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Friday, April 28, 2017

Current Intense Energy Shift & Retrograde. What to do? When Does It End?

My beautiful friends,

I come to you on this day only because of the huge push I am getting from my guides, angels and allies, who I like to call team spirit, to do so. They are nudging me to share this and to do a video as well. There is just no way I can do both at the moment. All I can start off saying is WOW, WOW and TRIPLE WOW!!! This is one heck of an energy we are in. It is like the storm of the century and we are all in it together. Some of us will flow through it well, some will resist and may even feel sick. No matter what, we are all in it and dealing with it in our own way. For me I am simply emotionally and physically drained. To the point that for the second time this week, along with all of last week, I am clearing my schedule and taking time to listen to my body and nurture me for once. I am listening to my intuition and my body and shall honor that. Let me explain what is happening in detail. 

A powerful energy and shift is happening for all of us right now on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I will start first with the energy, what it all is, why it is happening and how we can take advantage of it instead of allowing it to knock us off our surf boards. 

I mentioned a little of this on social media last night, Thursday April 27th, 2017. I noticed some, even a few very intuitive ones, say it is coming to an end but I beg to differ. I am getting that the eye of the storm just passed over and now is the time to commit ourselves by jumping right into this raging river with the faith that we can swim and will survive and that river will wash us ashore in an amazing new place. Especially if you dive in deep without the life preserver. The life preserver does not allow us to dive deep into this energy to see and release what may need released at this time. Life preserver can be many things such as feeling the need to pull others in the river with you. Or perhaps the thought that we need to keep some type of crutch when we need to do it solo and let it all go. 

As some of you may know, and definitely feel, we are right in the heart of the Mercury retrograde direct with Aries. Mercury rules over Virgo so Virgo is always affected and Aries as well. Even still we are all affected by it in some way and we all can also take advantage of it as well. This retrograde has a no hold bars and it is like a hurricane and no one can get out of its way. Some will try and avoid the worst of it due to their own fear and resistance and that is OK for them. Don't judge. That is their journey and we have our journey. Focus on your own journey now. It is all about inner focus and focus on our own healing now and not focusing on everyone and everything else. 

If you are not familiar with this retrograde cycle I urge you to look it up either in my past April newsletter or here on my blog. I have not blogged in a long time beings I usually put the monthly message in my newsletter. Team spirit is asking that I place it everywhere I can ASAP. So I am honoring that and here we are together as the eye of the storm just passed over. Retrogrades come several times a year and have both positive advantages and negative ones. I will explain that further down.  

But this is not just the retrograde by any means. There is so much more to this. On Easter Sunday this huge shift in energy flowed in onto the planet. We have had many of these huge shifts, especially since the awakening got on its way back in December 2012. This shift will effect us all and like the retrograde we need to take advantage of it and flow with it the best way we know how. Even though this other energetic shift came in last week it became really intense Monday April 24th all the way up to now. It is not over just yet and we can not focus on how bad, negative, emotional or challenging it may feel. If we do it will be just making it more difficult. Universe is always listening and responding. So if you say this is so hard and so on Universe will make it harder. Instead say "Thank you Universe for making this easier for me. It will get easier. It does not have to be as hard as we may make it out to be. 

Remember, like everything in life, we have to flow through the tunnel of darkness with faith in knowing there is a light at the end as long as we are willing to go with the flow of the energy current at the time. This one is a long dark tunnel with some huge turns, bumps and flowing faster, slower and faster yet. But there is a light at the end as long as you do not allow those turns to get you caught up and stuck in that current. If you do get caught up it can jam up the flow to the point where some may like they are drowning. 

We are also just were in the waning moon as well until April 26th when the new moon finally arrived. Some of you may feel a small lift off your shoulder now since that new moon. All of these are huge as to what is happening now. Mercury retrograde is a great time to let go, get rid of and clear out the gunk. Same goes for the waning moon, which begins 3 days after the full moon and ends the day before the new moon. It is somewhat similar with the Mercury retrograde in the that way. If you want to end a cycle or pattern, quit a habit, clear past emotions, addictions and so on this is a great cycle to do it in. 

This particular retro backed by the energy shift and moon phase is all about actions and emotions. Owning up to them and owning up to what you need to do to clear it physically and energetically so you can flow into positive change that just happens to be around the bend. You have willing to put the energy and work into it and into you. This energy is here to help make it easier to clear big things. Not that it feels or seems easy at the time but trust me it would be much more of a challenge if you tried to do so when this energy is not in place. Things we may not see at the moment and things from the past, but they will come up if you allow them to do so. You may not know what all needs to be cleared so just open up to any change that needs to take place that will allow you to flow into joy and happiness afterward. 

We humans have become so stuck in our ways and are often so resistant to change. We forget, because we were not taught, that our future is in our hands and every day is an opportunity to open up to change. That is why so many of us are getting hit from every direction right now. To break old belief patterns for example. Flow through this and ask your guides, if need be, to show you clarity as to what needs to be let go of. Ask them and thank them for making the process east as well. 

This is a huge time for all of us, even though some are feeling it more than others, perhaps those who are on a spiritual journey and especially those who are willing to open up, tear down the walls, barriers and limitations we place upon ourselves and those placed upon us from the past. We do have to put work into ourselves now and nurture and care for ourselves. This is an emotional process and it is here for us to take advantage of by utilizing all three things I just mentioned above, and I am sure some astrological stuff as well, so we can let go of all huge blockages physically and emotionally. If you have not noticed this already by now. 

Even being past the eye of the storm and closing in on the end of the waning moon we got hit hard by this wave Monday April 24th and by the 25th. Personally I was just exhausted and drained. Wednesday there was another little shift that began with the feeling of goodness and a bit of relief but shifted right back on the 27th. This has actually been going on for a while but we are being called and reminded that these cycles are about to go out with a bang. The big purification and final steps so to speak. One last call for us to take action and advantage of this amazing cycle. Even if we do not all flow thru it the same way we are all the same as spirits having a human experience and going to experience it in our own personal way. So stay to yourself in your own space so you can hear clearly what universe is telling you. 

DO NOT SAY IT IS HARD, GOING TO BE HARD, JUST NOT POSSIBLE OR THIS IS THE WORST TIME NOW. What you say and think is what the universe dishes right back out. So if you say that universe will indeed follow up with making it harder than you even thought. Hey think about your past for a moment. Anytime we had flowed into positive change we first endured a challenging time, right? You have to flow thru the dark tunnel in order to get to the end where the light shines. And you absolutely must be willing and ready to do so. Believe you me, I am an empath and been on this journey over 30 years, and I know this from lots of experience exactly how crappy this feels for most likely all of you reading this right now. Definitely some serious heavy duty emotional gunk is coming up. If you are experiencing physical issues like pain in the body and such it is some type of resistance. Ask universe to help you in resisting so you can take advantage of this time now while it is still here. It is easier now, not that is it truly easy, than it will be when this energy is gone. Time to give into the emotions and fears that may come up. 

I am going to use a metaphor I used earlier today to sum this all up best I can as my final words so that everyone may see it in a different light. 

Think about it like this. You absolutely love roller coasters. Fear is just one of the emotions we experience no matter how much we love the coasters. But this one is big and said to be the fastest longest one ever. But it seems scary as hell looking at it from a distance. You have never been on this one before and you can not even see the entire coaster ride. It's all new to you in the way of coasters. There are loops, dark tunnels and some things you can't see until you come around the bend. We check it out and finally give into the excitement and emotion of riding this bad boy to the end. 

We jump aboard and off we go. We get to the first big hill and hear the clicking of the chain as it pulls us slowly to the top, first we are so excited. As we get closer to the top we feel anxious, excited and even experience anxiety. We're in the first car up front this time as well. We get to the top of that big hill and drop. Oh my your fear of heights kicks in, especially when you see the straight drop down. You know you'll survive but fear says "but what if?". It begins to slowly go over the hump and now you are just hanging there in fear and anticipation looking straight down. 

You know you love the coasters and know putting your hands in there air will make that drop even more exciting releasing endorphins. Then your fear says "OMG. If I put my hands up I may fall out." Ego checks in with you and says "Am I strapped in and is my safety belt locked?" Than you say "oh hell I'm gonna make the best outta this because I'm all in now and there is no turning back. So You give in to those emotions and raise your hands as high as you can, giving into the fear of falling and others emotions that came up. You hear that final click and drop, you may scream, cry, laugh and experience new emotions you didn't on other coasters. The butterflies overwhelm the tummy. And off you go on a ride you thought would be scary as hell, and yes it was at many turns and spots, but you also knew that the bigger it is and faster it goes the happier you will be that you gave in and jumped aboard!!

Again I stress to you this is your process now so take you time. If you do not wanna do it than so no I need me time, period. Remember to nourish yourself with good healthy food and lots of water is very important now. Keep words like can't, don't, shouldn't, couldn't, wouldn't and didn't out of your vocabulary and mind. Instead of worrying on how you will make it through this flow and the negatives of this and all things surrounding you all at once now keep focus on the trophy at the end. A whole new amazing you that feels more amazing than you could have ever dreamt of. More prepared and ready for the next big coaster ride when it comes around.

I wish you all the best on your amazing journey and this flow into the new you. May 3rd the retrograde comes to a close and we go into the post shadow of the retrograde. I know the retrograde direct is ending on May 3rd but I still feel like there are big things ahead for all of us. Good things personally and universally. The more we put into it the more joy that will flow in after.

With Love, Gratitude & Desire to Inspire <3 nbsp="" span="">

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