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Friday, September 7, 2007

Front Page News

I'm finally back from LA after the most physical and emotionally exhausting time of my life. I honestly had a great time out west filming a new TV series. I really can not believe what really goes into making a TV show. It's a painstakingly long process, especially when it's 115 degree's out. Everything in the life of TV is a little hush hush. Therefore I can not tell you anything other then keep you Friday night TV schedule open.

On Monday August 27 the Buck's County Courier Times ran a wonderful article about my visit to the Eastern State Prison in Philadelphia. I could not believe that the article was placed right on the front page of the paper. I'm so honored that the Courier Times would place me on the front Page. Thank you Courier and thank you Theresa for writing such a wonderful article.

You may visit my web site and click on Press to read the article. You may also read the article on the Courier Times Web Site and dozen of other web sites including MSNBC. Beings the article appeared on the front page, it was picked up by dozens of on line news sites. The article also talked about the filming of the Travel Channels "Mysterious Journey's" at the Eastern State. I'm looking forward to seeing the show. I believe it will first air on Friday October 26 at 9PM on the Travel Channel.

I thought it was rather funny to read a comment to the editor in the Courier Times a few days after the article appeared. Some guy wrote into the paper rather upset that I was featured on the front page. Seriously buddy, don;t you have something better to do in your life. He mentioned that big stories like the floods were not on the front page. You know we all read about terrible things on the front page of newspapers every day. I think its great that the Courier decided to put something more interesting to locals then world tragic events that happen every day.

I had a crazy and scary experience the other day driving down the Roosevelt Boulevard. We were on our way to Bob's soccer game heading toward Kelly Drive. Before we left the house I kept procrastinating and ended up running back in the house because I forgot something. That 1 minute may have saved our lives. Before getting onto the Roosevelt Blvd. I had a weird feeling of an accident. I usually always keep those feelings to myself as I did this time. I asked my spirit if I would be OK to confirm my feelings. I was told to stay at the speed limit and to stop at yellow lights, so that's just what I did.

At one point Bob was looking down and then looked up and panicked. What wrong I asked and he replied "I just saw you hitting that truck in front of us." Needless to say I was not even close to the truck at that time. So this is Bob getting a psychic feeling also. Then we come to a yellow light and I stop and wait for the green. As we start moving along out of nowhere a car jump up off the curb in the opposite direction. The car goes out of control and hits a tree and spin out of control into our lane about 200 feet from our car.

If it would have been 30 seconds to a minute longer we would have been hit and seriously injured. The car hit the tree so hard that everything in the back seat flew out from the car, including shoe's, tennis balls and a tennis racket. The girl was seriously injured and completely covered in blood. It was a horrific experience and an even more horrific seen. Her car was so demolished there was no getting her out of the vehicle. I could not stay to watch them get her out, and really saw enough that I can not get it out of my head. I just hope and pray that she survives the accident and I thank god that I took my time and ran back in the house. That just may have saved my life.

Monday we will start taking appointments again for private readings and home galleries. Please be sure to visit the web site for new pricing and types of readings. We are now booking private readings in the last week of September and gallery sessions are being booked in October. Also, don;t forget about next Sunday's event in Bordentown. A perfect opportunity to purchase my new book and have it signed. We are still working on the October 28TH event for Breast Cancer. Be sure to visit both web site.
With Love and Light

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