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Monday, November 20, 2017

Manson Dies at 83 - 2018 World Predictions

I’m so frustrated as I‎t has happened to me once again!!

Every year when I do my yearly predictions I would usually wait till December beings so many occasions I had things end up coming into play before I put my yearly predictions out on my yearly New Year's Day Love Event! 

Well I opened the portal to the flow of info a few days ago. Once I do so information will randomly hit me in the most random places at all times of the day and night. Just two days ago, Friday afternoon, I was cleaning my house and suddenly I started getting a flow of newspaper headlines. 

“Manson Dies” Manson Dead At 83”!!
I even stopped to ask Seri how old Manson is just to see if this was indeed the first of my 2018 predictions coming to light. No surprise he was 83. 

I was just telling Heather, my most amazing P.A. Ever!, about Michael Jackson coming to me while I was vacuuming the floor, of all things, on Saturday afternoon. I began explaining to Heather this morning the story of Michael coming through to me during three separate phone sessions with clients, Michael came through to one client twice. And experience that literally blew my mind! 

Than I went into explaining about the sudden visions and flashes about Manson and asked if she knew who he was, she responded no. I was pretty stunned she wasn’t aware of the story that rocked the country in the late 60’s.

With that she went online to look him up and with extreme surprise and disappointment, only disappointed I didn’t post I‎t like I felt I needed to, today's news headlines read “Manson Dies at 83”!!! What the hell!! Actually if there was a hell Manson’s on his way there! Can ya understand how frustrating these things can be?

I even broke out my little notepad and placed it on my coffee table as a reminder to write things down immediately. So with that I’m just going to put out to y’all the visit I receive from Michael Jackson this weekend as well. 

Instantly I questioned his visit and whether I‎t was real until he reminded me of our previous connections for my clients. Michael began rambling on and on about how worried he was about Katherine, at the moment I had no clue who the heck Katherine was. Michael insisted that Katherine was the only one who looked out for his children and the only family member that loved his kids almost as much as he. 

I was a bit confused at first for so many reasons beginning with the simple fact that Michael Jackson was in my living room while I was vacuuming and he rambled on and on in a way that was so unlike him, but so common for persistent loved ones in spirit. 

What I got out of my visit from Michael was more of a concern Michael was having for his children moreover then my initial thought of I‎t being all about this Katherine woman. Silly me needed to google Katherine to refresh my memory that Katherine is actually his mother. 

Apparently Michael seemed very worried about his mother’s health. I‎t felt to me that whatever issue is either coming up in the near future or perhaps already going on with Katherine now, and soon will hit the media, is going to reunite the two in the heavenly afterlife. He was extremely concerned that there are so many people, Michael referred to as hungry Vultures, waiting in the shadows to swoop down and take control of and anything they can out from under his children. 

Joe Jackson popped in like a separate clairvoyant vision but I knew I‎t had to have been shown to me by Michael. I took it as concerns about Joe, his drinking and his gambling. This more than likely would be more worry Joe may try to pull something over on his own grand kids. 

Lastly Michael not only shown me a strong love and concern for his kids but also some worry over Paris and who she is or soon may be keeping company with. People that would obviously take her on a downward spiral. Overall I‎t seemed to me that some big things are about to hit the Jackson family and Michael’s kids in the coming years.

Due to the prediction of Manson and not putting it out and being I’m posting this blog I figured I’d share the few others I received. I wanted to wait and get a video out about this shift we are currently experiencing, why not do both? 

I don’t want to get all into the shift and such so I’ll make this short as possible. December will be intense, especially the 4th to the 17th. Due to the whole shift thing closing out the year and bringing in a new one it’s a sure sign that the poo will contribute to hit the fan in the world of politics and everything else going on. 

I mentioned before I‎t being a year of truth being revealed along with the bringing down of the pedophile ring in Hollywood and beyond. If you have been following this all has been falling into place. This concerns me greatly for Corey Feldman after hearing about his mission to bring this ring down. I have great concerns for Corey and truly hope his mission ends up being a complete success. It is way past time for this sick minded scum to be brought down once and for all!! 

Finally in my recent visions I bring you my extreme concerns as to what this shift is going to bring us in December. I believe that there is so much at stake in December, especially during the Christmas Holidays. If you recall I have mentioned my concerns for the Christmas Holiday more than once previously. I feel this year will be the year, if any, that is significant with the shift in causing many massive terrorist events to bring light to so many issues we all face. I feel Paris and the entire Country of France as well as Italy and Germany will be perfect targets for this holiday seasons. 

Think about it? These sickly convinced Muslim Radicals want to bring down the Christian religion. This along with our ancient ancestral beliefs have all come into a focus lately and an actual war with the ultimate winner controlling our beautiful Mother Earth. If only we could go back to the true ancient ways of our Mother and the true ancient ceremonies. This alone could change the world in such an amazing way. 

So to finish up here I believe we are about to face some major terrorist attacks in attempts to shift the religious beliefs of all Christian followers. The only way for us to move forward in a place of love and acceptance is only to accept that even if we are all the same we can still manage to be different and accept this as the common way of our human existence. If not the fight will never end and will only bring the end of all of humanity. 

So look out Paris, the horrors are coming for you once again. Look out the United States, even your false flags like that in Vegas will not keep out the Muslim radicals from true persecution of the American Dream. And look out Germany, Japan, Russia and even North Korea, for we the Isil scumbags are coming for you as well. For we worship and honor death and terrorism to our one and only Allah, god and ruler. The ruler that will end you, the Luciferian rulers, who must now fall so our mother earth and the true love may rise and take over. once and for All!! 

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