. The type that has to actually see it for myself for my to believe it. Even with energy work, in the beginning I was very skeptical and not really quite the believer. Until I had the first experience many years ago that left me completely convinced.

Bob & I arrive at Mary Lou's cute little home nestled away in a patch of woods with the sounds of mother nature. Mary Lou will lead me into a small room that instantly struck me with an overwhelming feeling of love and peace. The room has a massage table in which I will lay on as she goes about doing her thing. When I get energy work done I close my eyes and do my proper breathing for relaxation. Before the work begins I was asked if there was anything specific I wanted to focus on or work on in some way. This is a common question from anyone conducting energy work. I know spirit already knows what needs to be done so my answer to that question is always no.

Once the energy worker begins their routine they may say different things or ask you a few questions. As Mary Lou went about her work on me she first said "My mother is here, she has been gone 22 years. She is bringing in your mother and tells me your mother has been gone half the time as my mother. So your mom has been gone for 11 years? " She really had know way of knowing how long my mother has been past and that she was actually past. I never discussed my mother with her before. And yes my mother has been gone 11 years. There was another point where she kept saying all these different things about removing the cobwebs, which is exactly how I felt, and then went on to say "Thank you Andrew. All of this information is coming from Andrew." Who is Andrew anyway Mary Lou asked me. Well Andrew is my master guide. I have about 7 guides and Andrew is the Master of the guides. Something else she knew nothing about.

As I laid upon her table and she walked around me doing her work I could literally feel the cobwebs being lifted from my spirit. At another point she began to start sounding out a name but seemed to not be able to get it right at first. Joann, Joanna, Johan, Johanna. Once she got to Johanna she giggled and said Johanna is a little one. She is a cute little one. Well needless to say Johanna happens to be another one of my spirit guides. Johanna also happens to appear to me in my meditation as a little fairy like that of Tinkerbell. Another thing she could of never have known.

Once she was done her work she moved me over to another table with a special mattress filled with amethyst stones. I never seen or heard of a mattress made of amethyst. Would love to have one of these amazing crystal mattress'. They come with a very hefty price tag. This had an amazing effect on charging my energy and help make my intuitive abilities stronger. Could you imagine sleeping on this thing every night, wow. Once my session was complete I felt lighter, as if I were floating. I no longer felt as if I were covered in cob webs. Since my visit to Mary Lou I feel like things have begun to move forward once more. I plan on going back to Mary Lou real soon to continue keeping my energy clear so that I can have a better focus.

Anyone who may even be reading this could benefit greatly by having your energy cleared and blockages brought down. You should find and select an energy healer the same way I would recommend you do when searching for a Medium. You should go by word of mouth and go to someone you heard was good and legit from friends or family members. You should search a bit about the person and be sure of the services and prices. Prices should be set and should not ever change. The average price for something like this could vary greatly from maybe $100. to $200.
I thank you for taking the time to read my blog and hope that I have helped you in many ways.
With Love, Light & Desire To Inspire
Joseph Tittel

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