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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Today's Radio Interview

I just finished being interview by Kala from "Explore Your Spirit". Kala is a psychic herself and runs the hit radio station that is heard world wide through the Internet. Explore Your Spirit has a large variety of special shows, all focused on the spirit and metaphysical realms. The stations hosts dozens of speakers, researchers, teachers, authors and so many more. Definitely a privilege to be asked to be on the show.

Kala and I talked about a wide variety of things. We talked about my first experiences as a child and some of the experiences I have had as a medium. Then we went into a discussion about my new book and the up-coming show "Mysterious Journey's" on the Travel Channel October 26 at 9pm. The entire interview process lasted for a little more then 30 minutes. The interview was recorded and will air sometime in the near future. You will be able to listen to the show live and I will most likely post the interview on my web site some time soon after it airs.

Yesterday I was amazed to find that my we site received an amazing amount of hits. I also noticed that most of these web site hits were coming from the article posted on the Philly Burbs website. This is the same article that appeared in the Buck's County Courier Times and Intellegencer. Yesterday I received more then double the amount of hits then the day the article actually came out last week. I could not figure this out. This was the most web site hits that I had ever received. So i searched around and could only come up with one thing. I found the article on the front page of the world news web site yesterday. I'm guessing that had to be the reason for all the hits.

This past weekend I went back to work after several weeks filming out in LA. It was the first time I sat with a client on close to a month. Even after doing this work for so many years you still get a little nervous before. Everything went very well with all the sessions the past few days. Now I'm just a little wiped out. Today was suppose to be my day off and I spent that doing work at my computer until about 4pm. I know some of you were anxious for me to blog so I wanted to write something before relaxing for the rest of the evening. God Bless.

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